NASA is heading towards a promising but dangerous future for private space stations
NASA selects a mix of US companies, big and small, and players old and new. Donated by this team. Initial design and development of private, low-Earth space stations.
This represents a major step toward the space agency's plan to maintain a permanent presence in space even after the International space Station expires, which could continue to fly until 2028 or 2030. NASA plans to become a "primary tenant" by sending astronauts to one or more More private stations are in orbit by the second half of 2020.

The total estimated prize money has been provided for the three space law agreements. . Individual prizes of $415.6 million, with links to any concept: Blue Origin, $130 million, Team leadership including Sierra Space, Boeing, and Redwire space Nanoracks, $160 million, Team leadership including Lockheed Martin and Voyager space Northrop. Grumman, $125.6 million, team leadership including Dynetics

Each of these space station concepts is a "free bird" in the sense that they will be launched independently of any other facility. Earlier, in February 2020, as part of a separate competitive purchase, NASA awarded a $140 million contract to Axiom space to develop a commercial habitable module for the International space Station. The award gives Axiom the right to connect its unit to the forward point of a Node 2 station.

At this point, it looks like Axiom is ready to compete for special NASA awards for future stations, and there are benefits. In addition to power, air intake and crew time through initial contact with the space station, Axiom is also a leader in the design and construction of its facilities. Axiom completed a "preliminary design review" for its station in September, a process unlikely to be completed before 2025 for standalone stations. Advertising

but now, "Free Flight" competitors have some budget to do with he-she. Try to go back.

A Variety of Solutions

With this help, NASA has selected a mix of large and small US companies, old and new companies in low Earth orbit. “We have a very diverse group of companies in terms of age, size and business strategy,” Phil McAllister, director of NASA commercial spaceflight, told the media after the awards were announced. It gives various possibilities for tracking. The goal is for NASA to cover less than 40 percent of the cost of designing, developing and operating the facility, and for private industry to pay the remaining 60 percent or more. private stations, in turn, can host clients Other government agencies, businesses, and space tourism.

While one or more of these approaches may appear to be working, NASA has been instrumental in creating this, which raises serious questions.The program is a reality.

Will Congress fund it?

Congress's dominant program has been to fly on the International space Station for as long as possible—it offers advantages. It has brought in..nationally and is a trusted source for jobs at NASA headquarters in Texas, Alabama and Florida.< / p>

Former NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine wrestled With the idea of ​​commercial replacement first coming in 2019, Congress has been slow to respond. In the president's budget requests for fiscal year 2020 and 2021, NASA requested $150 million, but Congress appropriated only $15 million. NASA has requested $101 million for the unapproved fiscal year 2022 budget. The US House of Representatives proposed $45 million, and the Senate approved NASA's full request. In future budgets, NASA is asking for $186.1 million annually.

So NASA has now "rewarded" more than $550 million for private space stations, but Congress has not funded any of that assistance. available. Asked what would happen if NASA did not receive the funding it needed for the stations, McAllister said the program should be slowed.

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