Missile Report: India tests advanced engine, Astra removed

"We made decisions, and we realized there were big risks."

Welcome to version 4.28 of the Rocket Report! While writing this introduction, I'm seeing a Virgin Orbit livestream of its "Above the Clouds" mission, and the company's LauncherOne vehicle has successfully launched. All systems appear to have been by nominal stage separation, with excellent views of the missile during charge launch. She has accomplished three successful consecutive missions for the company since her initial failure in May 2020 - very impressive.

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A quick look at Astra is brutal. When space companies go public, they can often invest. But go in The special purpose buyout trend also exposes the company's history and finances for a closer look, part of which allows traders to bet on a share writedown.For Astra Space, one of the companies that is reducing its stake is Kerrisdale Capital, which recently published the rationale for doing so in a report. Headed for Dis-Astra.

<"Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was it? Are you enjoying the game?" Crisdale sums up his report: "We are a small stake in Astra Space, the $2.0 billion space launch company that was at the height of the SPAC bubble. Formed in 2021 - no revenue, no reliable track record, no consistent market for its small vehicle. When it becomes public through SPACs, Astra faces significant hurdles in its efforts to develop a sustainable business model. Obviously this Report leans toward Astra, but reading it is helpful to better understand the economics of a small launch.

Gilmore passes an engine test. Australian launch company Gilmour Space Technologies has announced that it has successfully launched a hybrid rocket engine with a thrust of 25,000 pounds. The company said it was the most powerful rocket engine ever built in Australia. The test lasted 75 seconds, and next month Gilmore plans to qualify the engine for flight. Gilmore is developing a rocket called Eris that can carry up to 305 kg into low Earth orbit, and Gilmore is also slowly working with the government. Australian federal authorities are giving the green light to a small space airport in the Abbott Point development area in Bowen, north Queensland. "We hope to launch the first Australian rocket from Queensland in the second half of 2022," said Adam Gilmore, CEO of the company. (Posted by Gibson and Ken The Bean) <b>Missile</b> Report: <b>India</b> <b>tests</b> <b>advanced</b> engine, <b>Astra</b> removed

Running Arian 5 is a boon for the web. Last weekend, Mike Manzel, NASA's mission systems engineer for the James Webb Space Telescope, said the agency had completed its analysis of the "extra" fuel remaining in the telescope. In general, the web has enough thrust for 20 years on board. Ars reports that this is twice the conservative pre-launch estimate of the Web for a decade, and is largely related to the performance of the European Ariane 5 rocket, which launched the Web in a precise direction on Christmas Day. p>

more. Like Ariane Fine, Principality? Prior to launch, the telescope was stocked with 240 liters of hydrazine fuel and an oxidizer cleaner. Some of this fuel was needed to adjust the trajectory during the flight to a point in space, about 1.5 million kilometers from Earth, where the Web would conduct scientific observations. The remainder of the final web circuit around the L2 Lagrangian point will be used for station maintenance and circuit maintenance. So every kilogram of fuel saved on the web trip to Lagrange can be used to extend its life there.

A Falcon 950 rocket launched its satellite. With clear skies and moderate winds, the SpaceX-3 transport mission was launched safely. The first stage of the Falcon 9 rocket sent the upper stage and a payload of 105 small satellites into orbit. After that, Ars reported, the first stage of Falcon 9 landed slowly near the launch site.

A well-moving missile... The first stage was to make its tenth flight. It is worth noting that the Falcon 9 single rocket in the first stage has so far launched 550 satellites, as well as a dragon once and a dragon for the crew in orbit. The plane has been flying on average every two months since it was first launched. Reusing rockets seems to be more than just a fad.

Rocket Report: Ars Newsletter The easiest way to keep up with Eric Berger's Space Report is to sign up for his newsletter, we tell his stories we collect in your inbox. My record! Virginia may have a neutron production facility. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announced this week that the state is finalizing a new facility to support production, assembly, integration and testing of the Rocket Lab neutron vehicle. That's not much of a surprise, as neutrons are expected to be launched from NASA's Walups Flight Facility off the east coast of Virginia, and the rocket lab wants to build an amplifier near the launch site for logistical purposes. A medium-altitude vehicle with a fully reusable first stage, the Neutron is expected to be launched for the first time in mid-2020, depending on how it is developed. Virginia has offered to support the project by allocating $30 million to Virginia Space to pay for the upgrade of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport. In addition, the state has chartered an investment of up to $15 million to support the improvement of the site and the construction of a building with an area of ​​28 hectares as part of the offer to the Missile laboratory, and Russia is seeking to launch 30 missiles in this area. 2022. On Thursday, Roscosmos published notes made by its CEO, Dmitry Rogozin, about space activities in 2021 and future forecasts for 2022. Counting the European version of the Soyuz rocket, Roscosmos made 25 orbital launches in 2021. 14 of the these. We have accepted "big dangers" from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, five from Vestochny, five from Plesetsk, and one from the Guiana Space Center in French Guiana. For this year, Rogozin said: We are now planning. "About 30 missiles were launched, more than 10 of them were commercial." "We did something that we hadn't been able to do for years, we made decisions and we knew there were going to be huge risks." We leave the reading of these distinctive tea leaves to our readers.

India begins high-level engine efficiency test. India's space agency, ISRO, said this week that it had successfully tested the CE-20 rocket engine for 720 seconds. A liquid-fueled engine powers the high stage of the powerful GSLV Mk III rocket, which will be used as part of the country's Gaganyaan human spaceflight campaign.

Human journeys in a few years. β€œThe reliability and durability of the induction cooling motor is ensured by the human-rated release of the gigantic,” the agency said. India is currently planning two test orbit flights of a human spacecraft later this year, in 2023, and one crew flight in late 2023. It is unclear whether the COVID-19 pandemic will lead to further delays on these dates. (Posted by Ken the Bin and EllPeaTea)

ULA is making its first launch in 2022. The Allied Launch Alliance will kick off its New Year campaign with the launch of the USSF-8 mission for the US Air Force. The company said. Two spacecraft for the Geosynchronous Space Awareness Program flew over Atlas V on Monday. The Missile launch is scheduled for January 21. This will be the 75th Atlas to be launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Will this speed increase this year? ... In 2021, ULA launched five missiles, including four Atlas V and Delta IV Heavy missions. The company should have between 7 and 10 launches this year, depending on customer readiness, and potentially a new Vulcan missile. (Posted by Ken the Bin) Learn the secrets of dark matter with Ars and Dr. Paul Satter

Learn the secrets of dark matter with Ars and Dr. Paul Satter

In the experimental part of our new series "The Edge of Knowledge", we discover the science!

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