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We have a very interesting product to test in the lab today. Corsair made its first advertising screen today. They have already sent the units to the judges, so we thoroughly evaluated them before the official launch, which shows some confidence from the Corsair. I'm looking at a 32-inch screen with QHD (also known as 1440p) resolution and a maximum refresh rate of 165Hz. The range of mid-range 32-inch, 1440p monitors has been boosted this year with the introduction of high-quality IPS panels, and that's exactly what Corsair used in its first offering.

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Very large and flat, Corsair covers 100% Adobe RGB and 98% DCI-P3 thanks to quantum dot optimization. , rises to 165Hz but is variable refresh compatible AMD FreeSync Premium and Nvidia G-Sync are compatible. ROG Swift PG329Q is equal, hopefully their performance matches the price somewhat, you're always new, but I don't intend to delete them at the moment.

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design and

on top, we have the top, which is fairly standard, but we also have the bottom, which has never been seen before. We were. Somewhat difficult Describe what's going on at the base, there's a big, high ring, and there's also two small hitches to the back for stability.While your desk only touches the front and the little pedestals, the whole thing is a huge base.Compared to what I've seen on other 32" monitors, they take up a lot of space, And they're not necessarily big.

However, Corsair uses premium materials for the base and shaft. Most of them are metal and have a good smooth surface. Although height, tilt and swivel adjustment and good range of motion are supported in all of these parts, it strengthens the base A little bit of bumping.The top of the screen is made of plastic, so not everything gets that fancy touch.


With that in mind, Corsair created a minimalist design: back I really like, no There are "toy" styles, there is no thick rear body to absorb the meaning, only clean black beauty, slim frame and logic. Choosing a pirate has made the most of this piece of plastic. You have a normal size interface with a small pirate logo.

Surprisingly, Corsair does not have any RGB LED lighting.In accessories and everything from AIO liquid coolers to RAM you want to include RGB LEDs, which In most cases I find it meaningless on the screen. I'm glad Corsair has resisted RGB demands - other than the screen itself - and is committed to providing lighting where it's most useful.

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For ports, we have two HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.4 with USB Type C work in DP Alt mode, it's not disappointing that only HDMI 2.0 ports limit them to 144Hz, HDMI 2.1 reduces this problem by allowing a full 165Hz to match what DisplayPort can do , as well as a USB port and an audio jack.

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The Corsair 32QHD165 integrates with your existing product line and iCUE software, so you can control OSD features through peripherals such as a Stream Deck. It also supports optional accessories such as the Elgato Flex Arm, which can be attached to the top of the mount to mount a streaming camera.

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Of course, I was very interested in seeing how a pirate manages to perform the action on the first game screen, so let's take a look now. There are only three OSD overclocking settings, the first of which is Normal, a classic overclocking experience with a minimum overclocking time of about 10ms. That's not really bad for default performance, so it's suggested that Corsair uses a good panel here, but the performance could obviously be improved.

Corsair Xeneon 32QHD165 - Fast - 165Hz

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Fast mode at 165Hz is a slight improvement over normal mode, average response time has been reduced to 8.60 found milliseconds, so it improved by just over 1 millisecond, this had a slight improvement in cumulative aberration, this was achieved without much effect, although the speed shown for 165Hz games is generally not as fast adequate.

Corsair Xeneon 32QHD165 - Fastest - 165 Hz

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So we are the fastest mode, which is better This mode is meant to be played at the highest refresh rate, as indicated by the lowest cumulative deviation we've ever seen. This pushes us into a lot of areas, and seeing 40 transformations with a noticeable inverted ghost isn't the best result. However, the actual value is very small, so the area where the inverted ghost appears is very limited, and you can change the blur path from the previous fast mode only with a brighter sequence in the fastest mode. In general, I think the sharpness of the faster mode is somewhat better, although some may prefer to experiment without it being too fast.

Corsair Xeneon 32QHD165 - Fastest - 165Hz, 144Hz, 120Hz, 100Hz, 60Hz

gaming monitor


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While I think faster mode is best for 165Hz gaming, it is not the best mode for gaming across the operating range with synchronous synchronous refresh rate. . The lack of variable speed overdrive does a disservice to the 32QHD165 here, because at 144Hz, and especially at 120Hz, the faster mode is too much, and now ghostly reflections are very noticeable. So the faster mode is only suitable for 165Hz locked games, which you might get in an esports title. Corsair Xeneon 32QHD165 - Fast - 144Hz, 120Hz, 100Hz, 85Hz, 60Hz



The best mode for adaptive sync is Quick mode, which J provides response time in time controls that limits scaling to low levels even at 60 Hz. In most cases, the cumulative deviation remains around 600, which is not so bad. However, at best, it's a bit slower than the faster mode, so ideally, I'd like to see a fast-paced mode that could provide a more optimal experience. Either that or a full speed slider can provide good adjustment.

The results are not the worst, but unfortunately the Xeneon 32QHD165 does not have an overclocking mode, which is a disappointing omission of the above. The final screen requires more overclocking or variable speed boosting modes to achieve the best single-double speed game mode. It seems that most compatible sync players should choose the fast mode, while those who play at 165Hz should use the fastest. Corsair Xeneon 32QHD165 32

In comparison With the other monitors, the 32QHD165 sits absolutely top notch with the highest refresh rate: Among other high-end IPS monitors with an average response time of 4.0-4.7ms, unfortunately Corsair's display is the highest in this group. Room for improvement here.

Competing monitors like the Gigabyte M32Q and Asus ROG Swift PG329Q outperform similar average response time, while the LG 32GP850 excels at falling too far, so in that respect, the monitor may not Be powerful, as the graph shows. Corsair Xeneon 32QHD165 32 < /p>

Given the limited range of overclocking controls, 32QHD165 averages within the reading range with variable-optimized read settings, b on average, not surprising. game rates.

The fast mode isn't much, but it's much slower than the faster mode, and that's detrimental to the state of the Corsair display on the graph. For example, the PG329Q can provide an average response time of about 50% faster on average, but only slightly increases it, incorporating variable overclocking while the Corsair monitor does not.

These types of keys are very important, as the included items can be for first-class products, unfortunately Xeneon is missing. Check out Corsair Xeneon 32QHD165 32

However, in terms of balance, the 32QHD165 still has excellent response time performance, as evidenced by the cumulative deviation results, which tells us how close each monitor is to the ideal instantaneous response curves, and defines the balance between response time and overclocking.

< p> Across the adaptive sync range, the 32QHD165 lower tensile screen helps in this graph, and overall is a bit worse than other high-end screens, for example the distance between the rsair Co screen and the Asus equivalent has been reduced by up to 19% in favor of the Asus model - so yeah The PG329Q is still better but it's not much better and even less different than products like the 32GP850

Of course I still love that number which will be improved by things like variable overclocking and more overclocking controls on a future Corsair display , but they obviously use the very good board on the 32QHD165, and that makes for a good performance. Corsair Xeneon 32QHD165 32 Corsair Xeneon 32QHD165 32

Corsair's 120Hz monitor isn't very impressive This is where it does the most damage compared to other high-end displays with similar specs . A better speed adjustment might yield better results here. Then for 60Hz, that performance is critical because the Xeneon includes a console mode that accepts 4K 60Hz inputs, reducing them to 1440p. It's nice to get past the low, but the performance is still somewhat lower than similar monitors with the same specifications as the M32Q. Corsair Xeneon 32QHD165 32

Login Powerful, 32QHD165 has a processing response time of less than 1ms, so this is not an issue and it's just another important issue, latency affects refresh rate, 240Hz screens are also available at a similar price due to higher refresh rate, lower response time. Corsair Xeneon 32QHD165 32

The Corsair monitor has the same performance as products like the Asus PG329Q which I think makes sense and I think they are from an AU board using Optronics. However, this panel is not the most efficient on the market, showing lower power consumption figures than monitors like the LG 32GP850 and Gigabyte M32Q. However, it does not matter in the grand plan.

I'm glad to see Xeneon has backlight exposure support, despite its limited performance. Unlike products like the Gigabyte M32Q, which currently supports simultaneous backlight exposure and adaptive sync, Corsair only supports FreeSync off mode. I converted this feature to 100 Hz, but foreplay at 60 Hz is not possible. It is also not possible to adjust the strike time or length, only the power button.

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Despite all this, the backlight exposure works very well, in fact the panel uses Quantum Dot Enhancement technology instead of KSF backlighting, which increases brightness. There is no red limit here. The situation is better than M32Q, much better than 32GP850 and very similar to PG329Q. It's worth trying this mode, especially for 165Hz steady games in competitive titles, although there's no compatibility with variable refresh rate, an option for everyone. inappropriate.

Color function Color space: C orsair Xeneon 32QHD165-D65-P3


Next we have the color performance and as advertised, the 32QHD165 is an ultra wide screen. It scored 95% DCI-P3 coverage, so I was a little embarrassed by the advertised 98%, but I was able to check out 100% Adobe RGB coverage. The high coverage of three areas (including sRGB) makes this monitor extremely versatile for content creation, with overall scoring. 83 year coverage for the same 83% with the best monitors on the market today. You increase your broad coverage by 20% over products like the formidable M32Q. Default color performance

Corsair Xeneon 32QHD165 - D65 -P3, Tested in original resolution, Portrait with high refresh rate CALMAN Ultimate, DeltaE value target: less than 2.0, CCT target: 6500K

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The ready experience is pretty standard. The computer isn't as accurate as a window. The default is sRGB. My unit was also a bit red from the factory, so the gray DeltaE performance was pretty modest but it didn't. Not bad When viewing sRGB or Rec standard results in high levels of saturation 709 content, such as YouTube videos This usually results in The wide area The effect of sunburn on the skin, as pink and brown colors move to the red area. Corsair Xeneon 32QHD165 32 Corsair Xeneon 32QHD165 32

Compared to other monitors, 32QHD165 grayscale calibrated average There's nothing wrong here, but the color accuracy is straight out of the bad. I would not advise people to use the monitor in this way.

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Fortunately, Corsair has sRGB mode, so that's a sign of the first monitor, I'm glad they realized they had to do something about the range The huge presented, this mode is very effective in closing the range and completely eliminating the saturation of the daily content. It issues white balance controls, which is illogical and annoying.

Color Performance Calibration

Corsair Xeneon 32QHD165 - D65 -P3, Resolution Tested Genuine, Highest CALMAN Vertical Refresh Rate, Target DeltaE Value: Less than 2.0, Target CCT: 6500K

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The only way to improve performance here is to calibrate the entire screen using DisplayCAL or, in this case, Calman Ultimate. Since there is no problem with covering the entire sRGB gamut, it is very easy to calibrate and achieve good results for sRGB and even other color spaces such as Adobe RGB or DCI-P3. The calibration is mainly carried out in the opinion of Adobe RGB and DCI-P3 supplier Niaz Ast, Zira Ltd., the state of the country, the state of the country, the color of the frater, the Corsair of the sRGB, the sRGB, the sRGB, the sRGB, the sRGB, the internal state, the opinion, where the opinion is limited. Where is the dagger of the time, hi behboud ast, harchand waiting for darm aktar kabaran, the letter, o na, the name of the letter, i.e., the state of khod an ra kalibra kanand.

https:/// Corsair Xeneon 32QHD165 32

Roshnai Identical Corsair, with a touch of 400 nits, is suitable for use. It is suitable for use. It is most suitable for use. The most useful resource is the Roshan car, and the number of the car is more expensive. Corsair Xeneon 32QHD165 32

Attributed to Contrast Bray Monitor IPS with Sayar Khob Ast, one of Bish Az 1100: 1 In any case, here is the Gigabyte M32Q, the Better Regby Deeq. 32GP850, and the PG329Q, as the HR Duo ratio is weak in the IPS Darnd. In any case, the IPS panel has a total phase attributed to contrast body darnd, and there is a comparison with VA monitoring, with a weak point of AST.

Angles of Deed Khob Hestend, Hengam Khreid Aktar Namyeshgharhai IPS Modren Mchkali Nest. Ikanwakhti neez is an average with Khob Bud, Bakhch Markazi Dur Hemma resources, complete Iknoakht Bud, Brkhy Iz Anha, I have a lip hi chp and Rast the fall of May Karandand. Harshend Najran Kanandeh Nest and Drake Nikta is proven, one of the IPS darakhsh hashdasht.

Just a quick word, a quick resource, a resource for HDR work. Corsair daray guahinamah DisplayHDR 400 AST. در عمل ، 32QHD165 فاقد هر گونه تاری محلی است ، بنابراین نمی تواند سطح کنتراست مورد نیاز برای HDR واقعی را تولید کند. مانیتور ورودی های HDR را می پذیرد ، اما در عمل تجربه HDR مانند اجرای مانیتور در حالت SDR با روشنایی روشن است. از آنجایی که از نظر فیزیکی نسبت کنتراست بالایی ندارد ، من فکر نمی کنم 32QHD165 را اصلاً باید به عنوان یک مانیتور HDR در نظر گرفت.

داغ یا نه؟

برای اولین تلاش برای مانیتور بازی یا هر مانیتور دیگری ، Corsair Xeneon 32QHD165 خیلی بد نیست. شگفت آور خوب حتی. ما نمی دانیم که آیا این یک طراحی داخلی بوده است یا آیا Corsair برای انجام کارهای سنگین از ODM استفاده کرده است ، اما نتایج قابل مقایسه با نمایشگرهای امروز با مشخصات مشابه است. شایان ذکر است ، این فاصله بسیار زیادی با آشغال Razer Raptor 27 دارد که ما اخیراً به آن نگاه کردیم ، که هیچ عملکرد نزدیک و قابل قبولی ارائه نکرد ، و این دومین تلاش Razer بود!

< p> عملکرد حرکت معمولاً سخت ترین کار برای درست کردن است و این مانیتور بسته به شرایط کار شایسته ای انجام می دهد. به طور کلی ، این مانیتور با مانیتورهای IPS پیشرفته امروزی بسیار رقابتی است ، در معیارهایی مانند انحراف تجمعی کمی عقب است ، اما بسیار زیبا است سرعت بالا در 165 هرتز. همچنین دارای نوردهی فوق العاده و محدود در نور پس زمینه است. مسئله اصلی در اینجا ویژگی های اطراف لبه است که می تواند مانیتور را از عملکرد خوب به عالی برساند ، مانند overdrive متغیر ، حالت های overdrive بیشتر ، یا یک تجربه حالت overdrive. 32QHD165 در سطح یک مانیتور برتر در این زمینه ها نیست ، اما شما هم جا ندارید با یک تجربه مات در بازی.

عملکرد رنگ قوی است ، با طیف وسیعی از استثنایی که باعث می شود این صفحه نمایش به عنوان یک مانیتور دوگانه بازی و بهره وری همه کاره باشد. پوشش بالای sRGB ، P3 و Adobe RGB بیشتر موارد مهم را پوشش می دهد و Corsair این حالت را با یک حالت sRGB قابل استفاده تکمیل می کند تا از اشباع زیاد برای استفاده روزمره جلوگیری شود. ما می توانیم چند نکته را در مورد کالیبراسیون و غیره انتخاب کنیم ، اما این یک صفحه نمایش عالی با کنتراست IPS مناسب ، روشنایی قوی و یکنواختی قابل احترام است.

Corsair کجاست کمی در مورد ویژگی ها کم است ، برخی از افراد مواردی مانند حالت های افزایش سایه یا سوئیچ KVM را که ممکن است با سایر نمایشگرها دریافت کنید از دست خواهند داد. یا مواردی مانند نوردهی نور پس زمینه و نرخ تجدید متغیر به طور همزمان. طراحی احتمالاً از بهینه سازی نیز استفاده می کند ، اما برهنه برای مانیتوری وجود دارد که در بازی ، پخش ویدئو و بهره وری بسیار خوب است.

بنابراین سخت افزار Xeneon 32QHD165 بسیار خوب است ، ارزشش چطور است؟ به نظر ما ، 800 دلار برای این کار بسیار زیاد است اگر ما فکر می کنیم Corsair می تواند با Asus PG329Q تأسیس شده رقابت کند ، ما بیش از حد خوشبین هستیم. PG329Q یک مجری بسیار قوی با تنظیم بهتر و ویژگی های برتر و با پول مشابه چیزی است که من می خریدم.

Corsair همچنین در حال رقابت با سایر محصولات است. دسته بندی ها. با این قیمت می توانید برخی از نمایشگرهای بسیار خوب 1440p 240Hz را تهیه کنید-بله ، آنها بیشتر مدلهای 27 اینچی هستند ، اما سریعتر و اثبات بیشتری در آینده هستند. این روزها چندین گزینه 4K 144Hz با قیمت 800 دلار یا کمتر وجود دارد ، شاید در یک صفحه کوچکتر ، اما این دسته دیگری است که من به شدت به آن توجه می کنم.

از طرف دیگر ، من فکر می کنم 32QHD165 بهتر از گیگابایت M32Q و LG 32GP850 - یا حداقل با این مدلها بسیار رقابتی هستند - و معمولاً بین 400 تا 500 دلار به فروش می رسند. مدل Corsair عملکرد پاسخ کمی کندتر را ارائه می دهد ، اما عملکرد رنگ بسیار بهتر و نوردهی روشن تر در نور پس زمینه را نشان می دهد. من فکر می کنم Corsair می تواند با قیمتی بالاتر از آن مدل ها ، چیزی در حدود 500 تا 600 دلار ، از بین برود و این برای اولین تلاش بسیار خوب است. با این حال ، قیمت لیست مورد نظر فعلی کاهش چشمگیری دارد.

سرانجام ، چند نکته دیگر در مورد ضمانت و پشتیبانی برای اولین بار وجود دارد. Corsair با گارانتی 3 ساله ، که برای نمایشگرهای بازی بهتر است و سیاست پیکسل های مرده آنها مناسب است ، کاهش می یابد. اما در مقایسه با یک مارک معتبرتر با سابقه ساخت مانیتور همیشه ریسک وجود دارد. اغلب در بررسی های خود به ضمانت نامه ها توجه نکنید ، اما در این مناسبت ما فکر نمی کنیم که این باید بعداً مورد توجه قرار گیرد ، اگرچه آنها یک نام تجاری خوب در فضای علاقه مندان به رایانه هستند.

Corsair Xeneon 32QHD165 در آمازون ایسوس ROG Swift PG329Q در آمازون گیگابایت M32Q در آمازون LG 32GP850 در آمازون Asus ROG Swift PG32UQ در آمازون سامسونگ Samsung Odyssey G7 32 "در آمازون HP HP Omen X 27 در فروشگاه HP

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