WhatsApp for iOS has recently been updated to version 22.2.75. As a result, many of the features that have been tested for beta users over the past few months are now available to the general public in the general version of the app. One of the most important features of this update is the ability to stop and resume recording audio messages. This new feature, which has been tested since October, is now available to all users. It is worth noting that this application has started testing the ability to pause and resume recording voice messages in the desktop version.

Another feature available in the WhatsApp version 22.2.75 update related to iOS 15 Is. Notifications now support focus mode, meaning selected audiences can still message you even when you have set the focus mode. Last but not least, WhatsApp has allowed you to display a user's profile picture when sending a notification in recent weeks. Just like Twitter, you can now see the profile picture of the person who sent you the message, which is another feature of iOS 15.

This popular platform has unveiled a lot of features in recent months that will definitely make things harder for competitors. It is not bad to mention some of them briefly. According to the latest reports, WhatsApp is working on a new feature that allows users to transfer their message from WhatsApp Android to iOS. As it turns out, at least according to a report from the WABetaInfo website, this feature is available in the beta version of the WhatsApp iOS app, and even screenshots have been released that show how the process of transferring message history from WhatsApp Android to iOS can be done.

In another news item, WhatsApp intends to make many changes in its future updates, one of which is to modify the chat list design for iOS users. This WhatsApp change has been applied to some users on a trial basis, and the purpose of this platform is to improve the user interface so that users can access their chat lists more easily than before. According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp wants to improve its chat list page with a more functional design.

According to WABetaInfo, in a future update, WhatsApp will bring a new Broadcast input option to the user's contact list when the user is on the same The option to start a new chat by tapping at the top right will be available. In addition, WhatsApp also wants to know if someone has responded to you in a group chat or mentioned your name. For example, now if someone in a group answers you, you will receive a notification saying that someone has answered you.

Other new and useful features of this popular platform include the ability to hide the status of your last visit to strangers. It should be noted that with this feature, strangers will have a harder time checking you out and their last visit and online status will not be shown to them.

According to WABetaInfo, privacy settings Private WhatsApp Last Visit is now set to "My Contacts" by default on Android and iPhone smartphones, which means that only your contacts will be able to be notified of your last visit and online status.

Finally, we should mention the feature that is very lacking in WhatsApp, and that is the lack of WhatsApp player. But the good news is that the company's team will soon introduce a new feature that lets you listen to voice messages in the background. The new audio player appears as a bar at the top of the application. This bar contains options that allow you to pause, delete, or listen to voice messages again. It remains to be seen what new features this popular app will unveil in the coming months.

Source: 9to5mac

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