Almost all users know the importance of temperature for hardware components. If the desired parts are in a suitable temperature range, they can provide ideal performance. Temperature higher than expected, in addition to reducing the life of various parts, also affects their performance. The processor is the brain of the computer and in order to better transfer the heat produced by it, materials called thermal paste or silicone paste are used.

Some processors come with a fan and thermal paste, but in You can find much better and higher quality thermal pastes in the market. Although you can use options such as a regular fan, liquid cooling system and other things to cool the processor, but if the heat of the processor is not properly transferred to them, the cooling process will not be done well. But What is thermal paste or silicone paste, how does it work and why is it so important? We will discuss this topic further.

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Silicone paste What is it and how does it work?

silicone paste or Thermal paste is a paste-like material that conducts heat, which is placed between the processor and the heatsink. Apart from being used for the central processor (CPU), this paste is also used for parts such as the graphics processor in the graphics card. But why is this paste-like substance so important?

As you probably know, the active processor generates significant amounts of heat, and if you are looking to take advantage of the ideal performance of the processor, this heat must be continuously dissipated. be under control. A large cooler that is placed on the processor, using a fan and a heat sink, can remove this excess heat from the processor so that it does not cause any problems for its performance.

But the main problem is that the heat of the processor must be somehow get to the heatsink. Although the processor and heatsink are placed on top of each other, the surfaces of these two parts do not completely touch each other. Processors, heatsinks and coolers have minor flaws in their surfaces, and therefore when they are placed on top of each other, very small holes are formed in which air is trapped in these holes, and as a result, the performance of the heatsink and cooling system decreases. /p>

Thermal paste simply fills these low and high surfaces so that the heat transfer is efficient to a large extent. As we said, in order to significantly reduce the heat of the processor, the generated heat must be transferred somehow. As you probably know, air is not as good a conductor of heat as, for example, copper and aluminum, and therefore there should be no air in the space between the processor and the heatsink as much as possible.

Types of pastes thermal

all kinds of thermal pastes are sold in the market Silicone paste is only one of them. Therefore, according to the skills you have and the type of computer and budget, you should choose from these pastes. Some pastes are difficult to use and therefore beginners should not use them.

There are different types of thermal pastes that are sold at different prices in the market. Many novice users imagine that there is no difference between these thermal pastes and therefore go for the cheapest option. But as we said, you should choose the best option according to your needs and budget. In the following, we discuss the three main types of thermal pastes so that you can safely choose from them.

Metal-based thermal pastes

This type The pastes are of high quality and the reason for this name is that in the pastes in question, powdered compounds of silver, aluminum and other metals are used. This issue leads to better performance for heat dissipation, but the most important problem of this type of thermal paste is that they are also electrically conductive. Therefore, you must be very careful to use them so that the phenomenon of short circuit does not occur and the motherboard and other parts do not suffer. Therefore, if you are a professional, it is better to choose among these types of thermal pastes, but if you are a beginner, we recommend not to do this.

Ceramic-based thermal pastes

These types of pastes have a lower efficiency than metal-based pastes and are generally weaker in terms of heat transfer. On the other hand, we should mention the reasonable price and not being conductive for electricity. Therefore, you can use them with less worry. So if you are a newbie, you can use these types of pastes for the system processor Buy it.

Silicone-based thermal pastes

Silicone paste is the most common thermal paste, which is widely used due to its reasonable price and good quality. Placed. Although these types of pastes perform weaker than metal and ceramic pastes, they are generally suitable for most users. In SafirSoft, most thermal pastes are silicone type.

Thermal pastes vs. thermal pads

This type of material is presented in two forms: paste and pad. Although thermal pastes are more popular and widely used, some users prefer to use thermal pads. Usually, novice users are worried about using thermal pastes, but using thermal pads is much easier and requires less precision. Of course, these types of pads offer a much weaker performance for heat transfer and therefore have a low price. In general, we do not recommend using thermal pads, and it is better to use thermal pastes available in the market.

How to use silicone paste

There are different methods for using silicone paste, which you can use according to the purchased paste. There is a best method in this field and each person uses his favorite method. The important point for placing the silicone paste on the processor is to uniformly cover the entire surface of the processor.

<6 different patterns are usually used for this, and no matter which method you choose, it is important that the desired silicone paste is evenly placed on the surface of the processor. You can see these 6 methods in the picture above. Before starting, you must clean the surface of the processor very carefully. It is better to use high percentage alcohol and clean tissue for this. After pouring the silicone paste on the processor, you can easily spread it using the card to cover the entire surface. Finally, place the heatsink related to the cooling system on the processor. If you haven't done this before, we recommend that you use YouTube tutorial videos so you don't make any mistakes while doing it.

How long does silicone paste last? h2>

Although most companies say that silicone paste lasts 4-5 years, the average life of thermal pastes is usually around 2-3 years. Generally, over time, this paste placed on the processor dries out and needs to be replaced. In this context, we should also mention the type of dough used. Some expensive thermal pastes may work well for up to 7 years, but if you have chosen among the cheaper ones, it is better to replace it every 2-3 years.

For What points should we pay attention to when buying thermal paste?

Considering that there are various types of thermal pastes in the market, it is better to pay attention to a few points when buying. An improper thermal paste will not only not improve the performance of the processor, but may also make it worse. In the following, we discuss 4 points for buying silicone paste.

Heat transfer coefficient

Thermal conductivity of silicone paste is very important and should be given a lot of attention. show. Each of the pastes supports a different heat transfer coefficient, and the given number shows the efficiency of the desired paste to transfer heat from the processor to the heatsink. The compounds used in the dough determine its thermal conductivity. For this characteristic, the unit of watt per meter kelvin is used, naturally, the higher it is, the better the paste provides better heat conductivity.

Inexpensive silicone pastes available in the Iranian market usually have a heat transfer coefficient between 1 and 10. They use the Kelvin meter. Meanwhile, metal-based thermal pastes offer a heat transfer coefficient of more than 70 W/m Kelvin, and as you can see, there is a big difference between metal and silicone thermal pastes in this regard.

Viscosity (density)

The viscosity of the thermal paste determines its density. That's why you should pay attention to this issue to buy thermal pastes so you don't get into trouble. The higher the viscosity number, the less liquid and more paste-like the dough is. But if the viscosity number is low, it is more liquid and as a result, if you put more than needed on the processor, this liquid may spill on the motherboard and cause you trouble.

Electrical conductivity

As we said, thermal pastes based on Metals are electrical conductors, which means that if they are not placed correctly on the processor, the risk of a short circuit increases. So if you're worried about this, it's better to buy silicon paste so you don't face such a problem. Thermal or TDP is also mentioned. The higher the thermal design power of the processor, the more energy it can consume, and as a result, the heat produced by it will probably be more. So if you use a powerful processor, it is better to use a better thermal paste to keep it cool.

Cooling system

As we said, processors Different produce different amount of heat. Therefore, according to this issue, you should use a suitable cooling system. Although thermal pastes play an important role for cooling processors, they cannot do miracles and finally cooling systems play a much more important role.>

In SafirSoft, you can choose from different thermal pastes according to your budget, and below we introduce 6 best-selling thermal pastes in the SafirSoft store.

Thermal paste Istano silicone model TP414 volume 5 ml

This thermal paste has a very small volume and is sold at a reasonable price, and it has received the attention of many users. Its heat transfer coefficient is 2.64 W/m Kelvin, and we must also mention that it is insulated against electric current, and therefore its use does not lead to short circuit and damage to electronic components. According to the reviews, despite the low price of this thermal paste, it can transfer the heat produced by the processor well for the processor of desktop and laptop systems. Currently, this silicone thermal paste is sold at a price of 45 thousand Tomans in SafirSoft.

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Istano silicone thermal paste model TP420 volume 5 ml

Like the previous product, this paste has a volume of 5 mm, but it has a higher thermal transfer coefficient, and therefore it is sold at a higher price. Specifically, the heat transfer coefficient of this paste is 4.05 V/m Kelvin, which means it is about 1.5 times the TP414 model in terms of heat transfer. To buy this product from SafirSoft, you have to pay about 70 thousand Tomans.

Buy Istano silicone thermal paste model TP420 from SafirSoft

Grizzly thermal paste model Conductonaut Liquid Metal 1g strong>

This paste is produced by the German Thermal Grizzly company and is Due to the heat transfer coefficient of 73 W/K, it can provide excellent performance. In addition to this characteristic, we should also mention long life and suitable density. This thermal paste is very expensive and is generally considered an ideal option for heavy overclocking of processors and graphics cards. In addition, we should mention that this thermal paste is electrically conductive, and therefore you should pay attention to this issue when using it. So if you are not a beginner and looking for a great thermal paste, we recommend you buy this product. As we said, this product has a high price and it is sold at SafirSoft at a price of around 600 thousand Tomans.

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Etok silicone paste Berg -10g

If you don't want to pay a lot of money to buy silicone paste Fortunately, there are many cheap options at SafirSoft. Although this product has a price of about 20 thousand Tomans, it supports a heat transfer coefficient of 3 watts per meter Kelvin and is considered a suitable option for many users. silicone cooler master model MASTERGEL PRO V2

The Cooler Master brand has a lot to say in the field of computer accessories, especially cooling systems, and has introduced high-quality thermal pastes to the market. This thermal paste brings a heat transfer coefficient of 9 W/m-K and therefore it is a very good option especially for users who are into heavy work and gaming. To buy this product from SafirSoft, you have to pay about 225 thousand Tomans.

Buy MASTERGEL PRO V2 silicone paste from SafirSoft. strong>

If you are looking to buy thermal paste at a relatively reasonable price from You are Cooler Master brand. We recommend buying this product. The heat transfer coefficient of this silicon paste is 5 W/m-K and can significantly reduce the temperature of the processor. By paying about 150 thousand tomans, you can buy this silicone paste from SafirSoft.

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Final speech

in Finally, thermal paste plays a very important role for the processor and graphics card, and it is better to replace this paste every few years. If you use low-quality paste, we recommend that you do this every 6 months or a year so that the processor and graphics card can provide the best possible performance. The most popular Galaxy M33 5G accessories at DigiCala

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