You might also be interested to know that during new experiments, physicists observed a theoretical and predicted phenomenon called the quantum boomerang effect. ) Have been approved. But What exactly is the effect of quantum boomerang, and What is important to observe? If you have such questions in mind, it's probably time to jump up and down the rabbit's nest, so stay tuned for more on this weird quantum world!

Boomerang What is a quantum?

Like a boomerang that flies back from its original location, physicists expect some quantum particles (particles of specific matter) to average from any point where they start They move, return to the same place.

quantum boomerang effect, particles return to their original position on average after a laser strike. In this regard, a new experiment (image) confirms this quantum effect using lithium atoms. They are usually composed of atoms in regular arrangement!). In fact, the atomic arrangement of these materials must have many defects and irregularities (such as the arrangement of atoms with a disordered or disintegrated structure).

How did physicists first observe the quantum boomerang effect?

In 1958, a physicist named Philip Anderson discovered that if there was sufficient irregularity in a substance Its electrons become localized. This means that the electrons get stuck in place and it is not possible for them to move much further away from where they are! In such a case, the pinned electrons in place prevent the electrical conductivity of the material, thereby converting the metallic material into insulation. In this regard, it is interesting to know that this is also important in quantum boomerangs.

In order to better understand this quantum effect, suppose you have shrunk arithmetic and traveled into irregular matter. In such a situation, if you want to move an electron away from you, the electron changes direction and immediately returns to you, then stops. To be honest, electrons behave more like dogs than boomerangs! Because if you do not catch the boomerang, it will pass by you, but a well-trained dog will sit next to you when it returns.

According to the same theory that was proposed about 60 years ago , Physicists designed an experimental design to observe this effect for the first time. To demonstrate this quantum effect, the physicists used ultra-cold lithium atoms as substitutes for electrons. The team also studied the momentum of atoms returning to their original position instead of examining them, as such conditions are relatively easier to create in the experimental laboratory environment. During this experiment, the atoms were initially stationary, but after the laser beats landed to transmit instantaneous momentum to them, on average, the atoms returned to their original stationary state; In such a case, the scientists witnessed the boomerang effect of impulse.

In addition to such a fascinating observation, the physicist also determined the conditions necessary to eliminate the quantum boomerang effect. In fact, to do so requires the failure of time-reversal symmetry! This means that when the time vector moves forward, the quantum particles must behave in the same way as they do in the backward motion. Time) becomes t-!

In this regard, by changing the timing of the first impact from the lasers, so that the striking pattern does not change, the researchers were able to break the inverse symmetry of time and, as expected, the boomerang effect disappeared!

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Last Word

Although Anderson discovered the local effect of the electron more than 60 years ago, the quantum boomerang effect could be the subject. Considered a novelty in physics. The physicists in this study say that apparently no one thought about it, because it probably seemed very unusual to many researchers. This strange work is the result of a quantum world; This is because quantum particles can act like waves and combine or neutralize each other in complex ways. In fact, these waves have the ability to combine with each other to amplify the path that leads to the particle's origin and to deflect and neutralize the paths that push the particle away from its original location. Therefore, this event can be considered as a pure quantum effect that has no equivalent in classical physics. No.

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