Since there are laptops on the market these days with customized hardware combinations, you may be wondering What does anyone customize them? Why does this happen? Can you trust the quality of these products? And many other questions that we intend to answer in this article. So stay with us.

Laptops, which are also referred to as portable personal computers, are products that, thanks to their portability, are used in many tasks, including gaming, design, working with industrial applications and are being used. For this reason, many users prefer these products to the desktop computers that replace them.

However, some users believe that personal computers can be upgraded whenever it is claimed or its parts according to taste. He chose himself, but laptops are not like that. When you go to the laptop buying page of a store, you will come across a lot of models, all of which have a specific hardware combination. The combination that is determined by the manufacturing company itself. Therefore, you may never be able to choose the combination that you want.

This causes you to sometimes have to pay for a laptop that, although it has your acceptable characteristics, but also a series of additional features. It provides you with things that you may not need, but you have to pay for it. This means that there will not be an exact balance between the price paid and the specifications received.

Many laptops go to the market with fixed hardware specifications, but they have the potential to change. Now some warranty companies use this opportunity and upgrade laptops according to the needs of users. Despite these laptops in the market, there will definitely be a series of questions and uncertainties that we have tried to answer all of them in this article.

1. What is a customized laptop?

As mentioned above, a customized laptop is a product Its parts change according to the needs of users and are usually upgraded. These laptops are customized both by the manufacturer and by the warranty company (similar to What we see in SafirSoft), and as a result, users can choose and buy the best option according to their needs.

2. What is the advantage of a customized laptop?

Compared to a laptop whose specifications are determined by the manufacturer, a customized laptop has a series of advantages, the most important of which is the cost of payment. You may like a product that has a simple appearance, but you see that its technical specifications are very poor. The customized version of this product is sold with the same appearance and body material, but with more powerful and better parts, which means that the additional cost you pay is precisely because of the upgrade and not because of anything else.

On the other hand, laptops customized because they are upgraded according to the needs of the market, they can be a better option to buy. In these products, the main parts such as hard drive and RAM are usually upgraded, which are among the main parts that can be upgraded in a laptop, and a user usually upgrades them if he notices a weakness in the speed of working with the laptop or doing several tasks at the same time. does.

3. How to customize? Upgrade or downgrade?

Note that the products sold in the SafirSoft store are all upgraded in terms of hardware. Customization is not done by reducing hardware power. The next point is that the hardware upgrade of the device is based on its physical power and is done according to the company's standards.

4. Can we choose the hardware combination ourselves?

Unfortunately, this is not available at the moment. Of course, hardware manufacturers do this. Some of them have an option for customization in their store, by choosing which user can choose What specifications he wants a laptop. Definitely, with this work, the paid fee will be concentrated as much as possible, because the user himself chooses What parts are included in his laptop, but in SafirSoft, you have access to products that are customized according to the warranty company's decision.

5 . Is this common?

As mentioned above, major laptop manufacturers also allow users to buy customized laptops, and this is not a new thing. With the difference that if you want to buy from the manufacturer's own store, you can also upgrade items such as display, processor, hard drive, RAM, etc. or in simpler words, build your own laptop. Therefore, this work is quite common and established.

6. What are the terms of the warranty?

Since the warranty company itself makes this decision to customize the laptops, so as Kamel also supports it. This means that users can buy these products without worry and be sure that any damage that is not caused by their carelessness will be fully covered by the company's warranty.

7. Can you trust a laptop with upgraded parts?

Obviously, the warranty company customizes these laptops at their own risk. This means that the manufacturing company does not have a product with such a combination of hardware in the market, and this upgrade is not done by them. So it's a natural feeling of worry to think that these products might not be trusted because they usually have to be opened in order to make changes to them.

But there is one thing that we should mention. Upgrading laptops is not a special pressure because it is based on its physical power and according to the manufacturer's standards. Most of the upgrades are to RAM and internal storage, which means you don't need to go through a complicated upgrade process. In this way, the laptop is not damaged during this process so that we want to be afraid of buying it.

It is just like when you take the laptop to a dealer to upgrade the said parts for you. With the difference that this work is now done with a warranty company, which itself will be responsible for your possible problems until the warranty expires. On the other hand, the entire customization process is done under standard conditions and under the supervision of experts so that there is no need to worry.

Other points about the customized laptop

  • All devices with extensions "Customized" are upgraded under standard conditions in warranty offices and are covered by warranty.
  • All hardware changes applied to products are approved by the warranty company.
  • All products for Better and more optimal use have been upgraded and as a result of the decrease or decrease in hardware power, there are no customization options. SafirSoft customization is guided and you can choose and buy the option you want according to your needs.

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