Nowadays, the number of websites providing background images is very high. However, not all of them take into account all the points that you want to present images. So we first consider some filters to select each site and then check them for you. One of the important filters for choosing a landscape photo as a wallpaper is its quality.

At the same time, the next important factor is that the site you want has enough variety for images. Finally, this site should provide images for both mobile and desktop, and actually the size of the image is important in this section. So let's go to introduce them. The top five sites for downloading beautiful landscape photos for mobile and desktop are:

1) download landscape photos from Pinterest

There is hardly anyone who does not know Pinterest. In fact, Pinterest is a comprehensive site and application where everyone can publish their desired images. For example, you take a photo of a number of horses and easily publish it on this site under the name of horse. Other people can also search for the name "horse" to see all the images related to this topic.

The interesting thing is that Pinterest is free for everyone to use. You will also be able to publish videos in it. You can follow people who publish the images you want, like Instagram, or you can leave comments on the images. Unfortunately, you cannot find out the size of the images before downloading them.

It is also not possible to see the size of the images. However, Pinterest is so popular that despite such disadvantages, people continue to use it. With the help of the buttons below, you can enter this site or download its application for free.

Login to the Pinterest site, download the Pinterest iPhone application, download the Pinterest Android application

2) Wallpapers site

As its name suggests, this site's specialty is providing mobile and desktop background images. In fact, this website provides its users with the most beautiful images possible in any field. The first advantage of this site is to include the size of each image below it. That is, you don't need to click on the picture to see its size and you will easily see all the pictures with the exact sizes written below them.

Most of the pictures are free to download from Wallpapers And you will have almost no limit to download images. Also, many images inform you that they are suitable for mobile background image or desktop. This possibility does not exist in other sites in this way, and for this reason, it has made the Wallpapers site more special. Finally, the quality of each image will be displayed for you along with its size. .jpg">

Johareh site is one of the active sites in the field of presenting images. This site started its work in April 1400 and is kind of new. However, the images it provides are unique. As you can see in the photo above, the images are completely categorized and you can easily find the image you want by checking the title of each section.

One of the advantages of this site is that By clicking on each image, you can see its exact size and decide whether it is suitable for your desktop or mobile background image or not. Also, the size of the images will be provided to you before downloading. Now use the button below to enter the download section of the landscape photo from this site.

Log in to the Johar site

4) download the landscape photo from the WallpaperAccess site

At first, pay attention to the above image, this site allows you to search for any title and at the same time, it has categorized different topics for you. When you enter the section of nature and landscape images, the size of the images and the inability to view a number of images without scrolling up and down the site may not be pleasant for you. However, you can view the size of each image. and the quality of the images on this site are very high. Downloading images from Wallpaper Access is free, but you have to wait about 5 seconds to download each image. Also, this site has an extension for Google Chrome so that users can make the most of this site. Finally, I must point out that some users claim that sometimes it is not possible to download images from this site and you should go to it at another time! /h2>

This site is slightly different from the previous four sites. At On this site, by searching for any title, you will see a number of images like the image above, and then you will see the titles related to the topic you are searching for. You can click on any of them and see the corresponding images again.

Please note that downloading images from this site is completely free, but the site does not offer the size of the images or their size. ! Different people can upload the images they want (like Pinterest) on this site and other people can use them for free. You can also share each image with other people before downloading it. It's so easy!

Login to the Wallpaper Cave site

Point one: All the five sites introduced in this article, in addition to providing photos of landscapes and nature as background images, also in other topics. They provide you with images. For example, if you want your mobile background image to be a beautiful Ferrari, you only need to enter one of these sites. Then search for the title you want in them and see the related images. So you won't have any restrictions in choosing images with different titles.

Point two: many sites are not accessible from Iran, or you have to pay to view and download their images. pay. Therefore, we did not go to these sites so that you can download and use the images you want in the easiest and cheapest possible way.


Websites that provide eye-catching landscape photos for mobile and desktop are plentiful. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, we considered several factors to choose these five sites. At the same time, some sites have access restrictions with Iran's IP and for this reason it was not possible to introduce them. Now we have introduced you that they are better than the rest. Now, without wasting time, open one of these sites and change your mobile and desktop background images and enjoy working with these devices.

Do you use another website to download photos Do you know eye-catching scenery for mobile and desktop? Share your comments and suggestions with us and other SafirSoft users.

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