The latest Android OS, Android 13, is now officially out (at least for Google's Pixel phones), and many other smartphone manufacturers are also updating in the coming weeks. They will make Android 13 operating system available to their users. Now, the famous leaker of WhatsApp information and features, "WABetaInfo", has stated in its latest report that WhatsApp is developing new features in accordance with Android 13, and in this regard, this messenger has released a new theme-based icon in the latest beta version.

  • Android 13 beta update was released for Xiaomi 12 and 12 Pro phones

The latest version of WhatsApp Android beta is version, a new icon introduces which is compatible with the theme-based icons of other applications in the latest operating system of Android phones, namely Android 13. With Android 13, Google released a new version of the Material You design language so that color palettes can be more personalized. In fact, users can apply their favorite color on the icon of third-party apps and WhatsApp will follow this procedure.

In order for WhatsApp to be compatible with Android 13's color palette customization feature, it needs a single color icon so that it can now change its icon color according to the background theme, and now it is available for beta users in Android 13 has done. As it is clear from the published screenshot, when the Android 13 theme-based icons feature is enabled, the WhatsApp icon looks different and matches the icons of other phone applications.

Since this feature is only for beta version of WhatsApp has been released to users, we expect to see it officially for all users using Android 13 soon. But due to the fact that the new operating system is now only officially available for Pixel phones (Pixel 4 or newer), WhatsApp has more time to make other new features compatible with Android 13.

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Also, the latest news about WhatsApp features suggests that the Meta-owned messenger is rolling out a new feature called The status reply indicator works, which actually separates users' status replies from normal messages by showing a sign. This new WhatsApp feature adds a unique symbol to users' status replies so that users can distinguish normal messages from status replies without entering the chat screen.

The messenger is said to be testing another new feature that will allow users to access one account and chat with other users from multiple phones or tablets. In the same context, users must scan the QR code on the screen with their secondary phone or tablet or enter the code to connect to a user account simultaneously as a second device.

Also apparently the ability to restore Deleted messages is another WhatsApp feature that is being developed and will soon be available to the public if approved. In fact, after you delete a message for yourself, a notification will appear at the bottom of the screen to confirm the deletion of the message. There is also an Undo option to restore deleted messages. It should be noted that this notification will only be visible for a few seconds and this is the opportunity you have to change your mind and recover messages.

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