Due to the increasing trend towards telecommuting style and the growing demand for telecommuting positions, we have been researching this area for some time at SafirSoft. In the continuation of this process, in this article, we want to acquaint you with the mistakes that you should avoid When applying for telecommuting.

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With the spread of the corona epidemic over the past few years, the importance of telecommuting has become increasingly apparent, with many businesses around the world turning to telecommuting and replacing the office with the home environment. But as the desire for telecommuting grows around the world, being accepted as a telecommuting force has become a challenging issue.

In addition, employment strategies used in the past may no longer work. Therefore, we invite you to read more with us so that we can have a better view of the do's and don'ts When applying for a telecommuting job:

1. Do not research the company well before submitting the request

Research the company you are going to work for Is important in two ways:

The first and perhaps most important reason is that you need to know if you can get along with your online employer and if you will be a good partner for each other. Forcing yourself to accept a job or company you are not interested in will only make your relationship with the company worse.

The second reason why research is important is to show the employer that you have information about the company and the position you are applying for. . Doing research indicates that you have taken the time to obtain this information and are interested in the job opportunity that may be offered to you. This, which may be too much to ignore, gives you a special advantage over other applicants.

But what should you look for When researching a company or telecommuting job?

  • Short-term and long-term goals of the company
  • Organizational culture of the company
  • Does the requested post have special needs that the applicant must have?
  • What will be your role in the daily activities of the company?

2. Do not list telecommuting skills on your resume

If you already have experience working from home and telecommuting, be sure to list your experiences on the resume you send to the company. These experiences can include any role (regardless of its importance and status); From freelance work experience to specialized skills that can make you a great telecommuter. Do you have an opinion, such as:

  • Experience of independent work or working without supervision from a higher authority
  • Self-motivation and ability to stay committed to tasks
  • Skills in Time Management Ability
  • Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing

These skills are essential because employers are looking for candidates with related skills and mindsets. Are telecommuting styles that can succeed in the position assigned to them; People who have the ability to learn quickly and adapt to specific plans and programs related to telecommuting style. You can use face-to-face and online courses to improve the skills mentioned in you.

3. Apply for multiple jobs

in a failed bid to be accepted as a telecommuter Gaining previous failed experiences, you may be tempted to expand the scope of your application and sign up for any role available in the hope that you will eventually be accepted into one of them.

At first glance, this may seem like a clever strategy, but in reality, it reduces the quality of your applications and, as a result, reduces your chances of getting a job offer.

A better way is to take your time. Research every company and job position and choose only the options that you are most interested in and that you are more qualified to hold. This way, you can take better steps and increase your chances of getting a good job.

4. Failure to match the resume submitted with the declared job requirements

As a complement to the previous point, you should be aware that submitting multiple applications for different positions sometimes causes you to submit a resume for several different job positions, which is a mistake. It's too big.

Try to have a specific resume for each job that matches the stated specifications and needs for the job. If you need help doing this, you can get help from resume making tools or experts in the field.

Finally, Keep in mind that you may be in a position to compete with different talents from all over the country, or even beyond, in an international competition. Therefore, make sure that your resume is as consistent as possible with the descriptions given for the post.

5. Focus on telecommuting

Why are you interested in being accepted into this position? In the excitement of getting a new job as a telecommuter, you may fall into the trap of the fact that you can work from anywhere in the world, and that can get all your attention. This view can turn you into a Digital Nomad working on a park bench or behind a caf table in the city. Attract you or make you feel that in the interview with the employer you should talk about the opportunity that telecommuting gives you and the great ideas you have for taking advantage of this opportunity.

When When you apply for telecommuting, you must first present yourself and your abilities, and put the telecommuting aspect of the job in the next place. The person in charge of hiring you wants to know more than anything else whether you are the right person to take over the position and whether you can use telecommuting to succeed in your position in the company and help the company grow.

6. Focus on jobs outside of your current location

If you are interested in traveling, it is natural to look for jobs outside of your current location. This allows you to double-click and work and travel together.

But given that some employers are interested in getting their employees back to the office, this Work gives you the impression that you are looking for opportunities away from home to avoid going to and from work.

Ignore it, you should also know that many telecommuting jobs also have space restrictions!

Usually some companies add location requirements to their working conditions so that they can adapt their employment status to specific existing laws. Identify tax needs and restrictions and avoid paying staff travel expenses.

Being telecommuting does not mean that you should never leave home and that you may need to attend meetings. Travel or meet customers Travel to the location of the company or organization. With that in mind, make sure you read the terms and conditions announced for the post carefully before submitting your request. , You can increase your chances of getting a job in a telecommuting position and, more importantly, find a suitable and favorite job. If you do not get the job you are looking for, do not despair. Try to ask your employer why you were not accepted and learn from your mistakes so that you can be more professional next time.

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