Microsoft launches various products and services every year and stops supporting a series of them every year. In this article, we are dealing with the second case and we want to provide you with different versions of windows 10 that are no longer going to be supported.

windows is currently the main product of Microsoft, which It can be said that more than 80% of the world's users use this operating system on their desktop systems. The American company had an exceptional performance in designing Windows, but with the advent of windows 8, things changed a bit, because the operating system was not as good as it should have been. The company then released windows 8.1, but everyone missed windows 7. Microsoft decided to design a new windows with attractive features of windows 7, which resulted in windows 10. The operating system that may have destroyed windows Mobile but was able to gain a foothold in users' computers after a year or two.

Now, with the unveiling of windows 11, it's time to start with a series Say goodbye to older versions of windows 10. Although Microsoft has promised to fully support windows 10 by 2025, this support is not going to be for all versions of Windows. You can see the list of windows that will not receive any new updates from today below.

windows 10 Home and Pro, version 20H2

From today, all versions windows 10 20H2 is officially removed from Microsoft's support list. If you are using these windows and it is very important for you to receive an update, it is recommended that you go for newer versions. The good news is that the update process will be very easy, because during the 18 months that have passed since the life of windows 10 version 20H2, no major update has been released for it, which means that the update to version 21H2 is only going to take a few minutes. It should be noted that users of the Enterprise version are still receiving updates. The month of its update, which is intended for enterprise products, has passed and is nearing the end of its life. With the new update, users can install the 20H2 or newer version on their system and receive the update for at least another year. This update will not be too heavy because the difference between the different versions of windows 10 is not so great.

Microsoft has recently changed the policy of updating its products in windows 11. Currently, if you are a regular windows 10 user, you will be supported by the company for 18 months, and if you are using enterprise versions, for 30 months, while this amount will increase to 24 and 36 months for windows 11 users.

It should be noted that the end of support for these versions of windows 10 does not contradict the promise made by Microsoft when it released windows 11 that it will support windows 10 until 2025. these are just the different versions of windows whose update cycle is complete.

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