Synesthesia syndrome is one of the rare and strange phenomena in humans. Due to this syndrome, a person suffers from a disturbance in the perception of different senses. For example, if you suffer from this syndrome, you will see abstract shapes when listening to music. In another example, you may hear a word or words, but as soon as you hear it, you see a color in front of your eyes. In fact, synesthesia is a special phenomenon in which a person receives a sense through another sense. However, why does this happen to a person? Is there a way for the patient to get rid of this condition?

Some people may think that synesthesia syndrome is just a simple phenomenon or complication, but the issue is more acute than these words; Because it is even possible to hear a person's name and see it from another side, for example, the color green. In a more acute example, a person comes across the word "street" in a text and on the other hand feels the taste of an orange or an apple under his tongue.

The word synesthesia is derived from a Greek word. . This word means to understand two things together. People who have this ability innately are called Synesthetes. synesthesia is not actually a disease or even an abnormality. It is interesting to know that this phenomenon does not harm a person's health at all and on the other hand, people who face this phenomenon are not necessarily mentally ill. Some research has shown that synthetic people can appear stronger than normal people in terms of intelligence and memory. Having said that, any person can make up sentences and lie that they are experiencing such a thing. How can you prove that a person is really involved with this syndrome?

One of the most common reactions in people with synesthesia is to respond to letters, numbers and sounds. This category of people is also able to:

  • hear or see a word and on the other hand, feel the taste of a food
  • see a certain shape and On the other hand, feel the taste of food
  • Hear sounds and on the other hand, observe shapes or patterns
  • After smelling a certain smell, hear sounds
  • hear sounds and on the other hand feel the taste of a food
  • feel an object with their hands and on the other hand feel a sound
  • when they see a person When someone else is touched, they experience the same sensation (this phenomenon is also called mirror touch). to experience Admittedly, understanding such events can be disturbing. Of course, children with synesthesia have claimed that this phenomenon is extremely helpful in studying because they see colors while studying that others cannot. If you have synaesthesia, which is related to the sense of taste, it can be very surprising when you suddenly perceive a bad taste. However, it is interesting to know that people with synesthesia see their ability more as a sixth sense than as an annoying complication. 2.jpg">

    Although synesthesia is not considered a specific disease by many scientific circles and associations, this phenomenon, like many other disorders, abnormalities and diseases, has characteristics and symptoms that are almost All people have the synthesis of these signs.

    You are not able to control the phenomenon

    If this phenomenon is to be implemented, the process will happen very quickly and suddenly, and you can do nothing to prevent it. Do it. This is even true for understanding new synesthesia experiences. For example, if you have listened to a new piece of music, you may perceive a color or a taste without any difficulty.

    Synesthesia is mostly internal

    Contrary to the misconception that Among the general public about this phenomenon, synesthetes often feel colors in their minds. Only a limited number of people are able to perceive colors outside of their body.

    This phenomenon is stable over time

    If you are a synesthetic person and encountering the letter " A) Face the color green in your mind, this phenomenon will still be the same in 10 years. In a fascinating study, synesthetes were asked to look at a hundred words and report the color they thought of for each word. The researchers will repeat this experiment a year later. The responses were more than ninety percent consistent with the initial reports. It is interesting to know that this experiment was also performed on people without synesthesia. The test was repeated two weeks after the initial test and only twenty percent of the answers corresponded to the initial answer. This shows how the phenomenon of synesthesia can be a useful tool for human memory.

    Synesthesia occurs most often in childhood

    Researchers' study of children with synesthesia shows that this phenomenon occurs mostly during childhood and becomes more advanced over time. The connection between colors and letters can be accidental in the beginning, but as the person grows, it becomes a series of proven cause and effect rules.

    What people suffer from synesthesia?

    It seems that women are more prone to encounter synesthesia than men, but some researchers believe that this statement is not correct. Researchers against this issue believe that women are more willing to talk about this condition with others. While men often hide this issue from others.

    There is also the assumption that left-handed people face more synesthesia. Researchers have also hypothesized that synesthetes are more than artists and their hobbies include painting, music or writing.

    If you have these conditions, you are more prone than others to face You are synaesthetic:

    • Your perception is involuntary: when you listen to a certain music and see a shape at the same time or when you hear a word and a color at the same time It conjures up in your mind, you haven't really thought about it. You understand such experiences very easily and automatically.
    • You can probably describe your sensations to others
    • Sensory interactions are usually predictable. is: For example, when you hear a certain name like "Ali", you always come across the color green in your mind.

    Usually people are not willing to have such strange experiences. Inform others. For this reason, it is possible that the three mentioned conditions may not be seen in full in one person. However, currently, the statistics of encountering synesthesia is increasing; Because more people are talking about such experiences.

    The reason for experiencing the phenomenon of synesthesia

    Doctors and scientists still do not know the exact cause of this disorder. However, it seems that the neural pathway in the brain of such people is different from normal people. For example, brain scans of people with synesthesia show that they have stronger brain responses than others. On the other hand, the images show that people with synesthesia have more connections between the different parts of their brain that control their senses. ; Because synesthesia seems to run in families and is a hereditary experience; That is, if one of the parents has faced such a phenomenon during his life, there is a possibility that his child will also experience something like this. However, this is not certain.

    Types of synesthesia

    Currently, there are 35 types of synesthesia depending on the combination of senses. Some of the most important types of synesthesia are as follows:

    • Letter-color synesthesia: Certain letters or numbers are associated with specific colors.
    • Sound-color synesthesia: Occurs when certain sounds cause you to see different color shapes
    • Vocabulary-taste synesthesia: Some Certain words or sounds induce different taste senses. This type is one of the rarest types of synesthesia.

    How can synesthesia be diagnosed in humans?

    Currently, there is no specific test for this condition. Not even invented. However, there are certain tools online on various websites that allow you to take a series of tests to find out if you have synesthesia or not. Certainly, consultation with a doctor can be helpful in this field.

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