The company announced on Wednesday that the Instagram team is working on a new feature that shows the user's upcoming live schedule. Instagram manager Adam Mousri explained the new feature in a video he posted on his Twitter page, noting that users can now use a special banner in their profile feed to let others know that a live date is scheduled. To hold. Followers can also subscribe to this banner by selecting it to be reminded before the start of the live.

Users can put as many banners of the scheduled live in their profile feed. If there is more than one live to put on the profile, these banners will be displayed as a list to the followers. Musri explains in his video that in the past, users informed their followers about future live broadcasts through posts or stores. Instagram now has a dedicated way to inform others about its future live stream. One of the remarkable points of this feature is that these banners will be visible not only for the followers, but also for all the people who visit the users' profiles. So users can get more people to their page this way.

Instagram live capability to one Important parts of this platform have become popular and especially Instagram content creators use this tool to interact directly with their followers. Instagram has also released this feature to compete with other apps such as Clubhouse, Facebook and TickTock. This popular app has already added several small features to its live section, such as the ability to mute and allow up to 4 people to be live. Although the ability to inform live streamers through banner placement is not a big change, this seemingly small change can help content creators get more views and reach more users on the platform.

In the same video, Moseri also mentioned that users can now remix any video content in the app. This feature allows users to embed their own video alongside other people's videos, which is a feature used to interact or react to different content. In recent weeks, the company has announced many new and useful features on its platform, some of which are worth mentioning briefly.

Recently, this popular social network announced that it is testing the possibility of showing stories to Vertical face with a small group of users. Social media consultant Matt Navara explains that some Turkish-based users have received a new Instagram update that adds the ability to display stories vertically. The social media consultant went on to explain that in this mode of displaying stories, users can view a user's stories by swiping left and right. But to see the stories of future users, they have to drag the page from the bottom up.

This application belongs to Meta In its latest development, it has announced a capability test that content creators can use to subscribe to some of their proprietary videos, stories, and live streams. Content creators' subscription capabilities in the Instagram app allow developers to submit more personalized stories and live shows to their followers. Producers' content that is presented in story or live format is shown in purple to other users to identify them.

Producers will also be able to prioritize responses to their comments and direct . It should be noted that content creators will be able to set their own subscription rates, and interestingly, Instagram does not charge a percentage of it. In this regard, "Ashley Yuki", one of the product managers of this social network, explains that they will not receive any profit from the income of the creators until at least 2023.

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