One of the new and attractive features of the iOS 16 operating system is the ability to add useful widgets to the iPhone lock screen. Lockscreen widgets allow you to check battery status, weather conditions, inventory performance, alarms, reminders, news, calendar events, fitness stats and more without having to unlock your phone. In this article, we are going to introduce you to 9 of the best iPhone lock screen widgets in the iOS 16 operating system so that you can take advantage of their functionality.

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How to add a widget to the lock screen on the iPhone?

The new operating system iOS 16 has found the ability that users of special visual effects add as a widget to the lock screen of your iPhone phones. widgets are actually visual effects of applications installed on your smartphone, which are embedded in the form of a shortcut with an interesting appearance, in addition to the home screen, on the lock screen of your iPhone and lead to better personalization of the user interface. iPhone users can use the new feature of widgets on the lock screen by updating their device to iOS 16.

To add widgets to your iPhone's lock screen, just hold your finger on the lock screen for a few moments and then click on the "Customize" option. Next, select the "+" icon so that you can access a list of usable widgets. We must mention that you can place non-system widgets only in the lower part of the date and time, and these widgets also have two sizes, medium and small, which you can use as you wish. Next, we will introduce the top 9 iPhone lock screen widgets.

1. Launchify App

Launchify offers a different type of lock screen widget. You can use this widget to run any application you like from the lock screen. Users can create a widget to quickly open messages, Twitter, various apps, and Apple or Google maps. In fact, by doing a few simple methods, you can add an application to your iPhone's lock screen through Launchify and consider a desired icon for it.

After doing these things, with Clicking on the icon of this widget will take you to the selected application, and in this way, in order to use your favorite apps with this widget, you no longer need to unlock your smartphone. The free version of this app allows you to place two widgets on your lock screen. Subscription is required to use unlimited widgets. Users can also add custom icons to this application and customize other parts of this application according to their taste.

2. Apollo for Reddit application

Apollo for Reddit is a unique application that is actually an unofficial version of the social network. Reddit is considered and provides many facilities to users. Users who use this social network can browse this social network more regularly by using the lock screen widgets of this application. One of the most used lock screen widgets of the Apollo app is displaying popular posts from a subreddit on the lock screen. Also, users can add the shortcut of a favorite subreddit in the form of a widget to the lock screen.

Other widgets of this application include functions such as displaying karma, displaying the latest posts, and even displaying the distance traveled while scrolling in the application. provide to users. Although this application is available for free, there are two paid subscription plans with very special features.

3. CARROT Weather application

CARROT Weather application is one of the best applications for checking weather conditions on smartphones, which While providing very practical features, it has a high sense of humor and provides you with the latest weather news of the world with humor and of course a little bit of insult, bite and sarcasm. This application also interacts very well with various Apple products such as the Apple Watch, and its developers have designed several lock screen widgets for it.

This very useful application provides you with more than 20 lock screen widgets. It gives that each of them will have specific duties. For example, we can refer to weather forecasts for the next few hours. But some Compact widgets are also seen in between, which naturally provide less information. The free version of this application offers you very limited features. Users can get paid versions of this app to benefit from more advanced features.

4. Flighty application

Flighty application is very suitable for people who travel by plane a lot. This application has designed widgets for the lock screen of the iOS 16 operating system, which provides users with very useful features during air travel. For example, users can find out the exact location of the plane before boarding, they will be reminded of the exact time of the flight, and a countdown timer has been considered for this purpose. Displaying flight information and weather conditions of the destination city is also one of the other useful features of this application.

One of the other very interesting features of this application is the display of the flight status bar, which works well even without the Internet. This application is also free for users to use, but its paid versions offer more features to users.

5. The ETA App

If you're not into air travel, the ETA app is a great way to find out more about your trips. Your land. It doesn't matter if you are driving, walking, cycling or using public transport. This application can show you the time to reach your destination on land trips and provide you with very useful features.

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This application offers you three practical options, one of which supports only one destination, can provide more information, and by clicking on it, you will go to the default routing application of your smartphone. The next widget is the live travel list that shows your arrival time at various destinations. Finally, we should mention the calendar widget that you can use for appointments and business trips, then this application will show you the arrival time and location. The free version of this application offers you very limited features. Users can get paid versions of this app to benefit from more advanced features.

6. Pedometer++ application

Pedometer++ application is an extremely useful pedometer and tracker application that also includes lock screen widgets for It offers iPhone users. Users are able to set a daily goal for their walking and steps and calculate their progress to reach it. This application can track your steps even if it is not active, so you won't miss a step with this application.

According to the developer, this application does not use your GPS, so it saves money. It will consume your smartphone's battery. By using this app's lock screen widgets, you can check the daily progress without opening the app. Also, a circular status bar next to the percentage indicator can also show the amount of daily goal achievement. Finally, we should mention that this application interacts with Apple's Health app to provide you with very good information such as the number of steps, distance traveled, lost calories and heart rate data.

7. LockFlow App

Every year that passes, Siri voice assistant shortcuts offer new ways to improve the user experience of using iPhones. present. But surprisingly, Apple has not provided any way to create shortcuts to applications from the lock screen. However, some third-party applications provide this possibility for users, and the LockFlow application is also in this category.

It is only necessary to choose the name of the shortcut you want and link your desired application to it. give You can also change the icon of that program to your liking and use the image you want. We must mention that the LockFlow application provides users with the same functionality as the Launchify application; With the difference that in-app payments cannot be seen in it.

8. Widgetsmith App

You've probably heard of the Widgetsmith app. This application is one of the best widget-making apps that has attracted the attention of many users since the introduction of widgets on the iPhone home screen with the release of iOS 14. Now the developers of this app are equipped with The ability to personalize lock screen widgets. Just like the home screen, in this application there are many different ways to customize the widgets of the lock screen.

Users can add different sections such as displaying the time, date, weather and even photos to their widgets. and personalize them. In this application, you can set the widgets so that they are dynamically and actively placed on the lock screen and appear according to the rules you set. Finally, we must mention that the free version of this application offers you very limited features. Users can purchase paid versions to benefit from the more advanced features of this app, such as using themes and fonts, along with some items such as displaying weather conditions, quality and air pollution.

9. Fantastical app

Fantastical app introduces you to a new level of calendar apps. By using this calendar, you will be able to write down all the important dates and things you have to do on a particular day. In addition to being a calendar, this application also reminds you of important tasks. The lock screen widget of this application will show you the entered appointments and events.

Among the other features of this calendar application, you can mention typing commands and automatic time zone change. The free version of this app allows you to easily manage your important events. However, if you are interested in getting additional features such as multiple calendars, event sharing, and personalization related items, you can use the subscription version.


Using lock screen widgets in general It not only gives a very beautiful look to the lock screen, but also provides you with many very useful features that you can use without having to unlock the phone. In this article, we introduced 9 of the best iPhone lock screen widgets. If you also know a special application with a special lock screen widget for iPhone phones, you can share your experience with us and SafirSoft readers in the comments section.

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