In this article, we want to introduce you to the top 11 Android widgets in different categories so that you can use them to the maximum potential of your Android device. . widgets have been part of the Android operating system from the beginning and are still one of the most useful features of this operating system. So if you are a user of Android devices, we suggest you do not miss reading this article.

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widgets or widgets are small extensions of services available on the Android or iOS operating system that bring information and services related to a specific application to you by being on the home screen of your device. widgets are always active and you can Get information from them without having to open them, but sometimes opening them can give you more information.

There are so many widgets in the Android operating system that sometimes make it difficult for users to choose them. The 11 widgets that we will introduce in the following will help you to access the best Android widgets in different categories.

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1. Best Calendar Widget: Google At a Glance

One of the best Android gadgets that may be installed on your Android phone or device and you are unaware of it is the Google At a Glance widget. This widget is suitable for users who like to have a summary of their daily schedule on the home screen and at the same time do not clutter it too much.

As the name implies, this widget was developed by Google. Google At a Glance is a one-of-a-kind, full-width widget that takes up just one line of the home screen and updates some of your information, such as traffic or your appointments, with a variety of updates throughout the day. If there is no specific information to show you that day, this widget will become a date and weather widget.

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If you are looking for more personalization, we suggest Another Widget. This widget, which is inspired by the Google At a Glance widget and has similarities in appearance, brings a different function to users.

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2. Best weather widget: Overdrop Weather

Overdrop Weather widget is one of the best widgets currently running on Android In the category of weather related widgets. This widget, which is newer than other Android gadgets in this category, has a very attractive appearance and provides accurate and real-time weather forecasts from DarkSky and other services.

Overdrop Weather app It has a special focus on widgets and you will be able to access 25 free widgets of this application. If you buy the premium version, this number of widgets will reach more than 29 widgets, which can definitely satisfy users of all tastes.

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3. Best clock widget and alert: Chronus

Every home screen needs an attractive clock widget. Chronus Android widget gives you some beautiful watches. This widget brings you digital and analog clocks with a work schedule, weather, stock or news page next to it. An interesting feature of this widget is the compatibility with Google Fit, which shows the number of daily steps on your home screen.

Chronus Android widget is also customizable, and you can customize any part of it. Edit to your liking. It is even possible to double the performance of this widget by downloading various plugins. Familiarity with the personalization capabilities of this widget will make Chronus one of the most interesting Android widgets in your eyes.

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4. The best note-taking widgets: Google Keep and Samsung Notes

You will encounter a lot of note-taking, each of which gives you special features. One of these applications is the Google widget Keep. This application brings you two widgets. One of the widgets adds a shortcut bar to the page that you can use to create new notes, a list, or a voice memo. Another allows you to pin one of the notes you created to your home screen. Users can use this feature as a shopping list or anything they need to remember for a while.

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While the Google Keep app has great features for users Samsung users have access to one of Samsung's best widgets called Samsung Notes. There are three note-taking options for users in this app, including a toolbar, small note-taking shortcuts, and a larger full-screen widget.

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5. Best Calendar Widget: Month

The Month app is one of the best calendar apps on the Android operating system that It accommodates more than 80 themes and integrates seamlessly with any wallpaper, icon or launcher you use. This category makes it easy for users to choose the right theme for their device wallpaper. You can choose between a stylish, clear, or full-page view of the Month calendar, or look for a more functional view that suits busy and busy people. It should be noted that this application is fully compatible with Google Calendar.

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6. The best planning widget: TickTick

TickTick is one of the best planning and time management applications that has many widgets and It brings you a variety. The app's options range from a comprehensive multi-page to-do list to a day-to-day agenda view and a basic checklist. This very useful app even has a Pomodro timer widget that helps you eliminate delays in your tasks and leave a useful function during the day. TickTick allows you to store your information on the cloud. This way you can access your lists and activities through any other device or system.

In addition to the widgets that appear on the home screen and show you your lists and activities, you can do some Set an alarm for your activities to alert you in time. This app is one of the most basic apps that every user should have on their phone.

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7. Best Battery Widget: Battery Widget Reborn

A stylish yet simple widget to stay up to date Battery Widget Reborn is very important, so the widget we introduce to you in this regard is Battery Widget Reborn. This simple widget is very useful when you need to take care of the remaining charge of your phone and can help you increase the battery life during the day.

Battery Widget Reborn app Circular widgets one by one Brings it to users with a number inside. These numbers show you the percentage of charge or estimated time that your phone will stay on. You can tap on any of the numbers for more information. For users who are very interested in charts, Battery Widget Reborn provides an interesting graphical widget that shows them how to reduce the battery life of their device at current usage.

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8. Best Flashlight Widget: Flashlight Widget

Flashlight Widget is one of the most notorious Android apps that usually has unwanted ads and unnecessary access. Makes it possible for Android users. But the Flashlight Widget app does not have any of these drawbacks and is a free, open source, ad-free, no-access app.

All the app does is turn the widget on or off. Places the flashlight on the home screen of the device so that you can use it to access the flashlight more easily than before. That's why it's one of the best flashlight apps on the Android operating system.

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9. Best Music Widget: Musicolet Music Player

Services like Apple Music, Spotify and more Music streaming services each have their own widgets that allow their users to control the songs without opening the app. But if you prefer to listen to music on your phone and want to have a great widget to control them, we suggest the Musicolet Music Player app.

This app is not only a great music player with It has many useful features such as support for headphone controls and multiple sections, but also brings a set of widgets to its users, including a voice control widget and music playlist management. It should be noted that this app also has other attractive widgets that you can use to manage your various albums and music tracks.

Musicolet also displays the text when you play music, which you can play. Also edit as access. The app also provides a professional five-band equalizer, which is accessible from the bottom of the player.

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10. The best Twitter widget: Albatross for Twitter

Twitter third-party apps are not always the best option for browsing Twitter . They lack some of the core Twitter app capabilities, thus limiting users. Of course, we should note that the main Twitter app does not have a widget. That's why in this section we want to introduce you to a very useful application and that is Albatross for Twitter.

If you like to see users' tweets on your home screen and access them quickly Albatross for Twitter is right for you. In addition to the three widgets that this application brings to you, you can also customize them and apply various settings on them. This application is also compatible with the theme of Android 12 operating system.

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11. The best stock market widget: Exchange Stock

Tracking stock prices is one of the best uses of widgets. In this regard, the Exchange Stock application, which is part of the Stock Exchange program, is equipped with a very useful widget for this purpose. You can use the widget to find and check your stock in more than 70 global currencies.

These features are automatically added to the app's widget, which you can adjust to fit Change your home screen. You can then track stock price updates instantly. If most of your needs are in the field of digital currencies, you can take advantage of this app, which brings you the Bitcoin widget.

In this article, we reviewed 11 of the best Android widgets in different categories and tried to point out their pros and cons in the descriptions of each so that you can summarize this article, Download the widgets you want and take advantage of their great features. We hope you enjoy reading this article.

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