14 years have passed since the release of the first version of Android and during these years it has democratized the world of smartphones. Compared to Apple's enclosed garden approach, Google has designed Android in such a way that flagship and low-cost phones bring the same experience to users, and these phones have become powerful computers placed in people's pockets.

Even in The very first version of Android also contained several key and important features, and from the first day, Google paid special attention to multitasking capabilities. The way to interact with notifications has remained largely unchanged until today, and even Apple had to implement such a solution. But in the meantime, naturally, the first version of Android lacked some important features, and in this article we will discuss only 5 of these features.

Multitouch support

When it comes to using smartphones, certain gestures like using two fingers to zoom are very common and ubiquitous. This movement command is heavily used in different environments and applications. But did you know that there was no multi-touch support in the first version of Android?

Although the iPhone is not the first phone based on a touch screen, it introduced the idea of using motion commands. According to some published reports, apparently at that time Apple and Google have agreed that Android will not provide such a feature. But in the end, users welcomed this feature so much that Google decided to provide such a feature for the second version of Android.

Display keyboard

Did you know that the first version of Android was made for phones with physical keyboards? At that time, touch screens were not very popular, and for this reason, Google had considered phones based on physical keyboards, such as the Blackberry series.

Therefore, the first Android phone, the T-Mobile G1, did not have a virtual keyboard. . Finally, after the release of the iPhone, the popularity of virtual keyboards multiplied and Google also provided such a feature for Android.

Paid apps in the Play Store

Google Play Store hosts a wide range of different applications and today there are millions of apps in this environment. But this platform, which was originally called Android Market, only had 13 apps and paid apps were not included in this platform. became Thanks to these paid applications, developers found more incentive to create new apps, and Google provided developers with 70% of the revenue from app sales. Even now, the revenue related to these apps reaches several billion dollars a year.

Widgets and quick settings

With the introduction of iOS 14, Apple also unveiled the functionality of widgets, and this feature has been widely welcomed. But Android users have been using this feature for almost 10 years. However, this important feature was not originally in Android and was added later.

Notably, Google brought support for widgets to Android version 1.5. Due to the fact that only very few people made it to the market with the first version of Android, widgets have played an important role in the first experience of most users with Android. , is the quick settings menu, which has now become one of the most important features of Android. Thanks to this menu, with a simple swipe from top to bottom, users can do things like enable and disable Wi-Fi, mobile internet and other such things. This feature was introduced to users in Android version 4.2.


Today, Android phones have a lot to say in the field of video recording, but many users do not know that in the beginning there was no such feature in Android phones. On the other hand, we have to mention the absence of features such as camera flash support and digital zoom. All these features appeared in the second version of Android.

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