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Why this brain error in detecting the movement of circles Is it wrong?

If you also see these colored circles moving, it should be said that a Visual technique has been able to confuse your mind. Visual error is a manifestation of the improper processing of the human brain, but sometimes some images challenge the human mind in an astonishing way, and this is where science answers why. The human brain is truly amazing. But sometimes the human brain makes strange mistakes. For example, a video shows how easily the brain can be deceived. It is a clever visual error of two rainbow circles that appear to be moving or resizing, but are perfectly fixed.

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You say; Which phone brand would you like to revive?

This is probably the hardest question ever about We have encountered smartphones; Which smartphone brand did we want to return to the competition? Since the invention of the smartphone, we have seen different brands that came and went, and this trend will definitely continue, and it is not surprising. Every big technology company wants to own a part of this industry, and sometimes too much greed leads them to the abyss of destruction. Like Nokia, which after a few years of undisputed rule, finally succumbed to ignorance. Nevertheless, we would definitely like to see some brands on the market again.

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How do they see the strangest eyes in the animal kingdom of the world?

You must have seen different forms of eyes in nature. For example, vegetarians, unlike us, have linear pupils that give them a panoramic view so that they can graze around while grazing. Or nocturnal predators who have the best night vision with a vertical pupil. While these are interesting in their own right, Mother Nature has trained far more sophisticated eyes that blow intelligence out of your head. Eyes that can detect cancer before symptoms appear, multifaceted eyes that look up and down at the same time, or other things whose capabilities are beyond our comprehension.

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Apple with Samsung's push to top global mobile market

According to the latest report from Canalis, Apple in The fourth quarter of 2021 succeeded in overtaking Samsung to become the first mobile market in the world. In this time frame, the iPhone market share has reached 22%, and this success has been achieved despite the crisis related to the shortage of parts and the corona. Samsung came in second with a 20 percent market share, followed by Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo, which accounted for 12, 9 and 8 percent of the global mobile market, respectively. It should be noted that in the fourth quarter of 2020, Apple also topped the market with a share of 23%, but in the first three seasons of 2021, Samsung managed to maintain the first place.

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How smart Request a pay rise?

If you have been working for a company or group for a long time or have responsibilities You added, you may feel that your salary does not match the amount of service and effort you provide. In this situation, it is quite natural to ask your manager for a raise. To do this, you must take certain steps before, during and after your pay increase request to increase the chances of your request being approved. In this article, we will explain the proper way to request an increase in salary from the employer.

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10 alternatives to Google Play Store for downloading Android applications

It is true that we Android users are very dependent on Google Play, but Google Play is not the only place to download Android apps, and there are other options for downloading apps. The Google Play Store has the most apps, is relatively secure, is pre-installed on most Android devices, and usually works fine. However, sometimes it is necessary to refer to alternative applications of the Google Play Store. In this article, SafirSoft introduces and reviews the best alternative apps to the Google Play Store.

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Classic review of Apple Watch SE

One of the most common questions users ask is whether to buy an Apple Watch 7 Series or an Apple Watch SE? In response, we must say that these two watches have a price difference of almost four million tomans in our market, which is due to the hardware differences between the two models. Apple Watch SE is a more economical model of Apple Watch Series 7 that uses Apple S5 processor; A processor that guarantees that you will not encounter any lag or problems while working with this smartwatch. Watch the classic Apple Watch SE review.

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MacBook Air 2020 review; To buy or not to buy the cheapest Apple laptop?

As you probably know, Apple designed the M1 chip It eliminated the need for Intel processors and managed to significantly reduce the cost of producing IDEs while producing much more powerful chips than Intel. The top of the product portfolio that uses this processor are MacBooks, which in 2020, both the Pro and Air models were launched with the M1 processor. In this video, we have examined MacBook Air 2020 equipped with M1 processor; The cheapest laptop with this chipset that many Apple laptop enthusiasts may be thinking about buying.

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Unboxing and Reviewing the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE; Eye-catching and reliable

After a long period of promise and delay, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE finally enters the market And reached us; The eye-catching and powerful phone of the Korean tech giant with the Fan Edition extension, which has many fans of tablets all over the world. The Galaxy S21 FE comes with two processor models, one is Qualcomm's Snapdragon 888 and the other is the Exynos 2100, the brainchild of Samsung's own engineering team. In this video, while unboxing and reviewing the features of this phone, we have also answered the important questions that you, the audience, who have always had with the SafirSoft Meg, about the S21 FE.

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Is Earth Death Near? (Based on a true story!)

NASA recently confirmed in a statement that 2021 is the sixth year It was the warmest planet on Earth. This year, the ocean temperature record was broken, reaching its highest level since 1955. Destructive events and disasters such as floods, hurricanes, snow and severe hailstorms that swept across the world this year all show that global warming is a dangerous and serious phenomenon.

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