Alien hand Syndrome, also known as AHS, is a rare medical condition that was first described in 1908. . Patients with this syndrome usually lose control of one of their hands. In fact, the brain of this group of people suffers from disorders that the patient usually loses control of one of his upper limbs.

A person with alien hand syndrome has to deal with the fact that his mind is not able to control his hand. to give The patient wants to use his hand properly, but the hand performs other movements and activities; An activity that seems to be on its own and there is no order in hand movements. Such hand movements, which can occur at any moment and in any place, can be considered a very scary experience for patients. In this article, all the scientific information about this rare and strange syndrome is going to be discussed.

Different versions of alien hand syndrome

Alien hand syndrome is not only limited to the hand and in similar cases It can even occur in the leg. However, based on the review of the specified reports, humans only feel such a complication in one of their organs, and for this reason, usually both organs are not involved. Based on the part of the brain involved in this syndrome, three general categories are considered for alien hand syndrome, which are:

  • Frontal lobe version ( Frontal): This is the only version that is reported to affect the right hand.
  • Callosal version (Callosal): This version involves a part of the brain called Corpus Callosum.
  • Posterior version ): This version involves the parietal lobe.

The cause of alien hand syndrome

It is not possible to provide a specific and definite cause on a global scale for the development of alien hand syndrome, but it can be claimed that there is always a brain injury involved. ; Damage to parts of the brain that are related to the movement and control of organs. Normally, when a person decides to move his hand, in fact, numerous and extensive neural networks in the brain are activated in order to move the limb. In people with alien hand syndrome, activation of these areas is difficult or, in a worse scenario, part of the neural information exchange pathway is blocked due to a tumor or a pathological lesion.

More research for Understanding the molecular and neural mechanism of this syndrome is needed to fully understand the nuances of this syndrome. However, brain injuries that can cause alien hand syndrome include:

  • Brain tumors
  • Heart attacks
  • Aneurysms or protrusions Vessel
  • Brain damage caused by injury and trauma
  • One of the side effects of brain surgeries
  • Parry-Romberg Syndrome
  • alien hand syndrome may actually be one of the thousands of side effects of other diseases. For example, if a person suffers a heart attack, the possibility of alien hand syndrome can also be considered for this person. Although the probability of occurrence of such a rare syndrome is extremely small. Having said that, it seems that there are diseases in nature where alien hand syndrome is considered a more probable side effect in this category of disorders and diseases; A complication that can endanger a person's life far more than the main disease, the quality of life or even in a worse scenario. With all these interpretations, in many cases of alien hand syndrome, the appearance of this complication strongly raises questions for the treatment staff. Therefore, it is not possible to comment with certainty about the cause and reason of alien hand syndrome; Because it is possible to find cases where the patient does not suffer from any hereditary background or other disorder, but for unknown reasons, he has encountered alien hand syndrome.

    Which person or people suffer from alien hand syndrome?

    Any person regardless of age, gender and race can experience this syndrome. Although it is not possible to talk about the target population of this disease, in all scenarios there must be a specific damage to the brain. Despite the fact that age is not a suitable factor for determining the meter and criteria for identifying alien hand syndrome, according to reports, most people over 60 years of age face this disease. Having said that, for example, it has been seen that a 13-year-old girl has also suffered from alien hand syndrome due to her bad luck.

    How to diagnose alien hand syndrome

    Since alien hand syndrome is considered one of the rarest diseases in medical science, only a few limited cases about this syndrome are available for review in scientific literature and academia. For this reason, doctors are usually unfamiliar with this syndrome, and if a person with this syndrome visits them, the doctor will probably not suspect alien hand syndrome in the first place.

    The patient can Telling your history to your doctor will help him make the correct diagnosis. In addition to taking a history, the attending physician usually takes the following measures:

    • MRI imaging
    • DT-MRI imaging technique: a much more specialized method that can detect water Determine and depict in the white matter of the brain
    • CT scan

    Foreign hand syndrome has both physiological and physical effects. In many cases, patients' communication with their hand is completely cut off and practically the injured hand is not considered as a part of their body. This issue will definitely be uncomfortable and possibly annoying for the patient. alien hand syndrome is officially related to the type of syndrome that a person is dealing with. However, it should also be taken into account that a half and half cover can be imagined between different versions of the disease. The very interesting point here is that in none of the versions of the alien hand syndrome, the patients did not mention any painful sensations. With all these interpretations, the signs and symptoms of the frontal lip version can be considered to include the following:

    • Involuntary movement of the hand, which is seen more than other parts of the body and clothes
    • Involuntary grasping of the hand which can include anything
    • Hand resists or has difficulty letting go of grasped objects

    Signs and signs of the posterior version include It is the following:

    • Raising the hand: In this case, the hand goes up in the air involuntarily and without any reason
    • Spontaneous and purposeless movements: for example, simple hand waving
    • Physiology struggles: This symptom is actually the most common reason that the patient concludes that his hand is his at all. It is not himself and belongs to another person

    The callosal version has only one main sign. In this case, the patient has difficulty performing tasks that require two hands. For example, the patient is buttoning his shirt with his right hand, while the left hand is unintentionally unbuttoning the same buttons. In terms of the annoyingness of this syndrome, the callosal version can be considered the worst version of this disease; Because in public, the person will face difficulties in doing daily tasks.

    With the onset of unpleasant experiences of alien hand syndrome, one can witness unusual behaviors from the patient for at least thirty minutes; Because the lowest amount reported in this syndrome is thirty minutes. On the other hand, a specific maximum time for the alien hand syndrome has not been reported in reliable and scientific journals. Apparently, depending on the type of injury, age, gender, the duration of the person's involvement with this disease and other parameters that are most likely not yet discovered, the patient can face the behavior of his alien hand for a shorter or longer period of time.

    alien hand Syndrome Treatment

    There is currently no cure for alien hand Syndrome. In some circles, attempts have been made to treat alien hand syndrome by using different brain and neurosurgery techniques. However, a specific and precise surgical procedure for this purpose has not yet been developed. Therefore, as of this writing, all current measures are based on personal experience. These techniques can be used alone or together by the treatment staff based on the severity and spread of physical and physiological problems. Techniques that include:

    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Using this method, it is possible to help the patient to understand the emotional facts about their situation and help them in some way. to live with this syndrome in different ways. In fact, the patient will witness a speech therapy model that has nothing to do with the treatment of alien hand syndrome. Only the patient is taught how to live with such a rare condition for the rest of his life. Simple by the injured hand, it prevented involuntary behaviors. It is not necessary to entrust a difficult task to a stranger. For example, you can put a newspaper in the injured hand.
    • Visual-spatial coaching techniques: This strategy helps the patient gain a better understanding of the relative position of his hand in relation to the body. . Research has shown that in this way, extra movements on the foreign hand can be prevented to a significant extent.
    • Clonazepam drug: A report of a 13-year-old girl suffering from hand syndrome. There is a foreigner whose right hand was involved in this complication. Clonazepam drug He was able to reduce about seventy percent of the girl's hand problems after two days. However, it seems that clonazepam medicine could not adapt to the sick girl's body in the long run. For this reason, doctors resort to other techniques.
    • Injection of betulinum toxin: The same 13-year-old girl mentioned in the previous section, the treating doctor tried to inject Botulinum toxin prevents excess movement of the hand in some areas of the affected hand. According to the doctor's claim, 80% of the patient's symptoms were significantly reduced.

    This syndrome is so rare that doctors and scientists are still trying to find the best solution to deal with this condition. to discover Of course, some cases can be more easily treated. For example, if there is a brain tumor, the problem can be solved by surgery. Or, in another example, if the hand can be connected to something else in one way, it can be prevented from moving the hand untimely. Although there is still no definitive treatment for alien hand syndrome, if the patient's physical condition is very serious, visiting a doctor and receiving various drugs such as clonazepam may be able to significantly reduce the severity of this syndrome.

    Is Does foreign hand syndrome threaten the patient's life?

    Foreign hand syndrome, as mentioned, is a very rare disease. It is at the global level. If you observe this syndrome on Google and other search engines, you will most likely come across only a few limited articles that share almost the same information with the reader. Currently, only brief and useful detailed information about the mechanism of this disease has been found. Therefore, even if an attempt is to be made to treat this disease, extensive and specific information must be obtained about the molecular nuances of this syndrome first. The problems related to this syndrome are completely related to neuroscience. Therefore, the progress of neuroscience in parallel with the science of pathology can lead to the discovery of a cure for this disease in the near future.

    All these introductions were made to deal with this issue, alien hand syndrome seems threatening now. It is not considered sick for the health of the person. Although the patient will suffer a very serious psychological damage. Since drug prescription cannot be considered a definitive treatment for patients with this syndrome, it is necessary to work intensively on the mood of patients with speech therapy methods. In the long term, people may suffer from depression or even avoid society because of this disease. Speech therapy and expressing the problem that this disease can be dealt with may be the only current solutions to improve the mental state of the patient. With all these interpretations, alien hand syndrome is not a life-threatening disease. A person has trouble doing his daily tasks alone. Especially if the patient is affected by the callosal version. This situation is so acute that better measures should be taken for the patient so that his quality of life is not at the lowest possible level. Perhaps the moon was formed instantaneously after a massive impact

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