In this article, we intend to introduce 13 foreign and Iranian applications for book lovers so that you can use them anytime, anywhere. Use your kindness and enjoy its very positive effects on your life and spiritual health. So if you are a book lover, do not miss reading this article.

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Today, the study content of people is very different from the past. In fact, in today's world, our study is limited to reading the latest Instagram and Twitter posts. Many of us do not remember the last time we read a book. Although the per capita reading rate in the country is very low and with the expansion of virtual networks, this per capita is decreasing day by day, but reading books is more than just a hobby. "The pleasure of reading a book is incomparable to anything, and no digital technology can compete with reading a book." These sentences are well understood by people who are interested in books and reading.

With the advancement of technology, it is obvious that the form of reading books will also change. Nowadays, when many services from banking to food ordering and daily shopping are done electronically, e-books or EBooks are one of the categories that have attracted a lot of users and fans and this group of people buy books online. They prefer to go to bookstores. Through these services, which are fortunately increasing in number, instead of carrying heavy books and flipping through them, we can access hundreds of pages of books using just a smartphone or tablet, and read books whenever we want. p>

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11 The following applications will help you easily access your favorite books.

1. Wattpad app

If you are tired of reading paper books, the Wattpad app is recommended as the first app in this article. This application is actually a new platform for book lovers through which they can easily communicate with book authors. The app also helps writing enthusiasts to gradually evolve and expose their writing to millions of users. The Wattpad platform is not only a place to introduce and grow your talent, but also ordinary users can read many books.

In this app, you can interact with other readers by commenting on a specific section, sentence, or phrase in a book. Each genre leads the user into an unfamiliar community to discover or receive new concepts. Wattpad helps you transform from a reader to a writer. With the Wattpad community, you can find a lot of contacts for yourself. The interesting thing is that your posts may even be turned into movies and made available on movie distribution sites. Other very interesting features of this application include access to various stories in more than 50 different languages, categorization of all content written in different genres, and the ability to view and read published stories.

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2. The Libby

Libby app, originally known as Overdrive, lets you carry your library in your pocket. In fact, by subscribing to this application, you can receive your membership card and enjoy reading books. Why buy a book from Amazon when you can have a digital copy in your library?

This application has been able to transfer offline libraries to today's advanced world. The catalogs in this library vary depending on your location or the content that the library provides. It should be noted that this library is not just for reading e-books. In fact, you can listen to different audiobooks using the Libby app. If you are also interested in movies and series, you can use this application as an alternative to Netflix and Amazon Prime to watch movies and series if the library offers.

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3. Goodreads App

Goodreads App is a social network for book lovers. As one of the best sites to find your favorite books, you can join forums, follow different authors and benefit from their opinions. In the search section, users can search for books by title, author and ISBN. Below the search bar is a filter through which books can be sorted by title, author, or both. After the search, the user can also receive statistics from the search results.

When to find books When you do your favorite at Goodreads, you come across comments and suggestions that are amazingly included in the book descriptions. Obviously, this app does not offer the best user experience, but it has great features that you can take advantage of. For example, you can sign in with your Amazon account, and your Goodreads book list is available on Kindle.

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Another cool feature of this app is the study challenge. Reading Challenge actually allows the user to consider a study challenge for each year and announce how many books he intends to read in the coming year. After creating the challenge, the user can share it on social networks and ask other friends to join this interesting challenge. This part of the application can also be customized.

4. Inkitt

Inkit is an application designed specifically for storytelling and composed primarily of works by freelance writers. This application covers only a few story genres such as romance, fantasy, science fiction and the like. But it has a very nice user interface and you can enjoy it. Unlike the Goodreads app, it is merely a book-reading app and is not considered a social platform for authors. The app also sponsors a publishing house that helps authors publish their novels.

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This app is your reading statistics Also monitors. Inkitt actually monitors your monthly and weekly reading, shows the history of the books you have read, and can create a list of books you intend to read. Other features of Inkitt include its many categories. The ability to change the font and text size as well as the highly interactive user interface make you not feel tired while reading. The built-in artificial intelligence in this application estimates the amount of time you need to read each book so that you can manage your time as well.

5. Marvin 3 app

Marvin 3 app is the best third-party reader for iOS for EPUB format books. If you are not satisfied with the general features of Apple Books or Kindle, Marvin 3 app is recommended. This app allows you to customize different parts of the user interface.

This application has a wide range of formats Covers e-books and makes them available to users. This application has many features that will naturally make reading enjoyable for you. These include Goodreads integration, read speed change, and support for external fonts. Professional toolbar is another feature of this application with which you will be able to create different groups for your books. Additionally, you can categorize books by counting words.

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It is also possible to highlight sentences, take accurate notes and add notes in this application. It should be noted that this app uses artificial intelligence to read the sentences and pages you want. If you know a blind user who is interested in reading, you can suggest this app so that they can listen to their favorite books.

6. Leio app

The Leio app is the best iOS app to track your study statistics. With this application, you can read the books you want anytime and anywhere and do not worry about forgetting the pages you have read. Just like the Goodreads app, you can track your progress in the book reading category. It also manages your time, so you can see exactly how long it took to get a book Finish.

When you provide your information to this app, Leio will help you It also allows you to analyze your reading patterns. You can also set goals for yourself before you start studying so that Leio will let you know when you achieve them. This app has a very modern user interface that is easy to use. If you find the Goodreads app too crowded and do not use its social network, the Leio app is the best alternative.

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7. Fidibo application

Fidibo application is an Iranian book reading application that holds more than 10,000 titles of books and magazines from the top Iranian publishers (which are increasing day by day) in our pockets. In this application you can create a completely personal library for yourself. All the free books you download will be added to your personal library along with the books you buy.

It also allows users to add books to their list of favorite books before they buy, so they can easily find them in the future. The Fidebo Reader app automatically sorts your library into various categories, including "Reading", "Downloaded Books" and "Readed Books". The Hidden History of the iPhone (Chapter 8/Part 4)

The e-books and audiobooks in the Fidebo app are categorized based on a variety of topics, including economics, history, law, and more. Selecting any of them will show you a list of related books. The Fidebo app store section introduces you to the best-selling and latest books. It is even possible for users to quickly access the book they are looking for by searching for the name of the book, publisher or author.

8. Serial Reader app

Serial Reader will make reading a book easier and more enjoyable for you than ever before. This application is very suitable and useful for all users, whether they are new to reading books or for book lovers. If you find it difficult to focus on reading a book for a long time, use this app to get used to reading daily. This app allows its users to serially access more than 450 classic books and read them in the original language without any changes.

You can customize the fonts of each book to your liking to get the most out of reading books. These books are placed in different categories, each of which has popular titles. Other features of this application include a 20-minute serial reading system, easy search of words in dictionaries or Wikipedia, and the ability to save your books for reading in your spare time.

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9. Litsy app

Litsy is another literature platform, but there are other features in this app as well. This app is actually Instagram for books. Litsy is a user-friendly app where you can share and discuss photos of your book reading moments with others.

This app allows you to share your favorite books with friends and family and express your opinions and criticisms about the books you have read, participate in discussions or topics. Find the relevant one using special hashtags. Users can log in to this application with both their Facebook account and their email. They will then be able to select a quote or part of their favorite book or share a short note about it.

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10. Poetizer app

Books are not limited to novels. If you are a poet, we suggest you the Poetizer app. In this application, you are able to share different poems with other users and review and analyze them. You can also write and publish your own poems in Poetizer Share your thoughts. This app is only available for iOS.

11. Amazon Kindle app

The Amazon Kindle app lets you access the Kindle library on your smartphone. This app tries to make reading e-books on smart gadgets as easy and better as possible for you. Users can easily find the books they want out of more than six million Kindle books. If you are looking for an app that focuses solely on books and reading, Amazon Kindle is the best choice for you.

book on various devices through the Sync Your eBooks feature, the ability to use the app's own dictionaries and the ability to read some non-free books before purchase.

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12. Niche app

Another Iranian book app is Niche app. If you read books, newspapers and magazines or like to listen to audiobooks, a niche can be a good companion for you. Publishers are also able to display their books on the shelf for free, and the company's executives guarantee that they will introduce the books to a wide range of users and pay them a good sales profit.

Some of the niche e-books are in the infinity section. In this section, you can access the books in this section by paying an unlimited membership fee. At the end of the membership period, the books will be no longer available to you and you can renew your subscription. Users of the niche app can buy and download the books they like at a very fair price. Books are also available offline after download. Books can also be exchanged and exchanged.

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This The application has different sections. In the "News" section you can access the latest books added. It is located on the main page of "Niche Suggestion" and in this section, a sample of books of different categories is displayed. Other sections of the program include free books, bestsellers, foreign stories, Iranian stories, poetry, history, psychology, children and adolescents, magazines and newspapers.

13. Blinkist app

Blinkist is a very useful app for people who like to read books but it's time to do so They do not have the work. This application provides you with key points along with the entire summary of a book in 15 minutes. Each summary of the book is called a Blink, which you can read or listen to. This application has more than 2500 titles of audio book summaries that have been provided to users on topics such as economics, history, science and culture.

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In the search section, which can be named the most interesting and key part of this application, you can use the search box and by topic , The title of the book or the author to search for your favorite books and read them in a very short time. This app can be a good companion for you to study for a short time every day and strengthen this habit in yourself.

  • Introducing the 21Days Challenge app; Rebirth of the mind in 21 days!

The last word

Reading indescribable pleasure to You give. Although there is no doubt about the value of reading, the habit of reading books has faded with the advancement of the technology world among many people. Reading books, whether paper or e-books, has many benefits for human mental health. In this article, we reviewed and introduced 13 book-reading apps for book lovers, and we hope that the introduction of these apps will help you improve and strengthen your book-reading habit.

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