As you probably know, Apple will unveil the iPhone 14 series in about 4 months. Most of the rumors are about the Pro models of this family, and therefore the question has arisen for some users whether the iPhone 14 is a significant upgrade over its previous generation or not?

Based on rumors Released, the iPhone 14 Pro models have two circular and tablet-shaped display holes, but the two standard models are once again marketed with a notch. On the other hand, for the first time, Apple intends to use the new A16 chipset only for Pro models. We should also mention the Pro models' use of a 48-megapixel main camera and relatively narrower bezels.

Overall, this year the difference between the Pro and standard models will be greater than in previous years. According to these reports, what features will users benefit from by purchasing standard models?

Leaving aside the mini model and launching the iPhone 14 Max

After lower-than-expected sales of the iPhone 12 Mini and 13 Mini, Apple has decided to drop them altogether. Instead of the mini model, the iPhone 14 Max is supposed to reach users. Apparently, like the 12 Pro Max and 13 Pro Max, this phone has a 6.7-inch display. Like the Mini models, which take advantage of all the key features of the iPhone 12 and 13, the iPhone 14 Max is no different from the iPhone 14 in terms of hardware and, of course, appearance, and the most important difference is in screen size and battery.

All in all, the iPhone 14 Max is suitable for users who want to use an iPhone based on a larger screen, but on the other hand do not need the features of the Pro models.

Increased RAM capacity

Ming-Chi Koo, a well-known Apple product analyst, believes that all iPhone 14 models use 6 GB of RAM. Of course, standard models have 4X LPDDR RAM, and for Pro models, LPDDR 5 RAM is also provided. For comparison, the standard iPhone 13 models are currently based on 4GB of RAM, but the Pro models come with 6GB of RAM.

Although the RAM capacity of the Pro models is not going to increase, thanks to Using LPDDR 5 technology, these RAMs are up to 1.5 times faster and consume up to 30% less energy. Standard iPhone 14 models can also store more apps in the background by increasing RAM capacity by 50%. Therefore, developers will have less worries about consuming RAM in their applications.

Improving battery life

Thanks to the new 5G chip, the iPhone 14 and 14 Max probably have more to say about battery life. In order for a phone to support 5G technology, it must use other components in addition to the special modem. Apple has used a new 5G RF chip for the iPhone 14 series, which is based on 6-nanometer TSMC technology and can consume less energy than the previous generation.

In addition to power consumption, this chip should be smaller. Note that it naturally takes up less space on the body of the phone. It should be noted that due to the limited space of the phone, the smaller the size of the parts, the larger the battery can be.

WiFi support 6E

Other revealed features include support for 6E WiFi. This standard offers advantages over WiFi 6 such as better performance and less latency. On the other hand, in addition to the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, users can also use the 6 GHz band.

Satellite communication

Introducing the iPhone 13 series Some whistleblowers have announced that these phones support satellite communication. Thanks to this feature, users can send messages via satellite in emergencies and in places where there is no signal. In addition, users in various situations can use this feature to report accidents such as plane crashes.

Despite these rumors, this feature eventually did not make it to the iPhone 13 series, but now it is said that iPhone 14 series and eighth generation Apple Watch will see the benefit of this feature.

Improved ultra-wide camera

Although the standard iPhone 14 models do not have a 48-megapixel camera and will once again come with the same 12-megapixel camera, the two models seem to use a better ultra-wide camera. . Last year, the iPhone 13 Pro came with an ultra-wide camera based on a better lens and autofocus, and now these improvements are set to extend to standard models.

Camera Improvements Selfie

It is said that all iPhone 14 models have a selfie camera with an aperture lens based on F /1.9 and support autofocus. For comparison, the selfie camera of all iPhone 13 models has a fixed focus and an aperture of F/2.2. The smaller the aperture number, the larger the aperture, so it can send more light to the sensor.

Last word

As you can see The standard iPhone 14 models are practically not an important upgrade for the previous generation, and we should also mention the use of a duplicate chipset, which is one of the strengths of the new iPhone models every year. Of course, given the strength of Apple's brand and the fact that these phones do not have much to say in terms of new features, but as usual, millions of users around the world will most likely buy these phones and Apple will set a new record again. p>

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