The Galaxy Z Flip 4 is set to hit the market this year as a replacement for the Z Flip 3. In this regard, we decided to review the 5 features that we expect to see in this phone.

Galaxy Z Flip 3 was one of the best clamshell phones of 2021, which in terms of build quality and relative capabilities The previous generation made significant progress and was in a very good range in terms of price, thus attracting many users to it. It was as a result of these cases that the Korean company was able to make a very good profit from its sale, because this product has very good sales, especially in South Korea.

In addition to these cases, a very suitable size that The Galaxy Z Flip 3 makes it look like a regular phone today, but when folded it becomes a very small and compact phone that can easily fit in very small pockets. However, these phones, despite their significant improvement over the previous ones, still have a series of weaknesses that need to be addressed over time.

As expected, Samsung should unveil a Galaxy Z Flip phone this year as well. Slow because the new company is on the right track and will certainly not give up easily. Therefore, it seems that the unveiling of the Galaxy Z4 and Z4 Fold 4 will be final. Samsung will most likely bring this series with improvements over the previous generation. We do not know what the implications of these developments are, but we have compiled a list of our expectations in this article in the hope that we will see the Korean company pay attention to them in the next generation, because they are all really important.

1. Removing the dashed line in the middle of the screen

One of the areas that must be considered, what about this generation What in later generations is the elimination or at least reduction of the crease in the middle of the screen, which manifests itself completely when folded. As you know, when you fold a relatively rigid object in half, a scratch occurs. We see exactly the same situation in clamshell phones. But this crease is expected to get smaller and smaller over time.

For many users, this crease may not be important at all, but there is no reason to say that this crease is not noticeable and is not visible. You may not get used to it for a while if you use it for a while, but its existence is exactly like the presence of a notch on the iPhone that we really like to be removed, but its presence does not harm the user or cause any particular inconvenience to the user experience.

The reason we get such a request from Samsung is that the idea has already been really implemented and successful on phones like the Moto Razer 5G. Even larger phones, such as the Oppo Find N, were designed and launched in the middle of the display without a distinct line. Therefore, it seems that the Korean company can solve this problem by applying a series of changes to the hinges, or even improving the material of the folding glass used, so that the Z-Flip 4 is one of the best available in terms of beauty.

2. Larger secondary display

Although Samsung made the secondary display of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 larger than its predecessor, Compared to the potential of this phone, this secondary display still looks small and needs to be made bigger. Because the larger screen allows the user to interact with the phone while it is closed, resulting in a more meaningful experience.

Let's take the Motorola Razer as an example. A product whose secondary screen size is much larger than the screen that Samsung has planned for the Galaxy Z Flip 3. Of course, increasing the size of the secondary display also has its drawbacks; For example, when you lose your phone, there is a possibility that the screen will be damaged in any case. In this case, the user must use a protective frame. But the question is, if you buy a Galaxy Z Flip 3, you will not leave a protective frame for it? It will definitely be so. Most users provide a protective case for every relatively expensive regular phone they buy, let alone a clamshell phone, which, given the quality weaknesses of the technology, will definitely persuade the user to use a protective case.>

So when we are going to use a protective frame in any case, why not have a bigger screen as a second screen? The Motorola Razer may be more vulnerable than the Galaxy Z Flip 3, but it's really more functional because of the large secondary display, so it looks like it's ultimately worth preferring to the Z Flip 3. On the screen of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 you can almost see a series of special tasks such as announcements, watches and the like, but the secondary display of the Motorola Razer is like a The regular display has a home screen and everything can be done on it.

So the second thing to expect from the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is that its secondary display is noticeably larger than the one used in the next generation. Be current.

3. Better and newer cameras

This is probably the hardest and biggest request we have from Samsung. Because definitely improving the quality of the cameras significantly requires hardware improvements, and naturally a clamshell phone does not have the potential to have large sensors. As a result, the company will work very hard. But big and famous companies have shown that they can make the best use of even the smallest empty space inside a high-end phone. So we expect a tough but reasonable expectation.

Naturally, a phone that costs more than $ 1,000 should have a telephoto camera in order to have a say in photography. But Samsung simply installed two small cameras on the back panel of the Flip 3, while considering the size of the secondary display and the other two cameras, it was easy to add a third camera to the current dual set.

Of course, as mentioned, we are talking about adding a new sensor and not necessarily a complete improvement of the current sensors, although in this case, we will welcome the changes. Currently, the two cameras used in the Galaxy Z Flip 3 have an outstanding performance in terms of photography and video recording, because Samsung has made good progress in the field of artificial intelligence photography, and even if it does not improve the quality of the cameras compared to the previous generation, it is still a problem. Will not exist.

If you do not know about this, we must say that the performance of Samsung software is now similar to Google. The camera is continuously capturing the image before and after pressing the shutter button. After this process is completed, the phone quickly starts the processing process and selects the image that has the least problem. As a result, the final sample will be of extremely high quality.

So there is no particular problem in terms of quality. But for a flagship phone, or at least with flagship specifications, that is set to hit the market in 2022, it is not very interesting not to use a telephoto camera. So what we expect from Samsung, as mentioned, is to add a telephoto sensor to the current suite.

Hardware upgrades (battery capacity and charger speed)

We mean more hardware power, of course, to the processor, graphics or Rome does not matter because we know that every year the Korean company updates its phones in this regard. Therefore, there should be no particular problem in this regard. Of course, it is (very rarely) possible that Samsung will not use the 1st generation Snapdragon 8 to reduce costs on this phone, but it seems unlikely that the Zip Flip 4 will disappoint us in this regard.

We mean the increase in hardware power It actually improves the hardware of the battery. This means that Samsung will stop optimizing software and this time really update the hardware to see a significant improvement in energy efficiency. Like the camera, this request seems very difficult because especially the product with Z Flip design, despite all the hinges and folding vertically, does not have enough empty space to accommodate a high-capacity battery, unless Samsung uses an engineering masterpiece. And put a battery with more capacity in this phone.

Currently, the battery used in the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is so low that in some cases it can not accompany users even for a day. Naturally, a phone, regardless of its design, should not have such a function in keeping the charge, and Samsung should definitely think about this situation. Especially if the secondary display gets bigger, the need for a bigger battery will be felt more than the ewe, although this seems really difficult to do.

Of course, the point that is less noticed is this: When The larger the secondary display, the less the user needs to open the phone. As a result, it may often work with the same secondary display. The smaller display also consumes less battery power because it requires less power. Currently, the small screen used in the Z Flip 3 only tells the user why they should open their phone.

The next thing about charging the phone is to increase the speed of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 charger. In fact, we really need this feature because the Z Flip 3 now supports a 15-watt charger. This speed is not interesting for a flag bearer because the charging technology is 15 watts for a few years ago. So if the Korean company does not want to increase the battery capacity, it would be better if it multiplies the minimum speed of the charger so that the user can charge it to 40 to 50% in a few minutes to recharge. p>

5. Multiple Personalization Options

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Z Flip 3 a few months after Decided to unveil the Bespoke Edition as well. A version that the user was able to personalize according to their own taste and order from Samsung's own site. Users could (and still can) choose from 49 different color combinations to choose and order so that their Galaxy Z Flip in terms of color combination would suit their tastes.

But the Bespoke Edition as it is You thought it was not. First, this version is only available in limited quantities and therefore not all users can access it. Second, 49 colors are not necessarily 49 separate colors, but are obtained by combining several colors. So color choices may be limited for some. In terms of body material and materials used, there is no choice because there is no variety at all.

What we would like to see in certain versions of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 (not all versions) is that Like about 9 years ago and the time of Moto X, the user can customize the phone as he wants with the color and style of the body (for example, leather or wood or metal, etc.) and even the welcome message when turning on the personal phone. So when personalization can be like this, it doesn't make much sense to spend about $ 1,000 just on coloring.

Galaxy Z Flip 4; A clamshell that can be a dream

Galaxy Z Flip 3 since its unveiling due to good publicity And the Korean company's extraordinary marketing, as well as the presence of a series of special accessories such as attractive protective frames, was able to attract the attention of many users. Also, the feeling of nostalgia that this phone induces in the user due to the opening and closing mode is such that it seems that we have a product with a modern and beautiful design from something we have not seen for several years. A special experience that may not be easy to put into words.

Now imagine what a fascinating event that would be if Samsung could incorporate all of the above features into its much-anticipated galaxy. Sales of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 will definitely exceed expectations, even if it has even half of the above, due to the inevitable upgrades that this phone will have. Now we have to see what happens.

What do you expect from clamshell phones with a design similar to the Galaxy Z Flip 3?

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