Apple is one of the companies that always pays a lot of attention to the design of its products. In a book on the design process of the company, Johnny Ive, former director of Apple's design department, wrote that the company designs products in such a way that at first glance it seems very simple and easy, and because of this simplicity. And coherence, there is no alternative to them.

But sometimes even Apple makes mistakes in this area, and wrong design decisions lead to user protests. Here are six high-profile Apple product design decisions that have made a lot of noise in recent years.

1. Magic Mouse 2

This mouse was introduced in 2015 It was initially hailed as another Apple innovation because of its touchscreen that allowed users to do things like swipe. At first glance, the curved and seamless upper part of this mouse is very attractive, but when you want to charge it, you face the main problem of this design.

Apple in a strange decision, the charging port in the section The bottom of this mouse is embedded, and by doing so, its practicality has sacrificed its attractive design. Apple, like many wired and wireless mice, could fit this part on the front of the body so that users could continue to use it while charging.

In April 2021, six years after the release of this mouse, Apple announced at the unveiling of the new generation of iMac that the product will arrive with the Magic Mouse 2, which users can use to Select this mouse one of the colors you want. Although it has been years since this product was released, Apple has not stopped short and the charging port is still in the same position as before. The mouse hit the market about 7 years ago for $ 79 and its price has remained the same over the years.

2. Apple Remote Control

Apple TV was introduced in 2015 with a remote control called Siri Remote. At the top of this remote control is a touchpad that users can use to do things like swipe and easily access different parts of tvOS. Also in the central part of the remote, Apple has installed several buttons that are used for common tasks. In addition, this remote can be used as a game controller thanks to its accelerometer.

At first glance, this remote control has no problems and is even more attractive than many similar products. But in practice, this product has caused a lot of problems for users and has many problems in terms of ergonomics. In general, most users believe that this remote control is too small and narrow, and in addition to being inconvenient to use, it is easily lost at home.

In addition, it must have a strange arrangement We should also mention the buttons, which have increased the users' troubles. In addition, the high sensitivity of the touchpad has made using this remote a more difficult task. Finally, after years of user protests, Apple finally unveiled a new remote in 2021 alongside the Apple TV 4K, which solves all the problems of the previous generation.

3. The first generation of Apple Pencil

The first generation of Apple Pencil The result is another strange decision by Apple. This product, like Magic Mouse 2, was launched in 2015. Apple has a magnetic section on the top of the pen that is used for charging. It should be noted that this pen charges very quickly and, for example, with only 15 seconds of connection to the iPad, it can work for about 30 minutes. But all in all, we can not hide the strangeness of the charging process of this pen.

Once again, instead of justifying an idea, Apple is focusing on the beauty of its appearance. On the other hand, due to the way the Apple Pencil pen is connected to the iPad charging port, if the pen shakes suddenly, the port or the pen itself will be damaged. Also, when connecting the stylus to the iPad, it is not possible to charge the iPad, and you will face many restrictions for using the iPad itself. Apple still sells the pen for $ 99, but fortunately from the second generation of the Apple Pencil, users no longer need to connect them to the iPad charging port.

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4. Airpad Max Smart Bag

In 2021, Apple unveiled the AirPad Max Rugushi headphones for $ 599, which allows users to purchase a product called a "smart bag". Apple says this The case is designed to allow the AirPad Max to conserve as much battery power as possible so that the charge is not wasted. Regardless of the fact that such a problem is caused by the lack of a power button on the AirPad Max, overall, the strange appearance of this case has faced a lot of criticism.

After the release of this product, users made a lot of memes with this bag and various jokes were made about it. But aside from these jokes, many experts say that Apple has once again sacrificed the functionality of a product for its beauty. Although the design of this case is interesting at first glance, but on the other hand, we must say that it does not do much in the field of protection of AirPad Max, it gets dirty very easily, while different brands make much better and more practical bags for their earphones.

This case is designed so that the metal parts of the headphones remain unprotected, and many users who have put the headphones in their backpack with this bag, have encountered numerous lines and scratches on the body of the AirPad Max. .

5. Butterfly keyboard

Apple for MacBooks in 2015 A new type of keyboard was introduced, for which the name of the butterfly keyboard was chosen. The main difference between this type of keyboard and conventional keyboards is the more arch and the presence of a groove in the middle of the key. If we consider the keys of ordinary keyboards as X-shaped, the keyboards have a V-shaped structure. Unfortunately, the problems with this new mechanism soon became apparent and users faced one of Apple's worst decisions.

In 2015, only the MacBook was introduced with a licensed laptop, but between 2016 and 2019, all MacBook Pro and MacBook models Air also reached users with a butterfly keyboard. These keyboards are so sensitive that even the smallest particle the size of a grain of sand can cause a lot of problems. One of the most common problems for users is the keystroke or typing two letters if one of the keys is pressed. From the keys on the keyboard, the entire body of the laptop had to be opened. After widespread criticism of proprietary keyboards, Apple introduced the second generation in 2016, although users still faced various problems with these keyboards. But instead of accepting failure, Apple continued to use these keyboards in the following years with minor changes.

Over the years, Apple has never apologized for using this mechanism on MacBook keyboards, and a few years ago a Wall Street Journal journalist wrote a full report using his broken MacBook keyboard without correction to show the depth of the tragedy. Mistakes published it. The report caused a stir and Apple was once again widely criticized.

Exact statistics on the number of licensed keyboards have never been released. But in 2019, Apple abandoned the mechanism in 2019 and once again switched to scissor-based keyboards, giving MacBook users a sigh of relief.

6 . Mac Pro

2013 New Generation Mac Pro Arrived. In previous years, Apple had been accused of not paying much attention to Mac Pro users, so the company decided to take an innovative approach to the product. Apple claims that the body of the new Mac Pro is about one-eighth that of the previous generation, and on the other hand, its performance has doubled. They provided good for this computer. The laptop was designed to take out all the heat of production in the best possible way. But because of this design, users had to use Thunderbolt 2 ports to upgrade various components.

This While many professional users want to upgrade various components, there was no mention of more slots for graphics cards and RAM in this system. Criticism of the Mac Pro, meanwhile, escalated to the point that the company's executives surprisingly apologized to users in 2017, saying that the 2013 Mac Pro design approach was wrong. Then they promised that the company would work on a new generation Mac Pro that would solve all these problems and users could easily upgrade its various parts, which was finally introduced in 2019.

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