Verizon ignored past user pauses in its latest push to check web browsing
Verizon has renamed the scanner app and registered previously unsubscribed customers.

Verizon automatically enrolls customers in a new version of the app that slowly checks mobile users' browser history — even when the same users have already left. She had another name.

The company announced changes to Verizon Selects a few days ago with a new name. "Verizon Custom Experience Plus is the new name for our Verizon Selects app," Verizon said in a Frequently Asked Question. By enrolling in Custom Experience Plus, which collects browser and app history but does not use device location data and other personal information collected in Custom Experience Plus, Verizon is overriding previous cancellation priorities for at least some customers. "

Verizon says it does not sell information collected in any of the customized trial versions, and that the software no longer supports third-party advertising. But Verizon shares the data with "service providers who work for us" and says it uses the data "to personalize our communications with you, make more recommendations about products and services to you, and develop more attractive designs, services, and offers." is yours. For example, if we think you like music, we can offer you a Verizon offer that includes music content, or in the Verizon Up Rewards program, we can offer you a concert selection.

How to opt-out (again)

Users concerned about privacy may wish to opt-out using the instructions provided by Verizon or in this article to opt-out, go to the Verizon account privacy settings page, Scroll down a bit and you'll see the "Manage Settings" options for both Custom Experience and Custom Experience Plus. You can also try this link to go directly to the Custom Experience settings, or you can "Manage Privacy Settings" in the mobile app, select "My Verizon."

On your website or mobile app, the settings management options allow you to choose or opt out of two versions of the Custom Experience app. Any browsing and location data history that Verizon has previously collected; remove by clicking Reset Additionally, account holders can use the Verizon website to prevent enrollment into a customized trial for select phone lines.

Verizon customers have good reason to be concerned about the carrier's privacy practices. The Federal Communications Commission found last year that " Verizon apparently provided and its customers’ location information to a third party without their consent, which it was not permitted to receive.” The commission proposed a fine of $48 million. In 2016, Verizon agreed to pay a fine of $1.35 million for inserting "supercooky" identifiers into customers' mobile Internet traffic without users' knowledge or consent.

In 2017, then-President Donald Trump and the Republic they want to control. Congress has blocked the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) enforcing privacy laws that require home and mobile Internet providers to obtain consumer consent before using, sharing, or selling browser history, application history, and other private information. Did you cancel? "You'll still be involved"

Verizon has sent emails to customers informing them of program changes. There are several versions of the email, one of which states that Verizon ignores previous cancellation priorities in cases where people have "recently quit". This email, sent to Ars by a Verizon customer, states:

As a selected Verizon contributor, you are automatically placed in the Custom Experience Plus and Custom Experience Program.

If you recently quit Verizon Selects, you will remain in the Custom Experience program unless you cancel. phrase. We contacted Verizon today to request these details and asked why Verizon is enrolling people who have already opted out of the program before renaming it. We will update this article if we receive a response. Regardless of your previous cancellation status:

You will become part of the Personalized Experience Program unless you cancel. You can opt out on the My Verizon Privacy Settings page or the My Verizon Privacy Settings page.

Custom Experience Plus must be selected to be a part of, unless you are a current Verizon Selects subscriber. Verizon Selects subscribers are automatically included in the renamed app. Why doesn't Apple Touch return an ID to iPhone?

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