Ukraine says government websites have been the target of large-scale cyberattacks

Kiev did not blame at least 70 sites for the disturbance.

Ukraine says it has been the target of a "large-scale cyber attack" after shutting down some 70 government websites.

The targets targeted on Friday morning included the websites of the Cabinet and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Education, Agriculture, Emergencies, Energy, Veterans Affairs and the Environment. The websites of the State Treasury and the electronic public service platform Diia, where vaccination certificates and electronic passports are stored, have also become unavailable.

“Ukrainians! All your personal information is uploaded to the public network.” All computer data is erased and cannot be restored. All the information about you has been announced, you fear and expect the worst.

Viktor Zura, Deputy Minister of the State Agency for Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine, told reporters on Friday that this was the "most" I was. Strong attack in four years “With the removal of about 70 central and regional government websites.

” I would like to note that as a result of the attack on the sites, the personal information of Ukrainians in this country has not been defaced. However, important data has not been leaked, site content has not been damaged, and some sites have been forcibly closed.

“Once it is confirmed that there is no third party. There is no malicious code in the system, we will collect all the necessary evidence, and the work of these sites will be restored,” Jura said.

My father. The North Atlantic and its Western allies annexed Ukraine's Crimea in 2014 with the aim of persuading Russian President Vladimir Putin to choose a law on any attack on Ukraine in 2014. Ukrainian officials have recently warned that cyberattacks and other attempts to destabilize the country will be a prelude to further aggression. However, officials did not blame Friday's attack.

"As a result of a large-scale cyber attack, the websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a number of other government agencies have been temporarily closed." Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced. Information and cyber police have launched an investigation.”


A message sent by hackers in Ukrainian, Russian and Polish “This is for your past, present and future for Volyn, for OUN UPA [Ukrainian National Organization / Ukrainian Insurgent Army], for Halychyna, Police and Land History Yeh. World War II and Ukraine seemed to accuse Poland and Ukraine of each other of crimes during the period in the region that these countries had dealt with for centuries.

The national symbols of Ukraine were striped everywhere: the flag, the official emblem, the state map. The US ambassador to NATO said the US would wait for countries to see what we understood today, adding that the evidence of Russia's cyber-attack was "certainly" a case in point. It was classified as a re-invasion of Ukraine that could lead to Western sanctions against Moscow.

"We are watching everything that Russia does. He said it is against Ukraine. We agree with some efforts to destabilize Ukraine from the inside. We all know there are a number of scenarios," said Josef Borrell, a senior diplomat in Brussels. that can emerge regarding what is happening between Russia and Ukraine,” and Europe and cyber units will do that. “We are mobilizing all our resources to help Ukraine deal with this cyber attack,” Borrell said at a meeting of EU foreign ministers. Unfortunately, we knew this could happen. It is difficult to say who is behind it “I can’t blame anyone because I have no evidence, but we can imagine.” The Ukrainian State Security Service (SBU) said in a statement that “provocative messages have been sent to the homepage of these sites.”

"The content of the sites has not changed, and according to preliminary information," there has been no leakage of personal information. Ukraine’s National Security Chief Oleksiy Danilov told the Financial Times late last year that Ukraine has annexed Crimea since then Moscow has annexed Crimea and a separatist proxy war in its eastern regions. The organization has faced “ongoing” Russian cyber attacks and other attempts to destabilize the country.

"Internal instability. He said Russia's immediate goal is "to go deeper before launching a military attack. Create a crisis through electronic warfare, energy and information warfare."

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