AMD receives CES 2022: roadmap for Zen 4, AM5, Ryzen V-Cache, Ryzen 6000 mobile, and more
What happened? AMD's CES 2022 event has just ended and we've got all the info for you, packed into a nice, tidy package. This is a summary of what was announced and our thoughts on those ads.

Let's start by taking a look at AMD's desktop notifications, and if you're a CPU enthusiast, the Ryzen 7 5800X3D is AMD's first ever Zen CPU. V-Cache 3D stacking technology.

Ryzen 7 5800X3D: AMD's new

game' V-Cache premium CPU was introduced at Computex in 2021 and works by placing a cache on top of an existing Zen 3 7nm chip. Significantly increase the amount of L3 cache. If we zoom in to 5800X3D, you can see the area in the middle where this extra silicon is placed on the current CPU, with the CPU cores at the edges. <b>AMD</b> <b>receives</b> <b>CES</b> <b>2022:</b> Roadmap for <b>Zen</b> 4, <b>AM5,</b> <b>Ryzen</b> <b>V-Cache,</b> and <b>Ryzen</b> <b>6000</b> Mobile and more

V-Cache, 5800X3D expands from 32MB of L3 cache to 96MB - native 32MB on Zen 3 chip plus 64MB of V-Cache . The rest of the CPU is basically the same as the 5800X - it's an octa-core and 16-core design, an AM4 chip that runs on 400 and 500 series motherboards, and a 105W TDP. However, the clock speed is slightly lower than the usual 5800X, and the base dropped from 3.8 to 3.4 GHz and increased from 4.7 to 4.5 GHz. I think this is a combination of the need to keep an extra cache in the same power pack and the limitations on the clock speed of the V-Cache component.

At this point, AMD is only talking about the 5800X3D. It will be available in the spring and no price has been announced. It is also the only consumer V-Cache chip to be released at that time. We asked AMD if they'd bring it to more processors, but they said that's the only case — for now. <b>AMD</b> <b>receives</b> <b>CES</b> <b>2022:</b> Roadmap for <b>Zen</b> 4, <b>AM5,</b> <b>Ryzen</b> <b>V-Cache,</b> and <b>Ryzen</b> <b>6000</b> Mobile and <b>more</b> <b>AMD</b> <b>CES</b> <b>2022:</b> Roadmap for <b>Zen</b> 4, AM5 and <b>Ryzen</b> <b>V-Cache,</b> <b>Ryzen</b> <b>6000</b> Mobile, and <b>more</b>

This makes sense because the basics The advantage of V-Cache in a CPU-intensive CPU is gaming performance. Our own tests have shown time and time again that increasing cache capacity can significantly increase gaming performance, and that's what AMD claims, with an average increase of 15% over the Ryzen 9 5900X, and slightly higher performance than an Intel Core i9-12900K. It is enough for AMD to have the crown of the fastest gaming processor in its eyes. However, these are only the first person criteria, so we need to check if each one of these criteria is correct and how much cherry is being picked here.

Now, 5900X and 5950X cannot be inferred. It is very logical for gamers, because the game workload performance is no more than 5800X. The launch of the first V-Cache as a 5800X boost would probably be the place for a premium gaming CPU.

Zen 4 will be introduced to desktop platforms in the second half of 2022 using 5nm process technology. AMD has confirmed that the CPU also has a different visual design, which appears to be a larger heatsink with different pieces and a totally unusual design compared to the cleaner heatsinks we've seen so far in Ryzen.> <b>AMD</b> <b>receives</b> <b>CES</b> <b>2022:</b> Roadmap for <b>Zen</b> 4, <b>AM5,</b> <b>Ryzen</b> <b>V-Cache,</b> <b>Ryzen</b> <b>6000</b> for mobile phones and more

Along with Zen 4, There will be a new socket, surprisingly called the AM5 socket, that transitions from a PGA design to an LGA design, the LGA 1718. It will be compatible with existing AM4 CPU coolers, but offers significant I/O improvements, including DDR5 and PCIe 5.0, making features AMD is comparable to the current Intel series.

Hopefully by time When AM5 is released, DDR5 will be more accessible and affordable (AMD offers no sign of DDR4 support). <b>AMD</b> <b>receives</b> <b>CES</b> <b>2022:</b> Roadmap for <b>Zen</b> 4, <b>AM5,</b> <b>Ryzen</b> <b>V-Cache,</b> <b>Ryzen</b> <b>6000</b> Mobile, and more

As expected for Zen 4 and AM5 later, details are out Clear in 2022, but it looks like everything is ready for release this year.

The new budget Radeon RX 6500 XT AMD has introduced the Radeon RX 6500 XT as a new flagship option for gamers...if you can really buy One, of course not these days, has 16 compute units, 16MB of infinite cache and a 2.6GHz gaming clock, so it's basically half of the Radeon RX 6600 XT. He didn't reveal the memory subsystem specs, probably because it's expected to It is only 4 GB of GDDR 6 on a weak 64-bit bus. <b>AMD</b> <b>receives</b> <b>CES</b> <b>2022:</b> Roadmap for <b>Zen</b> 4, <b>AM5,</b> <b>Ryzen</b> <b>V-Cache,</b> and <b>Ryzen</b> <b>6000</b> Mobile and <b>more</b>

AMD's comparison scores for the 6500 XT are: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 and Radeon RX 570. AMD says performance should be about 30 to 40 percent higher than the GTX 1650 and lower than the RX 570, but still a little faster at 1080p. You should put these numbers at the level of the RX 580 or GTX 1650 Super. So, we'll see how it goes in the next few weeks. over there. Fake MSRP If this price is maintained after the first set of cards, we will be really surprised. AMD told us availability is an obvious challenge, but it should be similar to the 6600 series, which has good stock. <b>AMD</b> <b>receives</b> <b>CES</b> <b>2022:</b> Roadmap for <b>Zen</b> 4, <b>AM5,</b> <b>Ryzen</b> <b>V-Cache,</b> and <b>Ryzen</b> <b>6000</b> Mobile and more

Big question mark here The price is real There are a few reference points we can look at. Currently on the Scalpel market, the RX 6600 and RX 6600 XT are 75% more expensive than their MSRP, and the RX 6600 is $580 or more compared to the $330 MSRP. Then there are AMD comparison points, the used GTX 1650 is a $270 used GPU (from $150 at launch), and the used RX 570 4GB is $230 (from $170) — given that this new GPU is supposed to to be faster. Also with 4GB of enabled VRAM and limited memory bandwidth, it's less attractive to miners. My estimate is that the card will be priced around $300 in the current market. The card is probably on par with the RX 580 in terms of performance, and its GPU was released in early 2017 for $200 in a 4GB configuration. Almost 5 years later, there is still very little price movement relative to mainstream performance, not to mention AIBs, distributors, and speculators driving up prices again in the real GPU market. Given the abundance of GTX 1060s and RX 580s in today's systems, it's unclear if something like this could appeal to casual buyers who already have a GPU at this level of performance.

6500 XT with only 16 calculations. The units are very similar to a replacement for the RX 560, which was a $100 GPU in 2017 (used cards can be found for about $150 today). A maximum of $150 for MSRP would be appropriate if kept high. But GPUs sell for much more than they should these days, and if the actual price goes up to $250 or less, it's probably worth more than you can buy right now. Radeon Super Resolution: What is it? Next, AMD introduced Radeon Super Resolution, a driver-based application of FidelityFX Super Resolution that can be applied to any game. If you watched my last video looking at Nvidia's alternative feature, Nvidia Image Scaling, you know what to expect because they are basically the same thing.

RSR is unlikely to be as effective as FSR, because it enhances the entire game, including the user interface, and is a visual quality compared to FSR that we saw on the Nvidia NIS. drop. But it's nice that there is feature parity between the GPU vendors, which we hoped will happen. RSR will be included as part of AMD's Q1 2022 software release. AMD Ryzen 6000 Mobile Series: Brand New Hardware

AMD also spent a large part of the event talking about new phone products. 6000 series for mobile. This is an overhaul of their APU design, with advanced "Zen 3+" CPU cores, 6nm TSMC processing technology and RDNA2 graphics along with major platform changes. <b>AMD</b> <b>receives</b> <b>CES</b> <b>2022:</b> Roadmap for <b>Zen</b> 4, <b>AM5,</b> <b>Ryzen</b> <b>V-Cache,</b> and <b>Ryzen</b> <b>6000</b> Mobile and <b>more</b>

The Zen 3+ kernel is built for performance. This is the Zen 3 design we all know, with new power features and better power management, along with improved performance per watt of change to 6nm. Given the focus on mobile devices, we're unlikely to see Zen 3+ on the desktop, unless that's exactly the type of CPU design offered as a socket processor. <b>AMD</b> <b>receives</b> <b>CES</b> <b>2022:</b> Roadmap for <b>Zen</b> 4, <b>AM5,</b> <b>Ryzen</b> <b>V-Cache,</b> and <b>Ryzen</b> <b>6000</b> Mobile and more

https: // <b>receives</b> <b>AMD</b> <b>CES</b> <b>2022:</b> Roadmap for <b>Zen</b> 4, <b>AM5,</b> <b>Ryzen</b> <b>V-Cache,</b> <b>Ryzen</b> <b>6000</b> Mobile, and <b>more</b>

The move to RDNA2 compared to the Vega 5000 series is a fundamental change, including more cache, more backups, higher frequency, and thanks to other platform features, memory bandwidth is getting bigger.

Basically, everything on the platform is brand new and rebuilt.DDR5 and LPDDR5 W Optimize memory bandwidth widely, which is key to powering the RDNA2 GPU. AMD was finally split over to PCIe 4.0 with 16 lines between GPUs, storage, and other hardware (previous APUs only had PCIe 3.0). USB4 and Wi-Fi 6E support included. Receiving <b>AMD</b> <b>CES</b> <b>2022:</b> Roadmap for <b>Zen</b> 4, <b>AM5,</b> <b>Ryzen</b> <b>V-Cache,</b> and <b>Ryzen</b> <b>6000</b> Mobile and <b>more</b>

Surprisingly, these new DisplayPort 2 APUs are ready in addition to true HDMI 2.1 support. The media engine has also been significantly revised to improve performance and add features such as AV1 hardware decoding. Overall, this is a huge upgrade across all aspects of the AMD mobile platform, which seemed a bit outdated with the Ryzen 5000.

DDR5 and 5 GHz speed

About memory support...talking to OEMs about laptop design The future is that Ryzen 6000 units only support DDR5. However, this is not expected to increase the price of the laptops significantly, as we are told that OEM-supplied DDR5 is much better than retail and priced slightly higher than DDR4. Additionally, it looks like most OEMs will be using some type of DDR5 for newer AMD and Intel laptops.

But there are other cases as well, as the Ryzen Mobile 6000 will be the first Ryzen processor to reach 5 GHz - that's the same listed Ryzen 9 6980HX boost frequency. The 5980HX was clocked at 4.8GHz, so it only increased by 4%, but it's still one of the main parameters of the CPU architecture. <b>AMD</b> <b>receives</b> <b>CES</b> <b>2022:</b> Roadmap for <b>Zen</b> 4, <b>AM5,</b> <b>Ryzen</b> <b>V-Cache,</b> and <b>Ryzen</b> <b>6000</b> Mobile and <b>more</b>

On the rest of the line, products also have higher amplification frequencies - the 6600H is now 4.5GHz versus 4.2GHz with the 5600H - while the base clocks of the H components are about the same. But here with AMD HS series APUs for 35W class systems we get a hint of performance improvement, and base clocks have been increased by up to 10%, which is supposed to provide better performance. The cache system remains at 16 MB L3 plus 4 MB L2 in the full eight master segments.

Of course, there are also ultra-thin U-series processors with a TDP range of 15 to 28 watts. In addition to some of the updated 5000 series components, there are two new U-series SKUs, the best of which is the Ryzen 7 6800U, which now runs at 4.7GHz (from 4.4GHz to 5800U) and a full 12 RDNA2 compute units. Puts. GPU This has to be a real GPU beast in a mobile system. The hexa-core designs in both the H and U series (6600H, 6600HS, and 6600U) all reduce GPUs with only 6 compute units and a clock speed of less than 1.9GHz, but all eight-core models are good for visibility. 12 CUs complete at 2.2 or 2.4GHz.

AMD makes big and bold performance claims to make major changes to its supply. <b>AMD</b> <b>receives</b> <b>CES</b> <b>2022:</b> Roadmap for <b>Zen</b> 4, <b>AM5,</b> <b>Ryzen</b> <b>V-Cache,</b> and <b>Ryzen</b> <b>6000</b> Mobile and <b>more</b>

AMD expects 1080p gaming performance to double with the 6800U versus the 5800U on a 28W power package. In addition, we should expect huge gains in any application that uses GPU acceleration or media encoding, including Adobe Premiere Pro and Blender. AMD expects the 6800U to easily outperform the Intel Core i7-1165G7 and Nvidia MX450 in the game, although both will be updated to the latest designs in 2022. With FSR enabled, AMD is touting nearly 60fps at 1080p on titles Majors like Far Cry 6 and Deathloop at 6800U, which is impressive even if the visual quality is reduced. <b>AMD</b> <b>receives</b> <b>CES</b> <b>2022:</b> Roadmap for <b>Zen</b> 4, <b>AM5,</b> <b>Ryzen</b> <b>V-Cache,</b> and <b>Ryzen</b> <b>6000</b> Mobile and Other

< p> CPU performance is not forgotten, AMD listed 10% higher single-core performance and 30% higher multi-core performance for the 6800U versus the 5800U at 28W in many applications. Of course, we have to evaluate these performance claims ourselves, the usual salt benefits apply here.

But despite all the improvements in power management, AMD expects some designs to reach 24 hours. Battery-powered video playback, with lower power consumption, works with other things like browsing the web in Chrome. Unfortunately, we didn't get the expected performance of H-series APUs, so we have to figure out for ourselves how they integrate with high-performance laptops and gaming systems. <b>AMD</b> <b>receives</b> <b>CES</b> <b>2022:</b> Roadmap for <b>Zen</b> 4, <b>AM5,</b> <b>Ryzen</b> <b>V-Cache,</b> and <b>Ryzen</b> <b>6000</b> Mobile and <b>more</b>

Ryzen 6000 laptops will be available from February and will face some competition. Intel is expected to introduce its new Alder Lake-based laptop processor, which should be much faster than what it currently offers and how its desktop product line should work.

, although these are pretty good performance claims. And the platform needs major overhauls, 2022 will be a hot battle in the mobile field, and AMD's main selling point will likely be its new and fast GPU. Radeon Laptop GPUs AMD introduced the Radeon RX 6000S series, which are RX 6000 standard GPUs, optimized for designing thin and light laptops. The RX 6800S, RX 6700S, and RX 6600S run less than their full-size M variants — I think Nvidia's now defunct Max-Q series — except that AMD makes the point more clear with its naming scheme. Low consumption models. <b>AMD</b> <b>receives</b> <b>CES</b> <b>2022:</b> <b>Zen</b> 4 Roadmap, <b>AM5,</b> <b>Ryzen</b> V - Cache and <b>Ryzen</b> <b>6000</b> And <b>more</b>

On top of the S-series, AMD is releasing five new M-series GPUs for laptops. Three of them are more advanced, faster and more efficient than their current product line. AMD claims the RX 6850M XT should be 7% faster than the 6800M, while the RX 6650M XT and RX 6650M should be 20% faster than the RX 6600M. Then there are two new Navi-based GPUs, the RX 6500M and RX 6300M, designed for entry-level laptops that typically use GPUs around the 35-watt mark. <b>AMD</b> <b>receives</b> <b>CES</b> <b>2022:</b> Roadmap for <b>Zen</b> 4, <b>AM5,</b> <b>Ryzen</b> V-Cache and <b>Ryzen</b> <b>6000</b> Mobile and Other Cases

We don't have many details about these products yet, but it appears that the performance gains are being made by combining a higher GPU with a higher memory clock. The 6600M has room to transfer up to 16Gbps versus 14Gbps, and AMD can also enable a 32 CU Navi 23 full die for the 6650M XT if desired. We'll learn more about these launches in the next few months. <b>AMD</b> Download <b>CES</b> <b>2022:</b> Roadmap for <b>Zen</b> 4, <b>AM5,</b> <b>Ryzen</b> <b>V-Cache,</b> and <b>Ryzen</b> <b>6000</b> Mobile and <b>more</b>

For gaming laptops using AMD 2022 discrete GPUs, many new features will be available. One of them is SmartShift Max, which is an improvement over their existing SmartShift technology that balances the power budget between the CPU and GPU during gaming and usually reduces CPU power to give more power to the GPU. With SmartShift Max, AMD has improved the algorithm to work on more titles and slightly increase performance compared to SmartShift on other titles. <b>AMD</b> <b>receives</b> <b>CES</b> <b>2022:</b> Roadmap for <b>Zen</b> 4, <b>AM5,</b> <b>Ryzen</b> <b>V-Cache,</b> and <b>Ryzen</b> <b>6000</b> Mobile and <b>more</b>

SmartShift Eco when playing on battery disables discrete GPU. , allows you to use the integrated RDNA2 GPU instead in the new 6000 series of APUs.

And for fans of today's powerful laptops, the latest smart technology introduced today is going to be exciting: SmartAccess Graphics. This is an automatic mux switch that allows direct communication between the monitor and the discrete GPU during gameplay, and then switches to the iGPU for performance when high-performance graphics are not required. <b>AMD</b> <b>CES</b> 2022 Ra Drift Me Kind: <b>Zen</b> 4, <b>AM5,</b> <b>Ryzen</b> <b>V-Cache,</b> <b>Ryzen</b> <b>6000</b> Mobile, and Digger Resources

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TSMC's price hike this year is expected to affect processors and graphics cards

Why it matters: We've seen a lot of claims lately that we'll see the graphics card nightmare improve this year, but prices may return to pre-chip leve... AMD is rumored to release an update to the Radeon RX 6000 series with 18 Gbps of memory.

AMD is rumored to release an update to the Radeon RX 6000 series with 18 Gbps of memory.

Rumor: While there were rumors that AMD could introduce some updated versions of the Radeon RX 6000 series at CES, the only desktop graphics card we s... Airlines warn of chaos in aviation after the deployment of the fifth generation network tomorrow

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