Virtual Pinball AtGames Legends Review: Better Choice ... More

Pinball piny fans prefer the AtGames product, but they have annoying problems.

If you were to tell me at the beginning of 2021 that I wasn't looking for one but two default options for pinball for the home, I'd nod my head and say it certainly sounds very surprising. A mock gaming experience is a great antidote to any vicious person turning into a pandemic. Although a few arcade mode lockers rarely got me excited, the virtual pinball game is another story.

When I play classics like Pac-Man or Donkey Kong on console, I generally feel like this is the experience of standing up with big joysticks (mileage may vary, in which case there's plenty for you). But the direction, shape, and touch of the pinball make it less authentic when turned into a virtual device on something like the Xbox. I don't have the money and space for a fleet of classic pinball machines, so I love the idea of ​​a single system that simulates dozens of tables while really keeping the genre—the basics like kick buttons, shake and piston options.

READ MORE Arcade1Up Pinball Cabinet Review: Good for Families, Fun for Educators Last month, this led me to try the Arcade1Up Williams Pinball Desk, if I wasn't catchy, I had fun. But choosing a great virtual office and building it physically strong was hard enough to make selling it difficult for anyone outside the family. However, I've seen its potential as a customizable machine, either to add more virtual tables or to use its $600 base as a cheap way to a dream home system.

Shortly after that, I received a friendly email from competing manufacturer AtGames mentioning their default product for hacks and pins. And after a recent trial period, I'm glad they did.

Do you have scalability? Want more options by default? AtGames Legends Pinball is provided. While I would definitely recommend Virtual Pinball fans to choose between AtGames, there are quite a few superstars - besides the fact that less important players (especially families) are better off. It is the commitment to Arcade1Up.

Five important differences

The square in which the main unit is located. Sam Machkovech as in the author's kitchen. A more detailed expansion of how this art is displayed in the live product. It has high accuracy. Also pay attention to this white button. It acts as a "push" button and there is a button on each side. This is a great touch. Unfortunately the cardboard on the bottom came with this tear, but the glass on top is the most important thing, and it came without a crack or ding. The default d-pad is used to navigate most menus. Expandable ports are near the rear glass (which I'll cover a bit more). This internet-connected platform is ready for OS updates. Select a set of pre-installed schedules and DLC content. Description of the game Gladiators by Gottlieb, it runs on Legends Pinball. Take a closer look at the main screen. More accurate zoom of the information page, the text is not as high resolution as I wanted. Sometimes field elements have no depth in Gottlieb tables. Each officially backed Legendary Thieves Pinball table includes back tier art. Online scoreboards look good.

Most of the setup steps for Pinball Legends are a reflection of the Arcade1Up locker. The largest piece of this kit is pre-made and it's big and heavy - just over 100 yen in a box to fit two people in the hallway for extra room. The box includes aluminum bases that holders have to wrap around the main body to keep it upright, while the extra box includes a "rear window" connector that connects to the top of the body to look like a real pinball hold.


Put it all together, connect it, and a screen will light up from above to show the pre-installed pinball tables. Press some buttons to view a game through an on-screen menu and select a game, then use a real and physical press to release the ball and the buttons next to the locker to work with the lifts. You are now playing Virtual Thief Pinball.

While these basic descriptions apply to the two lockers we tested, AtGames never really sets us apart from the competition. First, its screen is 33% larger: 32 inches versus 24 inches Arcade1Up. Second, the screen is 1080p compared to the 720p Arcade1Up and has much better color calibration. Third, the screen is covered in an all-glass screen that looks beautifully made from Arcade1Up plastic covers. Fourth, the flip buttons are not alone. Next to each button is a "push" button, so instead of relying on an inaccurate accelerometer, you can set up your desk and move a pin code wherever you want. (The Arcade1Up product doesn't include these interesting buttons.)

Finally, the glass back of the AtGames has a second LCD that changes your art based on each game you pre-install. The Arcade1Up rear window, on the other hand, prints a static image. Surprisingly, AtGames premiered earlier this year at $600 on Arcade1Up tables, but when the sets started selling, AtGames changed their song. The updated suite costs an additional $150 at the official AtGames Store — that's how much you could mistakenly pay for the largest downloadable platform package on the platform now available at $750.

Yes, you can add games - in many ways

AtGames clearly wants you to add content to this. Paid DLC packs are the system's most straightforward path to development, and each pack contains approximately 11 additional virtual tables. Currently, it is limited to tables made by Zaccaria, the Italian manufacturer that made dozens of tables in the 1970s and 1980s. Williams classics aren't, but their digital copies are good enough.

To purchase these packages, you need to go to the AtGames website and after purchase, the problem of claiming a DLC code appears through it, then their site arrives at the correct control panel of the system to select the on-screen keyboard and type the entire code on your desk. Certainly this is a hidden solution.

If you want to bypass the official DLC, AtGames routes you through three prominent ports on the top of the base unit: two for USB, and one for HDMI.

Ads for expandable outlets on top of the AtGames' Legends pinball machine. Sam Machkovech I have added sample MAME games to my device according to the linked instructions. Save the countries! Golden Tee games don't have a vertical orientation, but it's a good excuse to use the $200 AtGames Control Panel plugin.

If you want to download the official DLC, you need a USB flash drive in one of the slots, because Legends Pinball has little internal storage. But for the DLC packages available so far, you need about 3GB, and you can have plenty of space for more files in an average USB storage. Plus, if you split that stick into a smaller FAT32 partition and a larger ExFat, the latter becomes a good place for games you might want to emulate.

The AtGames interface includes a tab for "BYOG" Bring Your Own Content or Game, although the specific guide doesn't explain exactly how this works. Instead, shift your thinking to the good things in life. I've relied on a comprehensive and horrifying guide from TechTalk Wagner, which shows that Pinball Legends, like other AtGames Legends products, supports simulation cores from the Retroarch family. You have to create 'bundle' files for each classic game you want to play and then put them in the ExFat USB partition.

Next, sync a Bluetooth game screen and a powerful 32-inch vertical screen for classic games. Most classic console games look silly because they are horizontal and waste most of the screen. But MAME vertical games (sometimes in the arcade community like TATE games) look great in the series, including huge, classic "shmups" games like Mrs. Pac-Man. With a lack of proper scale and some audio simulation flaws, this isn't ideal, but the SoC is powerful enough for the MAME games I threw at it, and the screen's default color calibration is good.

Everyone said, I don't recommend buying Legends Pinball for Donkey Kong with the original aspect ratio. But a good gift on top.

Legends in the Cloud?

If you want access to high-end, high-end LS games, AtGames also offers a cloud-based subscription service that allows you to transfer authorized ROMs directly to your locker. The device's built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections are strong enough for this, and not a good option for additional gaming on regular Legends devices. But this service does not offer subscription fees in the vertical direction, so it is difficult to recommend Legends Pinball.

Virtual Pinball AtGames Legends Review: Better Choice ... More
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