Ubisoft at E3: Mario Rabbids sequel, Rainbow Six: Extraction, more

Ubisoft Forward delivers a mix of familiar and new: guns, extreme sports, just dancing.

On Saturday, Ubisoft joined the E3-timed announcement fray with its latest Ubisoft Forward video presentation, complete with a mix of familiar and brand-new game announcements.

The showcase kicked off with Rainbow Six: Extraction, a three-player co-op battling game that drops an alien invasion on top of Tom Clancy's tactical-combat universe. (Did I miss that particular subgenre of Clancy books? No matter.) The game will launch on PC and most consoles on September 16.

A meaty gameplay preview video showed a three-player squad moving through one of the game's combat levels, which will combine bespoke architecture with random alien placements—and Ubisoft's reps hinted to the aliens being able to create walls, gates, and restrictions to randomly redefine your descent into each level's belly.  The resulting gameplay resembles Left 4 Dead, with a mix of weak and superpowered aliens (dubbed "Archies") potentially splitting squads up as they battle and survive.

Ubisoft didn't clearly answer how the game's ongoing experience and ability systems will work, but Ubisoft's reps hinted to this including a severe risk/reward structure. If you progress more deeply into a particular level, you'll be able to score more rewards, but if any player in a squad is left behind in a mission, that player will lose progress. And these levels are even tougher thanks to the fact that you'll need to melee-kill certain enemies to extract "tissue data," instead of merely killing from afar and running away.

Exactly how much progress will players lose upon death? And how much will this resemble permadeath and thus result in stressful online griefing opportunities for strangers? Those issues remains unclear. But Extraction does look like a potentially interesting twist on co-op alien battling, especially with R6: Siege's gadgets and destructible walls figuring into the genre in seemingly unique ways. Plus, announced cross-play support has us thinking this game might have significant online-play legs.

Advertisement This announcement image went live roughly 12 hours before the game was formally announced, thanks to Nintendo uploading the game's info page ahead of schedule. Ubisoft / Nintendo Tactical, super-sized overalls? Some sort of painting-based puzzle. Romp-running between tactical battles.

One of the event's biggest (albeit unsurprising) stories leaked hours before the conference: Next year, Ubisoft will continue its partnership with Nintendo and release a sequel in the Mario + Rabbids crossover franchise. The new game, titled Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, sticks to the series' weird premise of original Super Mario characters joining forces with Rabbids, giving them all guns, and making them fight bad guys using turn-based, XCOM-like tactics.

This time, the crossover universe borrows from Super Mario Galaxy's canon by sending the combined battling forces across multiple planets, and introducing Rabbid-ized versions of Rosalina and Luna. Unsurprisingly, the sequel will continue the crossover series' streak of remaining a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

Ubisoft pledges to include more musical genres in Rocksmith+, particularly "subgenres of metal." Play simplified translations of songs. Or play note-for-note guitar recreations. The service will include its own built-in chart creator... but only for songs that Ubisoft has formally licensed. Hence, you'll probably want to stick to the 2014 original if you want access to a fully open song library.

Another Saturday morning leak revolved around today's announcement of Rocksmith+, a new "live" version of Ubisoft's "Guitar Hero, but with real guitars" series. Like last time, you can connect your favorite real-life guitar to your console or computer to enable a mix of guitar-playing tutorials and rhythm-gaming strums through familiar songs... only this time, you'll pay a subscription-service fee for the privilege. This follows Ubisoft's decision last year to sunset the existing Rocksmith service, which had revolved around individual DLC purchases of add-on songs.

If you've never bothered with Rocksmith before, a subscription service may ultimately make more sense than lump-sum purchases of individual songs to strum to. But it's unclear whether Ubisoft will maintain enough content and variety to make the new game's version worth investing in for the longterm, especially for those who already dumped plenty of cash into Rocksmith's seven-year-old last-gen structure (or prefer the older PC version's support for user-made add-ons). Today's announcement of a free beta will at least let those with compatible guitars try before they might one day subscribe—and see whether the new game's mobile app version holds up in terms of using your phone's mic to track your guitar strumming accurately.

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Ubisoft at E3: Mario Rabbids sequel, Rainbow Six: Extraction, more
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