Two readers have reviewed the first three parts of Amazon's Wheel of Time

Amazon's new series premiered last night, and there's a lot of talk about it. Time books, and they bring this knowledge by reviewing every episode of Amazon's new WoT TV series. These summaries don't cover all the elements of each section, but they contain the main spoilers for the show and book collection. If you want to stay put and not read books, these summaries are not for you.

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Andrew: I think I'd better start the first episode by building credibility for my book.

A friend in mid-2003 gave me a hard copy of The Eye of the World, which I mentioned specifically because I knew Crossroads of Twilight had been published but had yet to be published. Paperback So I reviewed them all once or twice in high school, then reread the entire collection again in the middle of the Sanderson era, and then reread the last full set in 2019, after talking to me about EotW. Podcast book. Lee: In 1997, while dinosaurs were roaming the Earth, a fellow in the friendly neighborhood of Babbage suggested to me a fictional series he was interested in called The Wheel of Time. He lent me a copy of the Eye of the World, and then yeah, it was the same—it was like getting stuck in a crazy vortex of addictive vertigo. The last book at the time was The Crown of Swords, which had just been published, the seventh book, and it had I finished this collection in a few months. It's been re-read several times since then, each time a new book comes out (until Twilight Crossroads), but at this point it's probably been several years since I picked a book. However, I ask my wife to fill in the blanks for me - traditionally, when I had an infection, I infected her with WoT, and she's more excited about the show. Andrew: Unfortunately, my wife had a lot of antibodies to get a fever. Maybe from reading all that Tolkien? And like, I got it. Can Selling it to skeptics is a tough series. The conversation is always something like, "Okay, fourteen giant books, and the first one in particular is more of a Lord of the Rings pastiche, and he spends a lot of time in that space." Guys like this/Women like that ". Not very old... »Lee: Half of the character hate in WoT is an important part of fans! Maybe we can get it after the show! The World's Time Wheel </ em> Rebuilt with Love (and Expensive). 'src = Zoom/The World of Time Wheel is romantic (and expensive) was.Amazon Studios Andrew: I mean, I saw Nate's story in the "Watch Again" line on Netflix, so I know he was watching more silly stuff.

All that being said! When these books are good, they're still really fun. The Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones comparison will be inevitable during this project, so I'm going to break that seal now - those books and series have a kind of blood-stained nihilism ...but Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson love them..all of their characters and rarely use "the sudden death of the main character" or "rape" as a narrative trigger.

Lee: That's a good approach. I'm always against WoT. GoT is the Millennium Falcon - sloppy, with voice Loud, with a few swearing, but it got where it matters.Where WoT is sweeping lines, flowy, slow-moving clothes, crisp white hoods, and a camera that can't Behold, GoT is dirt, muck, and dirt, and you cover up after death. (On the other hand, Ice Seyde obviously doesn't shit at all.) The differences aren't just objective, though there are many—the two visually offering very, very different experiences. Andrew: Well, let's skip those first three episodes. This, in general, makes me feel like a "sweaty TV pilot." There's a lot to be said for what they are and what they don't individually, but as a group, they're all doing hard work - they have to build a whole bunch of their supporters and opponents and start building your character and your story. . They visit several places and talk about a large number of them. We either learn about or hear about three very different subcultures (Whitecloaks, Tinkers, and Aiel). This is all a little confusing, and some intros work better than others. Abdul Salas' role as Eamonn Walda, a fluid in a sticky white cape, is the highlight of the early episodes.

In the case of the characters named "Thom", Tom Marilyn has a completely electric introduction - although this character, unfortunately, does not have giant white mustaches. We'll probably talk more about Tom in the next episode.)

You're a great book review - friends, watch Andrew's podcast! - I would love to hear from you. What is the correct way to reduce the brutal quotation of a book on TV? How do you balance the need to tell that story with the need for a coherent, practical, and independent adaptation? It would be all too easy to frustrate them, because, as a group, they're usually more interested in giving their strict idea of ​​what's "good" to characters we know are basically "good." Do, suppose. The making of the white cloak standout - and our introduction to the big organization is written - a sticky, horny sadie smiling at Seda is one of the strongest moments we get here.

That's what you have. It has to be done, right? Television shows especially rely on this type of shorthand, the ability to tell us what we need to know about a person or group of people through a combination of visual cues and one or two people. Obviously, when the audience feels more comfortable, some depth and complexity of the book can be introduced later. But at the start of a show like this, it's all about combining shows and photos to create unforgettable first impressions. Whitecloak sequences are great at this one. Scenes in which Moiraine or Lan and the monologue with the other characters stand for a few minutes are less frequent. Lan (Daniel Henny) and Moiraine (Rosamond Pike) don Zoom/Lan (Daniel Heaney) and Maureen (Rosamund Pike)) It doesn't quite match the character descriptions in the books, but the performances are crystal clear. Amazon Lee Studio: Moirin is also the main driver of this episode's plot, and Rosamond Pike has to cover her blue shoulders. He could start the story - without any introduction to Age of Legends - and pave the way for us. I swear I don't want to turn this into a huge book versus a movie, but it's worth noting that even in the first few minutes, the show updates the book's rules quite a bit — in the realm of the time wheel. After death, souls are reborn over and over again and spin into new bodies by the wheel. And in the play, a man can be reborn as a woman, or a woman as a man - something that wasn't in the books (although Aranger and Sninger) - although people who have never read those books needn't. to worry about reference).

Moiraine is, we're told, reborn in the hunt for dragons - the reincarnation of the man who "broke the world" thousands of years ago and set off. Era of Chaos and Darkness Although the first dragon was a man, the newborn dragon could now be anyone of any age. There are long-term implications for the story here, and a set of chapter one focuses on making the audience know exactly who this dragon is. The only thing Maureen knows is that he's almost certainly one of our five main characters - Matt Reed, the red-haired Rand, the thoughtful Beren, the thoughtful Eugene, or the Nineveh, village wise (half doctor, half punched) Think in your face..a disturbing peace .. I was born. On the other hand, I really appreciate the work the play does to add subtle differences to the old, strict gender roles in the books. The two river women in the books are smart and resilient, but they're also a bunch of braided women. The two Rivers women in the play, at a glance we see, maintain the same social feel, but can have drinks, parties, and sex. Rand and Eugene have sex together. Explicitly putting Eugene and Ninao on narrative grounds with Rand, Matt, and Beren helps tell how much of a role they play in the rest of the story moving forward.

On the other hand, the gap between the male and female halves of The One Power is central to just about everything in the series (Randland's gender is completely binary, although the show seems ready to try it out, and I hope it does). A born dragon is in danger and Maureen must find him, especially as he is a half-corrupt man who leads a single force and condemns him to sheer madness. The last time the Dragon Reborn went crazy, it split the world in two like the new Oreo. Even among those who believe that he will save the world, there is a belief that he must be under the utmost control. These, again, are very basic things. And I'm still not sure which decision it will be in the long run. Nynaeve al Zoom / Nynaeve al'Meara (Zoë Robins) and Amazon studio Lee : I agree - and there are things in the following episodes that really surprise me how the force works in this adaptation. However, if we want to make any changes, the interesting thing for me is that instead of making the three boys (Matt, Beren and Rand) look bad with the ladies, Beren (Marcus Rutherford) starts getting married! He had a wife! And she's not a lost or angry man - she's a blacksmith who seems to know better than Perrin how to work in the forge. Andrew: The show's wife was tragically killed almost instantly to the point that Beren suffers a deep and lasting grief. This is one of the cheapest scenes in the series, and was less well known in all three episodes. Lee: Yeah, they put it in the fridge right away.

It's hard to discuss this without trying to examine the narrative implications - almost as difficult as adapting the series in the first place. Without ruining everything for non-Biblical readers, Perrin's choice of "picking up the ax" or "picking up the hammer" makes up so much of his character's arc, that the consequences are hard to see. At first I thought I would hate it, but the more I thought about it, the more interesting it became. It's great to see these characters that I've lived with in my mind for over 20 years and suddenly do something new. I think I like it. Rand, Beren and Matt (Josha Stradowski, Marcus Rutherford, Barney Harris) are enjoying a rare moment of calm. src="" alt=" Two singers reviewed the first three episodes of Amazon Zoom/Rand, Perrin, and Matt (Josha Stradowski, Marcus Rutherford enjoys And Barney Harris with a rare moment of calm.Amazon Studios Andrew: Feeling, “Oh, I'm excited to see how they change that!” I think that's the most correct attitude for the book reader. The first season of Game of Thrones was a very simple and realistic adaptation of the Game of Thrones The sheer length of WoT and how the scope and focus of the books change as they progress means it's always difficult for the Eye of the World to do. Honestly, to me, the fact that this show is happening at all is so impossible that I just want to enjoy the ride. But it's kind Of confidence the creative teams behind these mods can easily lose, as did David Benioff and DB. Weiss did just that when Game of Thrones reached its final seasons.

Zoom in a bit: Which characters would you fit in in The first three episodes? Who seems to have a role in this character and who doesn't? I have ideas, But I want to hear from you first.

Lee: Let me start quickly with the top five - Rand, Matt, Perrin, Ninekif, and Egwen. All are enough, although Nynaeve (Zoë Robins) and Mat (Barney Harris) probably have the biggest effort. Everyone except Rand (Josha Stradowski) is having a good time building the character (of course, I'd expect society to be deeply divided between Beren's wife, and it's a little annoying to see Matt, Knight's father selling a horse who has become an alcoholic). ulna). “Who is the dragon!?” The steering error is so strong - so powerful that a major interaction between Rand and his father Tom is completely eliminated from the first part. (I'm sure the whole part of "You're not really my son" will come up later, but the lack of it is sad.) I saw it mentioned) But yes, one of the benefits of not being in Rand's head in 95% of the story is that he can blend in a bit more with the rest. . Lee: On behalf of Aes Sedai, the ones we meet in the first few episodes are great - Moiraine is Moiraine, and I have to research to find the real complaint about how the character is portrayed. (The only important thing I can think of is that Pike might be too tall for the role, which is kind of a criticism.) Canon' isn't a match. But he has such a subtle, thoughtful agility and kindness that I really enjoy. And he definitely has a face of planes and angles. < /p>

What about you? Andrew: Yes, he didn't physically fit in with Lynn, but he walks away from it all. The non-Morrien characters and the way he and Pike interacted in the performance helped me. I think Nynaeve is one of the most notable early entrants , whose arc is optimized for show (runs away from the Trollocs during the initial attack on Emond's Field and leaves with the rest of the guests rather than pursue his will), but consistent with his character in the books. He's slightly older and stronger than the other two rivers (??), driven by rage. And so is Compassion. He's doing a good job. So far. Andrew: It's time!

Struggling with the most frequently changed character. Madeleine Madden, who plays Eugene, is doing nothing wrong, but it hasn't happened much yet. And Harris finds Matt flat and unpopular. Some of them might be the fault of the show! Because, as I mentioned, the show rug is highly undesirable. Bigger and less than a Han Solouyan book rug. But I don't know if the on-screen fights ever helped remake him for a second season?. . src="" alt=" Two singers review the first three episodes of Amazon's Wheel of Time"> Zoom/Matt and Badan Fine (Johann Myers), in Part One Shows But he (never) appears again. Amazon Lee Studio: Yeah, it's too early to say that, but it definitely follows what we've seen so far. There's definitely a lot to do with it, as we get to Shadow Lugoth fairly quickly, this is the second big scene after Amund Square, and a piece of Matt's arc coming out of a dagger for the first few books. Andrew: Because of me, we didn't actually get a PoV chapter from Mat to Book 3, so chances are if you were just reading EotW to research the role, it wouldn't be much to go on.

Two readers have reviewed the first three parts of Amazon's Wheel of Time
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