Top 20 Ars Technica Video Games of 2021
Lack of chips, game lags can't stop us from choosing among 20 great games. 2020 was tough before, but many of his biggest games mostly ended up in a normal development cycle. Projects planned for next year were not so fortunate.

So, this year's gaming news has been filled with delays, hot startups, unending turmoil, and game publishers trying to fill in patchy backups. And that says nothing about gamers themselves, not knowing if chips and vital components may once again be plentiful enough to buy the latest console and PC hardware.

Chances are, there are still great Games to come by the end of 2021. The product line, from big-budget giants to amazing India. This year, in an effort to reduce the rating anger and celebrate every game on our list, we are removing the numbered ratings, with the exception of Ars Technica which was officially named the best Video game of 2021 at the bottom of the list.

This alphabetical list covers everything from selfless praise to cautionary notes, but each game's ability to crack this 20-player list, in our opinion, is enough to show that every game is worth a look. /p>

Ars Technica may be compensated for the sale of links in this post through affiliate programs. Running xenos is my new favorite way to pass the time. xenos zoom is my new favorite way to pass the time. Cool Iron Studios

Aliens: Fireteam Elite

PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S | Buy on: Amazon, Best Buy, PSN, Xbox, Steam

If you're a typical Ars reader with a PC or game console, and have hot reviews about the closeness between Ridley Scott, HR Giger, and Dan O'Bannon. In the first really fun co-op game in the alien world, you'll likely find something to like. Fireteam Elite keeps it simple: You and two friends use large gadgets and guns to destroy waves of even larger enemies, mostly in the form of xenos but ultimately in combination with action members.

How to do it. Does the simple game compete with dozens of other shooters on consoles and PC? AFE is on the year-end list, not because of new ideas, but because of good performance. Cold Iron Study strikes the perfect balance between battlefield maze design, compelling enemy patterns, interesting cooperative strategy options and variable combat speed, while building a long and varied campaign with increasingly dangerous Weyland-Yutani risks. Crowded during each campaign mission, the acceleration rises up and down so well that it's perfectly convenient to turn on the microphone and shoot with your teammates in the midst of intense combat, while your teammates score points and weapons. Force them to pay attention to each other and interact purposefully. The second quality of the ad contrasts starkly with my loneliness in Back 4 Blood, a 2021 co-op combat candidate that seeks to speed up team collaboration. I need more reasons to interact with my online gaming teammates in 2021, no less. AFE does this well in a package, even if the increase in difficulty is likely to drive your team to the extreme.

- Sam Machkovich, Tech Culture Editor

Cruis'n Blast lifestyle at work. src="" alt=" Top 20 Ars Technica Video Games in 2021"> Zoom in/out Colorful tech dinosaur in a stylish blue sports car. It's the Cruis'n Blast lifestyle at work. Raw Thriller / Nintendo

Cruis'n Blast

Switch | Shopping at: Best Buy, Target, Nintendo eShop

Many racing Games have an identity crisis. They are neither committed to realism nor absurdity, and they come to nothing. That's not the case with Cruis'n Blast, which captures the entirety of the original, cool, and playful spirit of arcade. It makes sense: The game was originally developed as an arcade-exclusive in 2017 and then moved to the Switch last September.

Cruis'n Blast is exclusively for speed. You should never take your finger off the accelerator pedal when depressing the accelerator pedal. When you hit the wall don't stop. Your car will simply rotate 360 ​​degrees and move forward. There's no small map in the bottom corner, because even when you're turning, the only direction you're going is forward. This is a game where you can still zoom in at 145 mph while moving your car. It's all romantic nonsense: you can ride a tank or hammer with a hammer and compete in the jungles of dinosaurs or UFO cities. You can pick up wheels with wheels in a stealthy helicopter (complete with car engine noise). You can take a tour on the barrel.

No one's online - although there is a split screen for up to four players, which Ars welcomes - and many other racing Games have more cars and tracks. (Forza Horizon 5, which almost made it to the 2021 list, is a better bet.) Every race is more of a journey than a competition: AI has a heavy tire impact, and every track has events. Winning the clue means using NO at the right time and drifting as much as you can, not doing your part right. However, Cruis'n Blast is a dash, each match taking two minutes of effects, colors and strikes. It comes and goes, and the game never pretends to be nothing. It's huge, sexy, and unrealistic. 2021 Door of Death game. src="" alt=" Top 20 Ars Technica Video Games in 2021 for you. Death's Door 2021.

Death's Door

PC, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S | Shop at: GOG, Steam, Nintendo eShop, PSN, Xbox

As you scroll through this list, which is currently sorted alphabetically, you'll find other Games more alive from tradition than the familiar Death's Door Fam. When you spend about 15 minutes of this top-down adventure game, you'll likely find a mixture of Zelda-like navigation and puzzles, a host of brutal battles like Dark Souls, dodge and attack mechanics, and spirit dead enemies as currency.

But by the end of 2021, Ars couldn't let go of death's door as a first-class glow to both concepts shared. In a way, 2017's Hollow Knight, as a familiar yet fascinating re-read of all things Metrodovania, took our breath away. Death's Door encourages its players with a Tim Burton-caliber plot to rig like a fearsome reaper, but the real fun comes from how Acid Nerve Studios, previously released Titan Quest, masterfully combats the combat controls. And combine with great stop motion shows. Worlds and Monsters, so what if it's familiar - when the gameplay is so fast and it's so cool to watch?

Even better, after its first release earlier this year on PC and Xbox, Death's Door has since arrived on Nintendo Transforms. In the form of a solid port of 30 fps - and we can't say the same about other similar Games on this year's list of the best. So, if your year-end game plans are spent heavily on Switch, perhaps because you're taking someone on vacation, you'd better stick with Death's Door than re-release Nintendo's exclusive Zelda: Skyward Sword in 2021.

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