The free games for November at Epic's Store include Amazon Prime, Control, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Never Alone.

Whether you're a computer game collector, or just tired of your current hobbies, there's always something you can try for free. Read this list and find one or two new shiny games to add to your various libraries on your PC. Inside, you'll find a healthy mix of action, strategy, and puzzles.

Below is our list of the top free games offered on major PC game distribution platforms...

Epic Games

The Epic Games Store page always contains a selection of games. Which is currently free or soon. Here are some of the items you can find right now. Before you know it, there will be a completely different option, so check out the store later. Simply click on the free offers on the front page of the stores and settle in as usual to find them in your Epic Games library.

Guild of Dungeoneering - Free November 18-25

Kid A Minicia Fair - Free from November 18-25, but walking into a music video looks scary and has a great atmosphere. In honor of the original recording and artwork, you'll see a celebration of the 21-year legacy of Radiohead's two albums, referred to as Kid A and Amnesiac.

Never Alone - Free November 18-25


In this platformer, you play as a young girl and her house fox, who are searching for everything behind the endless blizzard that threatens their home and way of life. You never look alone and have a charming and mystical feel about it. This is a valuable download for a short period of his story.

theHunter: Call of the Wild - Free from November 25 to December 2

This game is not a hunt like that of a fun game where you shoot hordes of dollars and geese with a gun Orange plastic. Instead, gently walk around the landscape to find the perfect photo. While you do this, you will realize how amazing the game looks. When TheHunter is free for a few more days, repeat it once. Steam

The free Steam games section of their store is growing every day. These are some of the funniest games released in November. Don't expect to find expensive movies here, but you can occasionally watch some interesting games and add them to your collection.

Simply add these games to your Steam library. Go to the play store page and click on "Game Game" and the download will start.

The Colossus Is Coming: The Interactive Experience

The Colossus Is Coming is also a game title. Album Auric Echoes, Music Artist and Game Designer. This game adds immersive touch and elements to a moody album. Colossus, whatever it is, appears above your head as you anxiously collect strips of album art.

SPOOKWARE: Watch Party

This game is similar to WarioWare Scary and is a collection. From mini games where you do weird things, like trace a plaster outline around a murder suspect, or see who can kill someone in the best way possible. However, this has a very simple and silly art direction, and it's hard to be afraid of those activities once you see a dancing skeleton playing on the keyboard. Prime Gaming

Prime Gaming is technically a free game No, but I think I'd be disappointed if I didn't add this to anyone who doesn't even know they can already access it as part of an Amazon Prime subscription. Every month, these games are archived to introduce new games. This is what you can find on the Prime Gaming page now.

Each game has a "Claim Game" button on its card. Unless you get a set of secondary instructions like repurchasing a code, this game will go directly to your library in the Amazon Games app.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Free Code for Origin until November 30

Dragon Age has not yet seen a release to follow the Inquisition. You can now download a digital copy for PC for free through Amazon Prime. Perhaps when the Dragon Age 4 release date is announced, you may feel the need to reboot, or maybe you haven't enjoyed Inquisition before. Either way, if you have a subscription, you should get it.

Click the same Claim button to claim it, but instead of joining Amazon's game library, you'll receive source code Go to EA, and there are specific instructions on how to repurchase it. An agency designed to hide supernatural things from the public at large. He is forced to use the properties of these elements to contain a threat to the end of the world. In doing so, surreal and perverted reality becomes the scene of Aldrich's modern adventure. If you decide to check it out, you will also receive two game extensions with this code.

Click on "Prompt" to get the code with instructions on how to download it. to buy it back on GOG. Play started in the previous version of the game. While this sad and dangerous story sounds like the next year's best adventure promo, Telltale delivered it in a Sunday paperback comic style. In this point-and-click adventure, you'll explore a small snowy town and discover a puzzle that can easily be organized into mini puzzles for your entertainment.

Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos - Free until December 1st

This is a co-op roguelite game. If the first sentence doesn't match your claim for this game, I think I can go ahead with the clarification. With your adventure, you'll enter a world beyond the legend of Zelda and try to erase it with just one life. If you die, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your adventurers from there, and all the dungeons in the world will see new and random iterations.

Hidden Files: Sam Peters - Free until December 1

Another Secret Files entry entered the Prime Gaming collection this month. In this series of point-and-click adventures, you will find that you dare to dangerous places in pursuit of secret creatures, usually with some political intrigue. In this research, the search for Asanbosam, a Chupacabra creature from African folk culture continues. A homage to retro racing games and nostalgia of the 80s and 90s. This top-down test does everything it can to stay simple, fast, and crazy. You can play with your friends or play individually to make the most of the global leaderboards.

Released - Free Until December 1

Jump Between Narratives Great graphics, Liberated, black and white shooter, cautionary tale about corruption and control. It does all this while doing the cool styling which you can see in the trailer.

Demon Hunter 2: New Chapter - Free until December 1st

I will say, this game is bad. However, the strange thing is how it's still so much fun. Demon Hunter 2 is the equivalent of rewatching old horror movies - even if it's rubbish bins, you still have a good night. Add it to your library for a little fun! is a site where usually small developers can upload their games for free or at a cheaper rate. . Even if you don't see the multi-million dollar budget or true graphic loyalty on this site, there is a wide selection of titles. Not all of them may win, but some are certain.

To download these games, just go to their respective pages in the store and press the red "Download or Claim" button and proceed with the bid. Push.

Here are 10 popular games that have been demoed at the time of writing. They change on you very quickly, but they will likely be replaced by something new by then, so look for it yourself.


Blades Adrift

The Lost World


The Potential

Ride n' Cold

The title tells you exactly what to expect here . You'll drive around a colorful island with low bridges serving as a ride service. Relax, play songs, and enjoy this cozy little project. Hell shapes and strokes are very simple. Pay attention to the songs, but don't touch the cascading pink shapes on the screen.

The Dark Retributionist

The Saved

The free games for November at Epic's Store include Amazon Prime, Control, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Never Alone.
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