Santa Claus and elves are not pretty in this spooky Nordic Christmas jewelry

The new Netflix series, The Elves, pairs perfectly with 2010's "Rare Exports: The Christmas Story."

The Western Christmas Tradition focuses on the hilarious character of Santa Claus and his workshop run by the lush and lovable Elves in the North Pole. The imagination is dominated by characters such as J.R.R. The Fantastic Elves of Tolkien in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, inspired by Old English poetry. But there are other, darker representations of aloe vera creatures in folklore from around the world.

If you're in the mood for something a little different for your weekend entertainment, I highly recommend the Nordic-inspired Christmas movie: Elves, a new Danish series that came out on Netflix last month, and a fun 2010 Finnish movie called Rare Export. : The Christmas Story (2010).

(Some spoilers below but without major finds. Archeology "discovers the real Santa Claus on Christmas Eve in Finland in Rare Exports: The Christmas Story.

Rare Export: A Christmas Story A rare export: A Christmas story rooted in a pair of short films produced by a Finnish commercial company The first, Rare Exports Inc., released online in 2003, showed three hunters in the wild in Lapland searching for a wild Santa Claus It became so popular that in 2005 the company released a sequel (Rare Export: Official Safety Guidelines). Both were directed by Gilmary Hollander, who eventually funded the production of a feature film based on the concept. and we're so glad he did.

According to the official summary:

This is Christmas Eve in northern Finland and archaeological digs have just unearthed the real Santa Claus. Klaus but this Santa Claus is not the kind of Santa Claus you want to come in. When the local kids start In mysteriously disappearing, young Petari and his father, Rauno, a reindeer hunter, besiege the mythical creature and try to sell Santa Close to a misguided leader of a multinational drilling company. However, Santa Claus elves do nothing to free their brave leader from captivity. What follows is a wild humorous nightmare — an incredibly bizarre debate about modern morality.

The film takes place near Korvatunturi (audio) in the Finnish province of Lapland, where the house is a family. A character resembling Santa Claus in Finnish folklore is called Joulupukki. Its literal translation is "Christmas goat" (or "wiped goat"), and the popular character is usually depicted in red, with a sleigh drawn by a reindeer (non-flying). Jolopoki is not necessarily an evil creature in mythology. But it was said that the appearance of a goat like him frightens the children. The rare export version appears to have something in common with Krampus, a character from central and eastern Alpine mythology who helps Saint Nicholas punish riotous children with an iron at Christmas. Aesthetically and aesthetically, Rare Exports owes more to brothers Grimm, Tim Burton, and Christmas horror classics, Gremlins, to happy health, like Norman Rockwell or Miracle at 34. Visually, it's absolutely beautiful. Holland's camera gently rotates over the cold Lapland landscape, and the story progresses quickly. It pulsates everywhere.

Oni Tomilla, who plays Petary (who is Hollander's nephew), is a stunning young actor who narrates the film. We sense his fear and determination to banish Santa Claus and his elves, which stems in part from his deep need to please his vengeful father—especially in light of his recent loss of his mother. The Prize: The film offers his explanation of the classic puzzle of how Santa gets multiple locations at Christmas at the same time. It all turns into a suspenseful, action-packed, and sometimes shocking Christmas story.

The Christmas holidays turn into a nightmare for a young girl and her family as an ancient threat follows their escape from their island to the elves.


During the Rare Exports trips on Joulupukki, elves appear to be a mix of hills, hills, trolls, and holdovolks ("The Hidden People"). . These are jungle and wild creatures, and in the hands of the series' director, Ron Ezra, they make pretty scary Christmas monsters. Official synopsis:

Hoping to reconnect at Christmas, a family of four travels to remote islands in the Danish archipelago, only to discover that members of a religious community balanced with creatures are tightly controlled by them. Live hard. In the woods showed that... they are elves. Real creatures and monsters that inspire the folklore and mythology we all know. When the family's daughter finds a dwarf child and brings him home, she unintentionally upsets the balance and engages all of the island's inhabitants in a battle of death or life for faith, family, and absolute survival.

and Charlotte (Lily Noble) - refuse to give him a dog. this is a decision they will regret. On their way to the rental place, they came across something in their car, but when they went out to investigate, there was no sign of it. Josephine finally finds a wounded creature: an adorable baby elf. He befriends the creature and restores it to health, only telling his brother Casper (Mello Campanale) about its existence. Netflix Josephine (Sonja Stein) finds goo in the family's car. Netflix praises a family with a Christmas tree that was cut down in defiance of local customs. Netflix Josephine notices strange incantations hanging from trees. Netflix is ​​a very funny kid elf. But he won't be a kid forever. Casper (Milo Campanale) Josephine's brother on Netflix is ​​the only one who knows about Baby Elves. Karen (Ann Eleonora Jørgensen), owner of the local Netflix store, is starting to get suspicious. Netflix's live-in daughter (Vivellill Søgaard Holm) is keen to leave the island. Netflix Müller (Rasmus Hamrich) hopes that aliens will heed his warnings. Netflix These elves can literally cut off a man's head. Netflix

Unfortunately, adult elves do not deal with what they interpret as stealing from one of their children. and when the misguided Josephine decides that the elves have been imprisoned against their will and turns off the electric fence to keep the creatures out, everything bleeds too fast. (The first scene depicts a cow show by the island's locals, which is swallowed up by vicious alien creatures within minutes, so the elves are stubborn opponents.)

Researchers tend to explain purposes. Mythical creatures as representatives of powerful forces of nature in a relatively harsh environment prone to earthquakes, avalanches, volcanoes and the like. endanger or disrupt this natural system. this issue has been inculcated in all the alphabets. Josephine and his family harass him from the start, ignoring the island manipulator Müller (Rasmus Hammerich) who warns him not to stick to a certain path on the island. They also cut down a local tree for Christmas decorations, in apparent violation of local customs. They can't be ignorant either, for the taboo is told by Karen (Anne Eleanor Jorgensen), a local woman who raises her orphaned granddaughter Leo (Violell Sogard Holm) to succeed her as guardian of the island against the elves. Josephine ignores Karen and Mueller's warnings, but she also has a real connection to the little fetus. this unexpected friendship, and rival factions seeking to separate them, fuels the series' emotional stakes. No one can live safely in another world, and a painful separation seems inevitable. The Elves, with its six-and-a-half-hour episodes, is a major Christmas overeating, and the final episode opens up the possibility of a second season — assuming this series' dream gem can find an audience.

Rare Export: A Christmas Tale is available for rental via Amazon Prime Video. In Finnish (with subtitles) and English. elves plays on Netflix. In Danish with English subtitles. and if you want to grab a triple feature this weekend, add the 1989 French movie Dial Code: Santa Clause (alternative title: Deadly Games) to your watchlist. The violent dark self (like the best of the fairy tales) in 1990's is only available on Blu-Ray and DVD at home and is well worth the investment. What is Xbox Likely to Do With Its $68 Billion Activision Blizzard King Purchase

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