Review: The Green Knight weaves a deceptively imaginative attempt into adulthood

Joey David Lowry's movie has as much texture and layer as the original poem. It is the second after the Quest for the Holy Grail. However, I would argue that it has not been successfully adapted into a movie - yet. Director David Lowery's new film, The Green Knight, takes some necessary liberties with the source material. But he also skillfully weaves elements and symbols out of that original material to create a dark fantasy quest as rich in material and layering as the medieval poetry on which it is based.

Laurie (Ghost Story, House of the Dragon) reimagined. As I've written before, Sir Gavin and the Green Knight fall into the genre of fantasy romance, linking the famous story of Arthur's legend with distinctive poetry. . In Camelot to celebrate and exchange gifts. The mysterious green knight disrupts the festivities and introduces a different kind: each of the knights can hit him with one blow with his axe. In return, the Green Knight returns another year to fend off the blow. Sir Gavin, the youngest knight and Arthur's nephew, accepts the challenge and heads for the Green Knight. Everyone is shocked when the green knight raises his severed head. He says Gavin would have to meet him at the Green Prayer Hall for a year to receive a similar blow in his bargaining.

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As the deadline approaches, Gawain tries to find Chapel Green, embarking on many adventures and battles along the way. In the end, he reached the castle and the master and his wife invited him to stay as their guest. The lord, Bertelk de Hausert, offers something else: he goes out every day to hunt and gives him whatever he throws at Gavin, on condition that Gavin give God all he gets that day. And every day, the lady of the castle tries to deceive the young knight when her husband is away. Gavin is sandwiched between two rival codes: the law of chivalry requires that he and his wife not betray their host's trust, but the law of gentle love obliges him to do what the girl asks.

He manages to respectfully prevent the lady from advancing for two days, giving her only one or two kisses, respectively, when Gavin returns a deer and a boar, he passes them on to the master. On the third day, when Gavin refuses his advances again, the lady tries to give him a gold ring. He refuses the gift. But when he later gives her a belt of green and gold silk and swears to protect her from bodily harm, Gavin—who knows the date as he approaches the Green Knight—fails immediately. Then they exchange three kisses. When the master returns with the fox, he transfers three kisses to the host, but Gavin does not tell the host about Mrs. Arsi.


The next day, Gavin travels to meet the Green Knight. , which returns the blows. Gavin, who wears a scarf, has only a small area of ​​the neck. Technically, he "wins" their game, but the Green Knight shows he's not Lord de Hausert - transformed by Morgan Lu Fei's magic - and says the year-long plan to test the Arthurian Knights was. . Had Gavin told God about the scarf, he wouldn't have hit his neck even slightly. So Gavin's "victory" is a personal shame, too.

The Knight is his age

Laurie's challenge was to make Gavin more relevant and popular with modern audiences when he created the character. Most importantly, Laurie decides to turn Gavin into a young man who aspires to the right to join the Knights of the Round Table by proving his honor and bravery - he encounters hard truths about himself during the journey. (In the poem, Gavin is already an outstanding knight.)

When we first meet young Gavin (Dave Patel, slum millionaire), he wakes up on the day of duty, as he was there. A night owl with her lover, Osel (Alicia Vikander, Ex Machina, Uncle Man). He returns to the home of his disgruntled mother (Sarita Choudhury, Lady in the Water) - yes, he still lives with his mother - before going to King Arthur's court for vacation.

(Warning: some spoilers for the movie below) The group tells the story of its heroic adventures - and realizes that it has no such stories to tell. Meanwhile, his mother creates a mysterious spell, which may be related to the sudden appearance of the Green Knight (Ralph Enson, Game of Thrones, Absence, The VVitch) at court.

A game of decapitation is almost like hair, and a year later, Gavin begins his journey to the Green Prayer Hall to save the end of his deal—and most likely his head from Gives. His mother gave him a green and gold belt (belt) that swore it would protect him from harm. When Gavin takes refuge in Lord Castle (Joel Edgerton, Midnight Special, Episodes 2 and 3 of Star Wars) and The Lady (also played by Vikander), the film logically approaches the main story. Laurie added a mysterious blindfolded woman lurking in the background, and the two play their little games to exchange gifts and seduce Gawain. The material of Gavin's terrifying journey to find the Green Church and fulfill his promise is mentioned only in vague terms in the poem: it succinctly mentions the conflicts, giants, and the harsh weather he endures, for example. Laurie uses this part of Gavin's story to create a three-part structure more traditional than the hero's journey.


First, Gavine is released, imprisoned and left to die by a forest ranger (Barry Keogan, Dunkirk) who loots Gavine. After his release, Gavin befriends a young fox and asks a tribe of giants to guide him north. He later meets a ghostly woman known on screen as Saint Winnifred (Erin Clement, the Hawk and the Winter Soldier). He asks her to take his severed head from a lake and instead tells him that the Green Knight is the one who knows him. This is by no means the case in the original poem—although there is a good allusion to St. Winfried's Well—but objectively, it is an apt addition, since the legend of St. Winfried believes that he was rejected by a suitor because of his advances and decapitated fountain. Formed where his head fell (it came back to life when his head came back with his body). He has the charisma that makes the flawed young man so likable that we sympathize with his struggles and insults. This is an important factor in how Gavin's final encounter with the Green Knight at Church is - another example of how Laurie's thoughtful embellishment of poetry emphasizes both its themes and its emotional power. In this case, we feel strongly about Gavin's sense of breaking the shame of failing to comply with the impossible ideals of Arthur's symbols, as he seeks to overcome the fear of death. It's an open question about how everything she's been through will affect the type of guy you choose. How the character is portrayed in the movie Lori: A green face with a woody texture peeking through thick foliage. The Green Church is a ruin full of grapes, moss, and other plants—a chaos of wild nature that ravages the tattered remains of civilization's efforts to tame it. And there are strong points that Gavin Morgan's mother is Lou Fei, whose charm may be the events in the film - although Laurie is wise enough to conceal her true identity. (It is not in the poem of Gavin's mother; Arthur's other sister, Morgos.) Laurie mentions several films that have impressed him over the years where he has been trying to resurrect the Green Knight. On screen: Willow, Dracula Bram Stoker, The Dark Crystal, Marie Antoinette, The Passion of Jean Arc, Carl Dreyer's 1928 French silent film. Excalibur is another clear influence, especially since Laurie filmed her film in many similar places in Ireland.

Elements from all of these sources can certainly be seen in The Green Knight, but the weaving that Laurie weaves from so many different threads is a major sight in every inch. There is no fast cut or crazy action sequences. Laurie takes the time to unfold the story, drawing the viewer into the world of Arthur that he created, as seen through the eyes of young Gavin. Sometimes, the movie assumes a fictitious adjective. Just as our 14th-century poetry still fascinates us 700 years later, this grotesque and stimulating film makes you think about everything you've seen lately, long after you've left the theater.

The Green Knight is now showing in cinemas. It is recommended to watch movies in cinemas only if you have been fully vaccinated.

Director David Lowery on "Shared DNA" between The Green Knight, Willow, Dark Crystal, Marie Antoinette, Jean Arc Passion and Dracula Bram Stoker.

Review: The Green Knight weaves a deceptively imaginative attempt into adulthood
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