Review: More redistributions than adaptations are key to first-class storytelling

How much you like this series depends on whether you are strict about sticking to the content of the source. The author himself admits that he writes exactly for the printed page and that he always rejects invitations to adapt his work for film or television. But Asimov was more than happy to allow others to adapt his work to the new media, and was wise enough to anticipate—and should—important print versions.

That's what David S did. Others describe it as a remix rather than a direct adaptation, and I think it's a massive storytelling success. The group respects the ideas of Asimov's overall vision without compromising slavery and extravagance. With that said, how much you like Guyer's insights depends on how loyal you are to the source content. The series' primary narrative arc remains the same. This is a story that takes place across different planets over 1000 years, with a huge cast of characters. Mathematician Harry Seldon (Jared Harris, Chernobyl, Carnival Row) put forward a controversial "psychology of history" theory that uses mathematics in sociology to predict the future of a galactic empire that will rule all living things in the Milky Way. Do you use. Seldon's accounts predict the fall of the empire and include the Middle Ages, which will last 30,000 years, after which a second empire will arise.

The collapse of the empire is inevitable, but Seldon has a plan to shrink it. The Dark Ages only go back 1,000 years by creating a foundation for preserving all human knowledge so that civilization doesn't need to be completely rebuilt from scratch. His adopted son and right-hand man, Rich Voss (Alfred Enoch, who played Dean Thomas in the Harry Potter franchise) and his new bodyguard, Gal Dornick (Le Lobel, The Travelers), a math prodigy who travels to this country, is helping. Capital to work with Seldon.


Seldon's expectations make him a dangerous traitor to the rulers of the empire. As he points out, those in power fear and hate change, yet change is constant—and inevitable. Instead of executing him and creating a martyr, the rulers took Seldon to the distant planet Terminus on the edge of the galaxy, along with members of the new establishment, where they began to compile the Encyclopedia of Galactica.

Finally, there is a threat from a neighboring exoplanet, who is eventually met by Terminus leader Salver Hardin (Lea Harvey, Fighting My Family). Foundation members realize that Seldon's program is more ambitious and complex than they thought. He expressed it enough to provoke events, because the principles of psychology include the principle of social uncertainty, so that if the masses learn much from their predicted fateful actions, these actions will soon be unpredictable. The clash between Seldon and Empire is often described as a millennium chess game, but there is an element of rolling the dice in a long game and trusting the odds.

Perhaps the biggest change from the books was the replacement of the Empire's ruling committee with three groups of clones called clones. Brother Dee (Lee Pace, Halt and Catch Fire, Pushing Daisies) is the principal governor, and Brother Dask (Terrance Mann, Sense8) serves as advisor/legacy. Meanwhile, Brother Down (played by Cooper Carter as a child and Cassian Pelton as a teen) prepares to be chosen for a new brother's day. It gives the rulers a more human face, with complex feelings and personal relationships, and all the actors are quite the actors. Personally, I see Lee Pace reading the phone book and he has a very useful post here. Technically, they are all the perfect embodiment of a man of different ages, and this is the source of their strength as a team and their struggles. (Twilight gained valuable insight if today he was younger and more determined to listen.)

We know from the trailers that Terminus director Salver Hardin changed his gender. , but the character has also been fully revised. The savior of the books is a clever politician (the last in a long line) who skillfully moves in a tense political environment, because the foundation is rooted in Terminus. In the series, Salwar is a young woman who is still discovering who she is and what role she plays in designing the great Seldon. It has many of the same features as in salwar book, but it is not fully developed yet. He's also very interested in intergalactic madness (Daniel McPherson, A Wrinkle in Time) and has a subtle connection to the grand scheme of things we won't reveal here.


Asimov's triple principle was (to my college) quick reading, even if the prose was sometimes a bit dry and rational. Gayer maintained the same tight pace on the TV series, starring subtly behind the scenes portraying the characters, creating the inevitable relationships and conflicts between those characters, and creating great theatrical moments. Created from the perfect fabric to keep the whisper of the story alive. Viewers had to spend a lot of time between settings and time slots, but the authors did a great job recording those jumps, especially in previous episodes, to make sure viewers had enough to follow. (No detailed timelines are needed here, such as The Witcher and Dark, although that may change with later seasons.) The design and production of clothing is exceptional. Apple TV+ has invested heavily in these series and shows. If I have a little trick, it's that Goyer had so much ground to release the first season that big ideas sometimes seem more decorative than central. I'd like to take a few breaths here and there in the following seasons (assuming it's starting) to put these elements more and more in the center. I'm sure this writing team can do this without involving other things that work very well.

In short, the first 10 episodes are great - Goyer predicts he'll get 80, if Apple TV + gives him a chance - Many crazy plot lines will eventually be resolved without crazy rock, and a few more lines are set, making It makes viewers more satisfied and excited. I think Asimov himself would be satisfied with the establishment, especially since his daughter Robin is the executive producer of the series and has signed on to Gower Vision.

The first two episodes of Foundation are now available to stream on Apple TV+. New episodes every Friday until the Season 1 finale on November 19, 2021.

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Review: More redistributions than adaptations are key to first-class storytelling
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