Review: Matrix Resurrections has enough ancient magic to delight fans
It's an impeccable but powerful addition to the franchise that does more than it doesn't. 1999 with the fourth part in it. Science Fiction Franchise: Resurrection of the Matrix. This isn't a full movie, but there's enough old-fashioned charm to keep old fans happy. The stars still radiate chemistry, there are plenty of cunning jumps and jumps throughout the franchise, and familiar themes have been subtly updated to make it more relevant than ever.

(Some minor spoilers below, but no originals have been revealed.)

As I wrote earlier, it's hard to overstate The Matrix's deep cultural influence. The film redefined the sci-fi genre and shaped an entire generation of fans - in addition to its $460 million worldwide gross, multiple Academy Awards win, and the already healthy career of star Keanu Reeves. Sent to the Hollywood Stratosphere. Cyberpunk author William Gibson called The Matrix "innocent fun I haven't felt in a long time" and chose Neo as his favorite science fiction hero of all time.

Introduction The Reading Matrix: The Resurrection is pure perfection, new and familiar. Who can forget the valuable notes of Reeves ("Wow!" or "I know kung fu") or the legendary Morpheus sunglasses Lawrence Fishburne wore? It's also the movie that gave us Bullet Time: a special effect - used for a surface scene where Neo (Reeves) avoids the bullets of a Matrix operator - as the shot moves in slow motion. While the camera appears to be moving at a normal speed in the scene. Two rifles for this new version of Morpheus (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) are better than the rifle. Zoom / Two guns for this new version of Morpheus (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) is better than one weapon. YouTube / Warner Bros.

This is hard work, and the next two films, although successful at the box office, did not reach the same height. Same goes for Resurrections, where it runs at a node separate from the array, and collides. . Recreation of the famous opening scene of the original movie, in which Trinity pulls out a group of armed officers and they have to escape from the agents. But some basic details are all wrong - including the presence of an agent who appears to be the digital incarnation of Morpheus (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II). The bug frees Morpheus from the knot and they unite to track down Neo in the Matrix. Works. Smith's partner (Jonathan Goff). Thomas is best known for designing the company's most successful game franchise, The Matrix. But he still has vivid dreams that seem like memories, and he can't dispel the nagging feeling that he's really imprisoned in a fake computer reality. She regularly visits a therapist (Neil Patrick Harris) who describes Thomas well as blue pills. The cafe is closed. with the correct name Simulatte). Of course, Thomas' intuition seems correct, and it isn't long before Bugs and Morpheus track him down and figure out how to save him from the Matrix once again. Carrie-Ann Moss returns to Trinity - or is she a suburban housewife named Tiffany? Src=Zoom / Keri-Ann Moss is back as Trinity" Umm Is she a suburban housewife named Tiffany? "How do you mitigate what is the best way to underestimate it, and turn heroic legend into a hobby to do so? Wachowski has introduced a special development of "bullet time" that I can't talk about in depth without a wing.

There are also technical updates. Bagh and his fellow rebels use mirrors to enter and exit the Matrix instead of phone lines.Agents can cover "skin" to improve integration with simulated humans into the matrix.Morpheus can be visualized outside the Matrix through something called an "Exomorphic Particle Codex".src="" 12749-3.jpg" alt = " Review: Matrix Resurrections has enough old-fashioned magic to delight fans" srcset = "https://cdn.arstechnica. net / wp - content / uploads / 2021/09 / matrix16.jpg 2x "> Zoom / Ally Jessica Henwick with a new rebel named Bugs.YouTube/Warner Bros. It is well known that the Wachowskis did not initially intend to build another Matrix movie after the revolutions in 2003. Lilly Wachowski went so far in a 2015 interview that she called the vision "a disgusting idea at the time"—a sharp criticism of Hollywood's preference for sequences, re-releases, and adaptation.However, Warner Bros. officially announced the fourth film in August 2019.< /p> Advertising

At Resurrections, Deus Machina's parent company forces Thomas to work on the fourth installment of The Matrix, and to Lily Wachowski awards the title to director an award. A wonderful opportunity to dispel the studio franchise system's obsession through focus groups and marketing. ("We Needs a new lead time!") With the game crew discussing the more vital elements and what the Matrix really means, it's not hard to imagine these scenes as a reflection of the director's own frustration.

Agent Smith (Jonathan Goff) vs. new.” src= Zoom / Agent Smith vs. Jonathan Goff opposite Neo. YouTube / Warner Bros. The Matrix: Resurrection has problems. Most importantly, the entire second trimester is slow and chaotic, even though the third trimester leads to a satisfactory outcome. The dialogues are often motionless, or within the confines of tyranny - when it comes to the Matrix franchise, it's always a good line. And sometimes there are morals that are so heavy that they take a more subtle approach, the rewards are not enough. Vote is almost what they want. The film has great visual effects, emotional resonance, sense of humor, and enough conceptual and thematic depth to spark controversy, engagement, and fight scenes - even if the choreography isn't as exciting as the original movie. In short, this is a powerful addition to the franchise that does more work than it doesn't.

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