Oscar Isaac in Moon Knight trailer becomes the avatar of an Egyptian god
"Looks in your head - there's chaos in you. Embrace chaos."

Fans have finally welcomed Isaac Oscar to the MCU. As promised, Marvel Studios has released the official trailer for its upcoming series, Moon Knight, during the NFL Super Wild Card, along with a new poster. Isaac plays the main role: a former mercenary who has multiple personalities and becomes a symbol of the Egyptian god of the moon.

Oscar Isaac plays Stephen Grant/Mark Spector, who becomes a passage for an Egyptian deity in The Knight of the Moon. The Knight of the Moon is one of the lesser known characters in the Marvel Comics Pantheon. The rabbi's son, Mark Spector, was recognized at an early age by the Egyptian Moon god Khuncho as the avatar of the god on Earth. But Khonsu is a supernatural being that has many aspects to his nature - also none in ordinary time and space - so creating a psychological connection to the human sign has a bad effect on the mental health of the young man.

He disbands (DID) and eventually becomes a mercenary with his friend Jean-Paul "French" Duchamp. Debaucher Raoul Buschmann hired him for a job that killed an archaeologist who had discovered an Egyptian tomb. Mark rescues archaeologist Marlin and leads to a big altercation with Bushman. Mark loses the fight and remains dead, but the locals take him inside the grave and drop him in front of the bloody statue. Bloodshed revives and heals the dying Mark. Stephen Grant - or Mark Spector? - Between Transitions. Zoom / Steven Grant - or Mark Spector? - mid-transformation.YouTube/Marvel Studios

When Mark returns to the States, he directs everything into the money he's earned from being a crime-fighting mercenary as the Moon Knight, who was known for his silver robe. He has four distinct identities in the comics: a billionaire businessman named Stephen Grant, a taxi driver named Jake Lockley, a good advisor named Mr. Knight, and a little red-haired girl named Inner Child. At least according to the comics, that's the whole point of the story, and most likely the new series will be a good part of it, taking some freedom (as it should). There have been plans to feature Moon Knight in film and television adaptations since at least 2006, when Blade: The Series began. At the time, the intent was to introduce the character. Instead, the series was canceled and no potential spin-off series occurred. James Gunn admitted in 2017 that he released The Knight of the Moon for Marvel, but ultimately didn't have the opportunity to develop it further. Meet <b>Moon</b> KnightOscar Isaac in Moon Knight trailer becomes the embodiment of an Egyptian god” srcset = “ / uploads / 2022/01 / moonTOP.jpg 2x "> Zoom / Meet Moon Knight.YouTube/Marvel Studios

Until D23 2019, Marvel announced that the Moon Knight series was under construction. Disney+, by Jeremy Slater. Isaac was cast in October 2020, and last February we learned that, unlike the standalone WandaVision series (a one-shot mini-series set to enter the four-phase MCU movies), Moon Knight was one of the Marvel series that might have more seasons on the streaming platform. .

Marvel released the first movie in the six-part series last November on Disney Plus Day, which epitomized Isaac's character and how he couldn't distinguish waking from his dreams. There weren't many details, but we did get a glimpse of what looked like a bloody golden statue reflected in the mirror. On Monday, we got a short teaser with most of the similar movies. Ethan Hawke said he was inspired by his character in cult leader David Cyrus. Zoom / Ethan Hawke said he was inspired by his character on cult leader David Cyrus. YouTube / Marvel Studios

We know this series will continue with everyone. MCU films May Calaway and Ethan Hawke play roles that have yet to be revealed, although Hawke said his character was inspired by cult leader David Cyrus. Marvel CEO (executive producer) Kevin Feige has also compared the series to the Indiana Jones series, focusing on Egyptology (such as The 1999 Mummy). And now we have an official summary:


This series follows the story of Stephen Grant, a well-meaning gift-shop employee who falls into distress and reminisces about another life. Stephen discovers he has dissociative identity disorder and shares a physical brand of mercenary with Spector. When Stephen/Mark's enemies get close to them, they must discover their complex identities and at the same time fall into a deadly mystery among the powerful Egyptian deities.

A new trailer opens and Stephen (Isaac) wakes up in the lies beneath. Bed throws a Rubik's cube into the air thinking about his "sleep disturbance" - before suddenly awakening from this "dream" in horror. We see him wandering and barely staying up on the subway and in his museum. Then he found a cell phone and some keys in a small hole. When the phone rings and he answers, a woman's voice calls him "Mark". Hawk's character (who actually looks like Cyrus) tells Mark/Stephen: "There's a mess inside of you." . Embrace Chaos. The secret seems to lie in the integration of all those roaming characters in Moon Knight, where we see him don a cloak and body armor - followed by a brief image of a hooded Batman-like face on two surfaces. cold p>

Moon Knight will be shown at Disney+ on March 30, 2022.

Moon <b>Knight</b> Poster Art. Zoom Art Moon Knight.Marvel Studios Poster

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