Nintendo's OLED Switch is up for pre-order today - you can get it here

Confirmed orders begin at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET. Here you need to know what you need to know before buying. Nintendo's Switch OLED will be available for pre-order through US retailers starting Thursday after its initial unveiling last week. The company said in a tweet that orders for the new version of the console will begin at 12pm/3pm ET.

If you'd like one of these items, here are the retail listings posted as of this writing. We'll add more when we look at it, but given the strong demand for modern game consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and Nvidia's RTX graphics card, it's not expected to be in stock for long:

GameStop : White & Neon Red / Neon Blue Best Buy: White & Neon Red / Neon Blue

Read more Nintendo Switch Lite is Nintendo's best portable console ever. The new OLED Switch is priced at $350 and will be available starting October 8, compared to $300 for the base Switch model and $200 for the Nintendo Switch Lite handheld only.

This console is more of a standard transfer switch than a standard edition like the PS5 or Xbox Series X. This console works with the same game library and supports a similar set of accessories. The only notable exception is the Nintendo Labo series, where Nintendo says that "this system will not perfectly fit all design parameters" of its cardboard bundle.

What's Up With the Switch OLED

Read More iPhone 12 and 12 Pro review Twice: Playing Apple's biggest hits As the name suggests, the Switch's biggest upgrade to the OLED model is its OLED screen . This is a display technology that has been used in advanced TVs and recent iPhones among various devices. While we haven't seen a Nintendo board in particular, OLED technology typically has a much better contrast ratio — the difference between whiter and darker colors — than traditional LCD screens like the standard Switch and Switch Lite screens. Because their pixels are turned on and off separately rather than relying on the inaccurate backlight of an LCD screen, OLED screens can produce completely and completely desirable ink-black colors.

Response times—the time it takes for the screen to switch from one color to another—are usually shorter as well, which makes games move more smoothly in games. The viewing angle is often wider, so the image does not look "blurred" when viewed from the side. This can be very useful if you and a friend are sitting at the console in "desktop" mode.

OLED screens generally can't light up as well as a good LCD screen, and we can't help but wonder just how much new panel color is out of the box. But the move to OLED should create a vibrant picture that negatively enhances every game you play on the new switch.


READ MORE New 2021 LG OLED TVs start at $1,300, but you should at least keep that in mind. The burning nature of OLED technology means that images that remain on the screen for extended periods of time can be preserved with consistent ghost backgrounds, no matter what you're watching. Since many games have static UI elements - ammo counter, world map, HUD, etc. - this is likely to become an issue for a small number of people on the road. But there have been widespread reports of burns occurring on owners of many OLED phones or tablets, and it usually takes a long time for the burns to take effect. We wouldn't expect this to be a problem unless you play a game for several hours in a row every day. Furthermore, the OLED Switch comes with a more spacious 7-inch display compared to the standard 6.2-inch Switch Lite and 5.5-inch Switch Lite. The device itself is just 0.1 inches longer and 0.0 pounds heavier than the base model, however, thanks primarily to the narrower margins around the screen.

The OLED switch also repairs the famous camouflage rule. Go to the base key. While the base of the current model is off-center and only supports one corner, the base of the OLED Switch covers most of the back of the console and supports a wide range of settings. This makes the console more secure and comfortable when used in desktop mode.

When it's time to play on the big screen, the OLED Switch has an upgraded dock now fully available. Removable back panel and wired Ethernet port. If you regularly play online multiplayer games or just struggle with having Wi-Fi at home, the latter should help you. Nintendo says you'll be able to use the new switch with the original dock and vice versa, although you'll have to wait and see if this new dock sells the company separately.

ReadingGuidemaster: The Best Nintendo Switch Accessories You Can Buy With a list of new features, Nintendo says the new Switch's built-in speakers compared to the ones on the older model are "improved," but again This is something we have to test, and the internal memory check is double, 64GB compared to 32GB on the primary switch and toggle light.This is fine, but still not a ton, so you'll probably want to invest in a good microSD card to keep your entire game library Finally, the new Joy-Cons switch in pure white and black along with the traditional red and blue color schemes.

New in OLED Switch Model

Mockup with sticker from the new model shows where Everything goes.Nintendo remove the entire back cover of the dock for easy access to the internal ports.NintendoThis is the image that Nintendo used to visualize the "best sound" of the new model.Nintendo

Read more The new Nintendo Switch, which will be launch in june, It will be 4 months when 4K is connected. Months of rumors, rumors, and speculation about the upcoming "Switch Pro" console have caused many Nintendo fans and viewers to expect a significant increase in the device's performance compared to the Primary and Archive Key. While updating the new OLED display is no small feat — after all, the screen is something you always look at with a portable console — expectations seem to have come true.

Read Ads Reporting: Nintendo has a quiet "Joy-Con Engine", it's free to repair inside, and an OLED switch is very similar to a primary switch. A Nintendo spokesperson confirmed that the new model does not have a new processor or RAM. There is no Nvidia DLSS image enhancement technology. The screen is still set to an average resolution of 720p, which means the pixel density here is technically lower than before. When connected to a TV, the new model still produces 1080p video, and 4K resolution isn't as crisp and modern.

Bluetooth audio support isn't available yet, and Nintendo hasn't mentioned any major changes to the relatively fragile Joy-Con controllers. And while OLEDs are generally less energy efficient than LCDs, the new Switch battery has the same 4,310mAh capacity, and Nintendo estimates the same battery life range from 4.5 to 9 hours. One wonders exactly why the updates here are not as important here as the previous reports. Nintendo and other tech giants are still experiencing a global shortage of semiconductors in their supply chains. The converter itself will continue to sell well, with nearly 85 million units sold as of March 31, and the company's profits growing just across the outbreak. However, it does not appear that Nintendo is currently interested in sharing the key in terms of hardware.

Is the OLED Switch worth buying?

At $200, the Switch Lite is still a cheaper and more compact option for people looking to run their Switch in portable mode. Zoom / At $200, the Switch Lite is still affordable for those looking to run their switch in portable mode. Cheaper. Without the benefit of the test, it is not possible to say with certainty whether the OLED model is worth upgrading to current inverter owners. However, at first glance, it seems difficult to sell. The performance should be exactly the same in manual mode, and unless you need that LAN port, it won't make a difference when you connect to the TV. (You can always use an Ethernet switch with your existing dock, too.) While the cake stand, speakers, and updated storage sound good, they probably won't be enough to justify the $350 drop. So, if you just bought a new key, don't feel bad!

Likewise, if you want to spend as much as possible on a new Switch and don't care about gaming on your TV, the Switch Lite cuts the new model down by $150, with the same library of games that works and should be just as powerful. It also has a real d-pad. Its screen is much smaller and still LCD, but if you want to sacrifice screen size for more portability, it's still worth it.

Read More 20% Off Switch Sales Now If you want to buy your first switch or if you only have one Lite switch and want to upgrade to a model with a TV, be another story. OLED is usually a real upgrade from LCD and the spacious screen looks more efficient in design. With a host of small improvements, $50 more than a standard switch doesn't make much sense, even if some estimates suggest the console will cost Nintendo just $10 to produce. You just have to wait until October to put your hand on the console. Meanwhile, if you're a Nintendo fan, you've likely been on F5 retail screens since the announcement of the OLED Switch.

Read more "The Switcher" optimization: The Witcher 3 reduces blur, now works with Steam, and it should be noted that the OLED Switch completely prevents Nintendo from launching the "Switch Pro" processor that is not able to 4K processing has attracted a lot of fans. Nintendo has a history of releasing several hardware versions, especially with its portable consoles. If something like this doesn't pay off, it's probably better suited to managing third-party games with the more intense graphics we've seen on Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series consoles. Right now, the Switch can play many games other than Nintendo on a larger scale, but those ports often involve compromises about frame rates and general loyalty.

However, the OLED model is what we have. The Switch is still a very diverse platform with an extensive library of valuable games, so this latest release should be especially attractive to newcomers - if they can secure one in the first place.

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Nintendo's OLED Switch is up for pre-order today - you can get it here
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