More FarmVille: Why is Take-Two Paying $12.7 Billion for Zynga?
Shopping history is an instant entry into the huge mobile gaming market. The only gaming company in history.

READ More FarmVille - yes, the original version - is finally being destroyed If your knowledge of Zynga is limited to FarmVille, CityVille, and other Zynga games that have dominated "social gaming", it might be silly to consider. “Fashion in the early 2010s (and led to the creation of some great books, if I may say so myself). Empire & Puzzles) in 2018 as well as Peak’s success in becoming a regular mobile gaming powerhouse. Games (Toon Blast) and Rollic ( Go Knots 3D) in 2020. Last year, the company bought Torchlight Echtra Games Entered PC.

With these companies under the Zynga umbrella, the company now attracts More than 168 million monthly users, up from a reported $706 million in the last quarter.

An odd adaptation for big-budget console game developers like Take-Two, but this purchase gives Take-Two an easy way to build well-known console series including Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, and Civilization Borderlands, Win BioShock, Kerbal Space Program, and 2K Sports Games versus one big game. Web.

“Take-Two has a comprehensive catalog of commercial and hit games and PC titles with engaged and loyal player communities, and an important opportunity to create New mobile games and crossovers. over there. In a statement, the company announced the purchase of "a test platform for many of these properties." “Zynga’s nearly 3,000 employees comprise highly talented mobile developers, paving the way for Take-Two to accelerate this strategic initiative and bring its intellectual edge to the industry’s fastest growing platform.” Advertising A The very popular mobile version of <em>Grand Theft Auto Online</em> can quickly pay for Zynga alone... More FarmVille: Why Take-Two Will Pay $12.7 Billion For Zynga? Srcset=" jpg 2x"> Zoom in / The mobile version of Grand could quickly pay Theft Auto Online for Zynga.” Perhaps most importantly, together we have the ability, in terms of development and release, to create new titles based on Take-Two's original intellectual property "We believe our best suite of intellectual property for consoles and PCs is in interactive entertainment, and almost completely free cell phones are not used around the world. The best Zynga-class studios can help us develop. This feature."

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This helps explain why Take-Two thinks Zynga is right. But this does not necessarily mean that the company is worth registering today.

Today's Take-Two price is a huge 64% premium over Zynga's closing price on Friday, and it shows how excited the publisher is. Having a share of the mobile gaming market is worth $12.7 Billion today, up from the $10 Billion for Clash of Clans Supercell in 2016 and the $7.5 Billion Microsoft paid for Bethesda Softworks in 2020. Is Zynga's most popular mobile gaming suite Over Doom, Fallout? Are The Elder Scrolls and all the other Bethesda games combined? Take-Two by 2020, even a small portion of the estimated revenue. It is possible to raise $100 Billion from mobile games.

ReadingMobile continues to dominate and control global sales. d Growing up in an age where gaming consoles, especially gaming PCs, dominate the space, it's hard to fathom how quickly mobile games have conquered the global market. Many of these factors are due to the growing popularity in Asia, where high-quality gaming PCs have always been invaluable to large segments of the population, and game consoles throughout history have been very limited in many countries. As such, free games running on billions of smartphones in the pockets of Asian consumers now make up the bulk of the game's revenue.

Given the size of this market, spending billions of dollars to quickly access mobile games seems perfectly normal. See Activision Blizzard for a clue as to how important this position is. In 2015 the major publisher of consoles and PC games spent $5.9 Billion on King Games, the creator of Candy Crush. This acquisition appears to have been expected in the past, with King now accounting for a third of the company's total revenue of More than $2 Billion per quarter.

The ad <em> Call of Duty: Mobile </em> generated nearly $1 <b>Billion</b> in revenue in 2021, illustrating the market size that popular console franchises could represent. src=More FarmVille: Why would Take-Two pay $12.7 Billion for Zynga?” srcset = “ uploads/2022/01/codm.png 2x"> Zoom/Call of Duty: Mobile made nearly $1 Billion in revenue in 2021, which shows how valuable it is. The market for big console franchises could be.

Activision attempted to capitalize on this purchase with a mobile version designed by King, which was developed in 2017. But the project failed, and Activision moved to Tencent-owned TiMi Studios to develop Call of Duty: Mobile.The port is expected to bring in More than $1 billion. by 2021, demonstrating the potential value of bringing console franchises off the shelves to the massive worldwide mobile market.

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