Metroid Dread Review: Best Switch Exclusive Game of 2021

Outside dev completes the classic 2D series with stealth, horror, and a mastery of "thriller quests". it's the truth). This has led fans to wish Samos Aran Galaxy Reward Hunter a ransom for the bizarre Nintendo launch calendar. The best thing I can say about Metroid Dread is that it is completely resistant to such pressure. This is a 2D sequel that anyone who has played the old Metroid game can hope for.

Game Details Developer: Mercury Steam Publisher: Nintendo Platform: Switch Release Date: Oct 8, 2021 Rating: "T" Teens Price: $60 Links: Amazon | Game pause purpose | Thanks to one of the slowest game releases in its recent history, Metroid Dread will be highlighted this week as the biggest new game from the company in 2021.

The game doesn't make a 10/10, either for die-hard Metroid fans or anyone new to the series. Both sides of this rift must come to terms with some wonder and perks. But after decades of many game developers putting their stamps on the popular concept of 'adventure', it's good that a series that started out with new ideas and developments will amaze you, and turn it upside down. With a wonderful and satisfying 2D world.

Meet Me at ZDR

If you're oblivious to all things Metroid, the latest entry in the series (Metroid 5 technically) will do nothing to take your time in a Varia It costume that closes full of mystical legends. As a conclusion to the series' traditional timeline (not like the Metroid Prime series, which will continue), Dread begins by reviewing Samos' adventures against very bad extraterrestrials over the years. Long after it debuted on Famicom in 1986, the series' famous monsters seem to have been wiped out from the galaxy, and even an even worse alien creature named X, which the Metrodes were originally created to kill. Dread opens with one piece of advice: Somehow, X survived and was seen in a remote system known as ZDR. (Try saying this sentence out loud in the first meeting and see where it goes.)

Samos gets dressed and walks away from the system because the previous mission is gone. A group of powerful bots, known as EMMIs (or Interplanetary Transferred Identifiers, if you like to pronounce their bots by obvious names), flew past Samos to destroy the planet, but they disappeared without a trace. Well, I'm sure that the disappearance of the seven nearly indomitable killing machines while they search for a rare and dangerous hostile alien will not cause any problems.

Adam AI is a very versatile game, and he seems to be talking about plots at different stations. Nintendo, like Metroid: Samus Returns in 2017, includes melee attacks, but this time it's put to better use. Nintendo press a button for this. This is useful for many reasons. Nintendo Finally, you'll be able to secure your way to the sticky blue surfaces with a hook. Nintendo I am in store! I'm in the map room! I'm merging point storage and room map! Nintendo is adding a new feature through Samus. Nintendo needs Aeion's abilities to survive EMMI attacks and through special doors. (More about EMMI.) Nintendo Teleporters connect different points on the Dread Map for easy travel. But not much, which I appreciate. Nintendo

Dread is keen to convey the story and the story in a concise manner, and this is primarily provided by Adam, an artificial intelligence loaned from Samos, a former marine space partner. (He died a while ago, a point that the dread can barely accept, so if you don't know who or who he is, you might be confused by this disembodied narrator who for some reason calls Samos a "lady.") Save the dread and Adam with all the audio dialogues, each playing Something with great volume control like a car. This "unofficial mega-legend" approach is very similar to 2002's Metroid Fusion in Game Boy Advance, which is a lot like the concept of "scanning every object for small, full-story clues" in Metroid Prime.

Metroid Dread (October 8) Pre-order from Best Buy for $60 Pre-order from Amazon for $60 (Ars Technica may be for sale via the links in this post, get compensated by Affiliate Programs.) The "story in games" preference usually tends to be something like this, with parts of the story emerging gradually during a long adventure. By its very nature, Dread stops working for reasons other than emptying walls of text. The game also likes to offer something relatively unusual in Metroid 2D games: cinematic cut scenes. At this point, the camera returns to a 3D landscape, and the following scenes alternate between Samus, who cautiously approaches a new mysterious environment and meets a new, great enemy. In the latter case, a quick, flashing sweep between Samus and baddie does some nice things: it gives players a new sense of scale and brutality, and subtly shows what to expect in battle. You have. Come on (including an informal visible movement toward a weak spot that a missile should completely hit in seven seconds). Compare that to the 2010 Metroid Other M debacle, which was constantly shaking the gamer's camera to emphasize dramatic moments, while players lined up with horrible and unusable script. No competition: Dread easily wins over the "Metroid Cinema" front. The cut scenes from the last sequence also usually include zero dialogue, so you might focus on the looks.

Samos is back - this time with more confidence

I leave a lot unchanged about the design in the description above, anyway. Suffice to say, if you pay attention to the story of the Metroid series, you will get many resonant discoveries to engage your teeth until the end of the horror. And if you don't know your Adams from EMMIs, that's fine too. Most of the action takes place from a traditional scroll-scene and operates without a single line of text - especially as cut-and-dried cinematic scenes tell a compelling, unspoken story of the horrific budding journey of Samos.


In terms of action, the new game starts where Metroid: Samus Returns 2017 left off. This creates an odd timeline, as M: SR is a remake of the 1991 Game Boy classic Metroid II: Return of Samus However, the idea is that, in a way, it introduces the new abilities that Samos knew at the time, all of which are found in the fifth entry in the main group. Of course, all because Mercury Steam, the studio responsible for the 2017 edition, remained in its Dread development booth - and it appears Mercury Steam has been eager to continue the project in a positive light. So I say: spoil the schedule. Allowing the studio to keep their (more) mechanical weapons was a good touch.

The biggest of these bounces from the 2017 game is the melee attack, which we encourage Samos to use when both enemies are close. Make a white flash and kill the monster instantly and get a piece of health and ammo for your problem. This adds a welcome element of risk and reward to the humble Metroid battles, and unlike M:SR, which may have been tied to its original source, Dread works more brutally with enemy style designs. The giant four-legged animals of Samos form interesting rushes, stutters and charge, while distant flying monsters can converge with their fast streak on Samos. In general, this time you have to make a noise attack and he will be in the middle of the adventure without any hassles. Complications This time around, M:SR added an "Aeion" power meter, which had the associated superpowers a little more manageable. Samos still has the scale, but this time it's different and better, as it focuses on less abilities. In the traditional "search for work" style, Samus also performs a variety of special movements that do not require a meter, especially the hand hook for rowing. And I'm a huge fan of every mathematical formula that MercuryStream developers have found: Samos learns new abilities and increases abilities at full speed, always in time to pave the way forward. (The developers are boldly delaying Samus' famous ability to "turn the ball" by about two hours, which somehow ends.)

However, Mercury Steam has a few points here. Delete: adjustable settings. Dread does not allow players to change any of the one-button controllers. My preference was to dedicate, say, the melee ability to something more comfortable and convenient, like the shoulder button, but apparently not on Nintendo cards. Worse, in terms of precise targeting, the dev still forces players to press a button to pin their feet. At this point, the left joystick switches from switching to weapon - while the assigned control key remains intact. Some boss fights emphasize a combination of precise aiming and precise dodge of powerful attacks. Giving gamers a custom joystick was a great option. This is the first time this concept has been used in a 2D Metroid, but it's not that Robotron hasn't used the same concept in nearly 40 years.

Metroid Dread Review: Best Switch Exclusive Game of 2021
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