Impossible Cooking: Excellent Cooking for the Engineering Complex

Combining Netflix Home Ec and Wood Store, it offers compelling realistic sets.

Structural integrity, physics, and weight-bearing features - How often do you watch reality TV series that reward the exact engineering effort of the contestants? How often do you see these creations cut with a fork and tasted by the rulers?

I'm not quite sure how Netflix's algorithms, the algorithms that conjure up millions of hours of viewers guessing what we want in the future, depended on the idea of ​​combining Chef and Mythbusters. But when I find myself in the darkness of autumn and looking for a series to watch with the non-cars in my life, I'm convinced the new Baking Impossible series is a good idea.

I've watched a few episodes now, I can safely recommend this as one of the best psychological series out there - even if it's sometimes very good.

"Screwdrivers and Knives Down"> In this eight-part series, Netflix prepares participants for a massive laboratory that has everything for fun or the baker. On the other hand, the lab is covered with laser cutters, 3D printers, and a mounting saw. Large kilns, industrial mixers and huge warehouses fill the other side. Every competing team has an award-winning baker and engineer, and every part of the team wants to design and produce a complex object that does three things: good taste, good looks, and exact performance.

For example, the first episode of the series is about each team building a yacht. The device must be fully rechargeable, excluding any remote control function performing its commands, and must pass through a 20-foot pool with only one wind as the driving force. (Floating alone can do nothing; every boat needs legal sails to inflate and then descend like a delicious kiss.)

Impossible passes the important "no need to hurry forward" test. Most network reality series fill their airtime with contrived dramas or long episodes of personal stories, which will likely fill the episode length set for a commercial break in the middle. Thanks to the group's focus on the creative process and their ability to alternate between two types of craft (function and taste), each part is generally skilled and astounds us, "Do they really leave such food? - and so on?"

Personal stories quickly emerge between the drafting and team blocking stages, and are constantly entertained with punctuation, despite desperate efforts to create drama. The results are more American than British, so if you're looking for the softest, most powerful reality TV, Baking Impossible might not be your bag — especially on the rare occasions when the baker and the engineer disagree on a project. But overall, this series is definitely less greasy and aggressive than the real-life Bravo series.

Some robots can't drive on marshmallow roads

to draw. Huge saw for inedible ingredients, too. Huge saw for edible ingredients. Kids, don't get excited again, the ambitious structures of this group revolve very much around food. At some point, the group melts the chocolate and the bears in a huge bowl to form a strong glue.

The show is at its best when we see that each team of contestants interact at random. Most of the time, team members are interested in each other's experiences, and the Netflix edit emphasizes idea generation, implementation, and a quick project review process. The scope of these projects is huge, as teams have an eight hour time limit to complete the challenge in each episode, covering both the big picture and the finer details. Then we use regular cameras from one team to the next - each team decides which foods are most suitable for the project. Ultimately, the monotony spends its time walking, either as an art display or as a camera on the "central" dessert of any edible creature. On a personal level, the real cooking and cooking series goes crazy when he looks at the food I can't eat, and so, I really appreciate Baking Impossible tricks and very straightforward techniques. It makes me eat more, especially when the series dedicates an entire episode to pleasing Goldberg's food packing machines. Advertising

But this is also an unprecedented chain concept, and the need for a bit more pre-production engineering. The biggest problem is that the majority of competitors, despite the sophisticated robots/hybrids they manufacture, fail the testing requirements for every part. The power is clearly there, the cooking part mostly made up of bakeries and engineering owners from toy manufacturers for decades (and even NASA's Project Artemis engineer). But the demands on them may be too strong. But the teams receive only a vague warning about the difficulty of the course. They don't really know what they are spending their limited time and energy on driving, and it's very difficult to complete vehicles in that area. Only two of the eight robots can complete the course.

The judges and presenter are always present in the series and they are very keen to pressure unscientific viewers with sad songs and explanations about middle school. Physics. And they use the hateful phrase "bake-ineers" a lot - which doesn't match the concept of the chain and is very similar to the cookie production team at Epcot Center.

None of this is enough to turn me off to watch the series once in a while, and the presenters aren't shy about being speechless. But Geometry viewers should expect to shake at least once per episode.

Verdict: Great Snack

Cooking the Season 1 Trailer Is Impossible

Read More Review Question: Reality My Game of Thrones has watched a lot of bad reality TV Um, And I'm not sure I was surprised by a new series - I hadn't heard of it before. However, I don't want to care too much about this series, especially because of the hiccups in its first season.

But if you already have access to a paid Netflix subscription (anyway), I don't see any reason not to put the first part of the series in the background to see if you like it.

The first six episodes of Season 1 of Baking Impossible are currently streaming on Netflix. The last two episodes will air on Wednesday, October 13th.

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Impossible Cooking: Excellent Cooking for the Engineering Complex
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