Browse: Lupine Part 2's many twists and turns delight fans of the show

The success of Netflix Surprise is based on a character created by French novelist Maurice Leblanc.

Omar Thirty French actors are back on another knockout tour as the "majestic thief" of the tyrannical Diopty in the second episode of the popular French Netflix series Le Pen. Earlier this year, I called the first part "a fun contemporary reenactment of a classic character in French detective story, Arsene Lupine - a noble thief and master of disguise, essentially the French equivalent of Sherlock Holmes." I'm glad to find Episode 2 even better, with its twists and turns and plenty of obvious surprises - all without missing those important character-enriching moments that are a bit de

(Spoiler for Part One below.)

Maurice Leblanc, creator of the original Lupine, introduced himself as a noble thief in 17 novels and 39 novels, so there are plenty of prime sources for the work. Netflix series directed by Louis Letterrier, who directed the 2013 thriller Now You See Me, in which a group of witches commit clever heists. So it is easy to understand why he was involved in this project. According to the official hypothesis, "When his father died in his teens after being accused of a crime he did not commit, his life was turned upside down. 25 years later, Easy would take revenge on Arsene Lupine, the carpenter who robbed the inspiration. His father."

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In Part 1, we meet Senegalese-born Asani (Omar Sy) while working as a postmaster at the Louvre. At the time of the show, before the auction to sell the piece to the highest bidder, there was a bejeweled necklace that was once owned by Marie Antoinette.

This necklace was recently found and his father Babakar (Vargas Asande) was falsely accused of theft by wealthy capitalist Hubert Pellegrini when he was young. It was easy to avenge his father's next suicide. After tricking a local gang member into pulling out a fraudulent burglar alarm, Diop disguises himself as a potentially wealthy buyer, destroying the auction—and eventually wearing a necklace. (The pilot is heavily of a Queen LeBlanc necklace - the pilot episode title contains several elements of the main story. Advertising

This was the beginning of the story, as we learned more about Assane's history - including he's relationship with sweetheart Claire (Ludivine Sagnier). ), the mother of his son Raoul (Eitan Simon) - and why he made his skilful drawings using the Romanian captain of Arsene Lupine, the Romanian captain Lager Belkacem (Cherine Boutella) and Dietz-Joseph Guedera (Sofian Group) were part of the Louvre Heist team, Godera was also an uber fan; Thief.

The only real flaw in Episode 1 was that it was too short - only in Episode 5 - and ended up with Crazy Rock, probably due to the pandemic shutdown because Episode 2 was more to offer Lupine a new mission and an antagonist who is a direct continuation of the great arc for the story. In the conclusion of Part One, Izzy thought corruption could spread Pellegrini's revelation to the media - it doesn't really work when the enemy press is in control of the enemy. Pellegrini is a cunning little mink, and when he travels with his family to celebrate Arsene Lupine's birthday, he sends one of his men named Leonard (Adama Nyan) after Asani. Easy gets the best score against Leonard on the train, but Gon responds by kidnapping Ra'ol.


The second part was chosen by the kidnapping of Raul in Attretat. Asani vows to take back his son and overthrow Pellegrini once and for all, but only because Pellegrini has used his extensive contacts in government, media and police - including Gabriel Dumont, the corrupt Paris Police Commissioner (Vincent). be difficult - to set a standard for a crime he did not commit. Izzy is currently France's most wanted man. An easy and very loyal ally is Benjamin Ferrell (Antoine Gay), a jeweler, who decides to hide a little while making a new plan while in hiding. Meanwhile, Pellegrini sets up a trap for our esteemed thief: a symphony performance in honor of Arsene Lupine to raise money for his charitable daughter. Claire's loyalty eventually became a turning point with the disappearance of her son. And could there ever be an old romance again between Izzy and Pellegrini's daughter, Juliet (Clothilde Hesme)? Omar Psy still has an outstanding performance and looks more like the French James Bond than ever. But he is supported by an excellent supporting actor, especially Goy, Hesmeh, Sagnie and Grub. Inspired by the choice of young actors Izzy and young Claire. You really think that these guys are becoming the adults that we really rooted for.

The writing is intense, and the story cuts short at breakneck speed, creating a real nail-biting comment along the way. Much of this suspension comes as a surprise at how easily the Pellegrini can keep high wires running, given its ample resource and strong bluff. Finally, what makes this series so much fun is revealing, over and over again, just how easy it can get than its many competitors, even as the network starts to solidify. Who doesn't like to encourage the underdog? This is also a great example of porn meritocracy, one of my favorite subfields.

The two lupine seasons are now streaming on Netflix, making them a great watch together. Netflix has already extended this series for Episode 3, so we'll have more of Asani's daring exploits in the future. Watch it in English with French subtitles - believe me, the dubbed English version causes pain.

Browse: Lupine Part 2's many twists and turns delight fans of the show
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