Black Widow review: Post ScarJo is the best MCU indie movie ever

The turn-of-the-moment scene in Florence Pugh shows an extraordinary blend of MCU acting. Black Widow may have launched a new Marvel franchise this week.

PG-13 is intimate, aggressive, funny, and cruel in every possible way. It's the story of Marvel superheroes set in Eastern Europe that brings a heartless character to heart without them ending up in a Marvel trap with an ordinary chained arc. And all the actors prove this balance.

Perhaps best of all is that star Scarlett Johansson (who plays the main character) has finally taken over as Marvel Hero, rather than being chosen as a wand for a random person. vengeful man. She doesn't miss that opportunity, yet she remains a generous teammate, helping launch Florence Pogg (Midsummer, Little Women) as Marvel's sexiest new world champion in recent years. A stark difference from the normal

This review includes moderate plot spoilers, certainly less than you can be sure of watching the movie's preview. Ares cares about this point as much as possible, but some of them are mentioned and explained because of the insight this review has. Black Widow fits into the wide gap in MCU: A Time After Captain America: Civil War when Johansson's character, Natasha Romanoff, has gone dark for a while. You can see that she had a family business and had to take care of Black Widow without being held back by former members of previous films or movie franchises.

This week's indie film begins with a retrospective of the mid-'90s in suburban America, where the child versions of Natasha and her younger sister Yelena alternate between play and symmetry. Unsurprisingly, this evening scene is interrupted by the kind of sacred cow action sequence you'd expect from the first 15 minutes of a Marvel Tent. For example, this sequence describes how Natasha eventually becomes a Russian solo killer, resulting in a mile-per-minute montage of that main storyline escaping the civil war that followed the Civil War.

An important person seemed to have a line in Romanov's place, even if he carefully covered his tracks. Natasha receives a mysterious package with a picture of Yelena and her childhood inside. It's time to meet again.

With a sealed blow

Hanging for dear life. Marvel Studios run away from other angry black widows. More running. "It still fits." The rest of the "family" is against it. "Your plan is off," Bagh said, using the separate car door. The "family" in Black Widow is as complex as it is in real life. The opening sequence shows that the mother (Rachel Weisz, the constant gardener) and father (David Harbor, Stranger Things) are more secretive and firebranded than the suburban parents. Since they leave a large portion of the movie behind, their return complicates the tense and complicated relationship that Romanov and Elena have to consider when they grow up again.


As actors, Johansson and Pugh are great. The diverse sisters I used to set up my movie review desk with and enjoyed each other whenever they shared a scene. Their entire dynamics are formed instantly and they feel three dimensional, as if they were sealed with beads, not by a kiss. The adult version of Yelena, insofar as her more famous MCU brother was involved in the war, only makes it to the film with an Eastern European beard and dark sense of humor. This character glows when he salts his wounds (whether artificial or virtual) with vodka.

Meanwhile, Johansson returns from his colleagues with sarcasm, laughter, and dry humor, especially in a new and unpleasant event. Assistant (OT Fagbenle, The Handmaid's Tale). But before he gives his brutal answers, he's at his best, opening the door to Pug jokes. "You left me to die, but if I did, I wouldn't be less careful" isn't the easiest relationship to sell, but Johansson and Pugh bring the receipts.

The Black Widow's ultimate "nuclear family" union is even more stressful and emotionally unstable. Every family member has at least one encounter that is not only unresolved but definitely worse than if the family never met again. This is one of the loudest broken family dynamics I've ever seen in a Disney "tent", and it may have something to do with my dysfunctional family bias, but I tend to make the film an observance of the quiet — all four that the lead actors clearly savor. In particular, we see mother and father humor and cognitive differences with decades of childhood dissatisfaction, the results being a far cry from the gritty words of a page of mediocre picture books.

Most Used PG-14 Action

As is common in the Marvel movie, Black Widow characters vent their feelings through untamed action sequences. But unlike most Marvel movies, it falls somewhere between John Wick and the Bourne trilogy in terms of framing and brutality. Describing a Marvel movie "Intimate" may sound odd, but Widow's filming and directing crew have a delicate balance of tight zooms, portable cameras, and enough room to breathe a sigh of relief—they resist nail biting. The Romanovs' first-night battle against the mysterious and compelling Taskmaster is the highlight: all the fists, kicks, and jumps, as in a beautifully lit scene, as both characters attempt to control a mysterious pack. Shortly thereafter, a fist fight tells of smashing and destroying every door, cupboard, and gadget anyone can reach, all exploding in dust and screaming in pain. (In the strongest case, I rate the movie "PG-14" and advise parents to think carefully about bringing their young child to the theater.) Advertising

Disney + ??

Although Black Widow relies on chattering desolation, I strongly encourage anyone who can safely watch the movie in movie theaters to do so. Filming it is one of the best MCU movies to date, and you won't make it to House of Justice until your home theater can compete with the Singplex. If pandemic conditions limit your access, Disney+ Access Premium allows you to watch Black Widow in addition to the Disney+ monthly subscription fee for a one-time fee of $30 starting today. Black Widow's performance eventually explodes into a slightly unpleasant CGI picture, with explosions full of screens and a sky strewn with debris. It's not that the CGI sequences look bad, because Marvel is still investing in careful presentation and framing, but the film's best hands-on effects look great. Follow the chasing series of heroes from the rooftops of countless Budapest before they roam the streets of that ancient city on motorbikes and tanks. Another sequence begins with a riot in a Russian prison, and the dilapidated and rocky space of the prison shows in level contrast with the sequential fragility of punches and breaks. And at the end of the movie, dive into a secret Russian hub in '60s luxury and style, considered the best MCU stage design to date. I wanted more.

Also to be honest, I wanted Black Widow to be a little bit longer. It's a rare MCU movie that has me thinking about how much conversation is left on Earth, especially between the Romanovs, and I no longer have a chance to see Wise and Harbor come to terms with their pasts. However, the widow takes care not to focus too much on the family unit and at the same time saves enough breadcrumbs about the great damage of the film to avoid feeling bad. I like how easy it is to summarize a movie and connect with emotional conversations, as opposed to the typical MCU problem of creating a spreadsheet about which superhero belongs to which organization and which one is bi-directional.

Captain Marvel's Squiggly Lines

Marvel keeps getting better in this indie movie. Black Panther is a great performance from an entire story universe that connects with our modern world. It took Ant Man two attempts to bring out the make-up of the stupid '80s. And perhaps most comparable here, Captain Marvel presents a clever boxing story that specifically targets families without necessarily feeling childish. But Black Widow is easily the safest and most realistic MCU target for this concept, and not just because Captain Marvel is growing up where it's called (in relation to PG-13). Instead, it successfully raises boring expectations that everything will turn out well in a Marvel movie, and shows how extraordinary such a movie can be when things aren't regularly summed up for everyone involved.

I hope Black Widow is the first attempt at overthrowing the expectations of Marvel's powers. Fortunately, Black Widow makes it clear that Pugh's heist scene isn't his last Marvel performance.

Image included by Marvel Studios

Black Widow review: Post ScarJo is the best MCU indie movie ever
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