Ars favorite movies of 2021: Sci-Fi, Superheroes, Sea of ​​Horror, and Samurai

No matter where or how you watched movies in 2021, these were your best options. Compare this year to the films in question.

We found out. The horrific changes that have occurred in the world over the past year have been a sobering reminder that some things work well in our homes, including movies—a fact that irritates movie studios and big theaters alike. Some companies accepted this fact throughout 2021 and pledged to release films that would be released simultaneously in theaters and streaming platforms in the United States. Others played with the idea before backing off. Others, however, prefer not to admit that after at least 30 or 45 days of showing the movie, you might have a brilliantly calibrated 4K screen and ample surround sound system in your home. Be very confusing because the films in question remain attractive and exciting no matter how, where and when they are watched. At Ars, our critical view continues to move toward a large selection of proper 'backgammon' cinema. This year, we're the best at everything from blockbuster comics and science fiction to carefully crafted crazy/religious horror films to documentaries dealing with the dire consequences of stories like science fiction or climate change.

We are. Pick an unrated list, save for our "Best of the Year" vote at the end, so you might want to consider a variety of genres and options and maybe add a few surprises to your final watch list. As always, we invite you to comment and add your suggestions for movies released in 2021, whether you've seen them in crowded, compelling cinemas or in secluded rooms with OLED coverage. p>

Monster's Choice: Godzilla vs. Kung Everything I wished for in a picture like this came to fruition in <em> Godzilla vs. Kung </em> - <b>and</b> then sometimes. Zoom / All I expected from an image like this in Godzilla vs Kong and then some paid off. two brothers.

I have had a lot of fun with Godzilla Vs. Kong from my cozy living room, projected onto a beautiful TV with almost speaker max, two hours of that made me yearn for a busier experience—perhaps more than any movie or series. He was seen at the height of the quarantine. The film bears a striking resemblance to its original animals: large, sprinkled, and sometimes completely dumb on the surface, but full of animal-like shrewdness and the ability to deliver massive blows at critical moments. Advertising

Special Effects. It can't be the only content in a movie about dumb monsters, and luckily, GvK's script draws a fine line between seriousness, heart and obvious cowardice. The movie's logic isn't bad at all - although sometimes it's as paper-thin with pride. Infiltrating a disaster site filled with the highest levels of corporate misconduct? Simply lick the screwdriver and insert it into the appropriate fork. How about a pre-teen girl who secretly crosses the highest levels of military security, is she supposed to keep an eye on killer Kong to get close to him and check his feelings? GvK continues to shake his hand at these moments, as they bump into each other very quickly, as if to say, "Don't worry about that story gap, Poindexter." Scenes from the studio movie version setting the money towers on fire - as lit up by the blasts of blue flames coming out of Godzilla's throat. Every pixel pumped into the movie monsters is spent wisely. Both sound effect houses greeted the concert, and did a masterful job, showing the hairy, cage-free Kong in the lush landscape – shadows and environmental obstructions dance on its thin, uncluttered frame. The same goes for the other monster in the movie title, and I'm afraid I can't say more to those of you who haven't screwed up before.

GvK is cool, silly, and fun. - But don't be fooled. It takes serious filmmaking savvy to capture such movement and speed.

—Sam Machkovich, Technology Culture Editor

It's a summer movie!

When a Child Becomes a Samurai: This is a summer movie!

This is a summer movie! It's the best movie anyone has seen (or not easily seen) in 2021. It's the kind of adventure movie I was obsessed with as a kid, but it makes the same kind of movie. Nathan's dedication to adults, as writer/director Sushi Masumoto's screenplay cleverly blends genre elements with thematic features that captured the obsession of the film's protagonist, the barefoot samurai.

Read more A samurai-themed sci-fi movie this summer! Subtly breaking expectations

apparently, a group of three high school girls get together to make sure that one of them, a barefoot samurai fan, writes the script for a student club festival at the end of the year. He was working on it. But the summer movie! When she opens the plan, she leaves a surprise behind. Showcasing laughter, warm moments, and new challenges in equal doses, the film showcases a handful of my favorite movie moments from recent years. If I can find the latest samurai battle movie on YouTube, I might watch it once a week this winter. Advertising

You are done watching the summer movie! and just feel good, whether your favorite movie genre includes high school students, young romance, sci-fi, cool elements, or jokes that anyone interested in AV Club will enjoy. and with the current iteration of the film industry, this is a summertime movie! One of the simplest movies a community has to offer it just needs a major US distributor, live stream, etc. to find out.

- Nathan Mattis, Feature Editor Emeritus

Parallel Worlds with New Twists: The Writer's Odyssey

Based on a short story by Shuang Geotao titled Killing a Novelist, featuring Odyssey is written by the writer with a very lofty and ambitious premise that alternates between parallel worlds: the real world and the fictional world. Director Lu Yang is best known for his 2014 Chinese film Wuxia Blades of Blades, a sequel to 2017. Elements of the wuxia genre are woven into the fantasy sections of his latest film. But the other half is happening now.

Continuing to read this action-packed fantasy space opera heralds a bright future for the Asian film

also called Kung Won. . The fictional character attempts to confront Lord Redmin, led by a black shield (voiced by Zhou Jingfei). But through a strange twist of fate, the fictional world of the novel begins to take over in real life, forcing the bereaved father of Guan Ning (Li Jianye) to accept a mission from Tu Ling (Yang Mi) to kill the author. p>

The fairy tale in particular has some eye-catching visuals and special effects that make the stunning action sequences even more daring. The main actors are very talented in their playing, and it is impossible not to be impressed by the dual efforts of Ning and Kungun, as the explanation for this mysterious connection between the two worlds gradually becomes clear. The film is ultimately about dealing with the tragic loss and the long grief it caused. With its epic scale, high octane action, stunning cinematography, and high production value, the author's highly-deluded budget epic for 2019.

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