VPN vulnerability on 10k server got 9.8 out of 10.

Palo Alto Networks Fix Buffer Overflow Error in GlobalProtect VPN

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Security firm Randori said Wednesday that it discovered the vulnerability 12 months ago and has since used it specifically in Red Team products, to help customers defend their network against global threats. real test. The rule of thumb among security professionals is that researchers report high-density vulnerabilities to vendors as soon as possible rather than secretly storing them. The vulnerability has been exposed, a buffer overflow defect that occurs when user-provided inputs are parsed with a fixed length location on the stack. An exploration of the concept developed by Randori researchers illustrates the significant damage it can cause.

An extract, and other cases, Randori researchers wrote on Wednesday. "Once the attacker has control of the firewall, it can be seen on the internal network and can move sideways."

Over the past few years, hackers have been actively collecting vulnerabilities that earlier this year warned government companies that VPNs such as Citrix, Microsoft, and Fortinet were under attack, and similar enterprise products were attacked, including Including Pulse Secure and Sonic Wall. Palo Alto is ready to join the list.

The GlobalProtect Gateway provides management functionality that locks network endpoints, information about existing gateways, and any existing certificates that may be available. It also controls the behavior and distribution of GlobalProtect software on macOS and Windows endpoints.

OS 8.1.17 is where GlobalProtect VPN is located, although these versions are more than a year old Data provided by Shodan shows an estimated 10,000 servers connected to the internet running (an estimate from the previous version of this post shows 70,000) Randuri said. Independent researcher Kevin Beaumont said Shodan's searches showed that half of the GlobalProtect samples Shodan viewed were weak.

If you have a Palo-Alto box with GlobalProtect VPN, you'll want CVE-2021 - Patch. 3064.

- Kevin Beaumont (GossiTheDog) 10 Nov 2021

Overflow occurs when a user-supplied input program crashes with a fixed length in a packet. Without using what's known as HTTP hijacking, the error code cannot be accessed externally, which is an offensive technique that interferes with the way HTTP requests are handled by a website. These vulnerabilities appear when the front and back end of a website misinterprets the HTTP request limits, and the error causes them to not be synchronized.

This confusion is usually the result of code libraries handling any two characters that deviate from a selection. Content length and transport encoding headers. In this process, parts of one request can be added to the next, allowing another user to respond to the smuggling request. Vulnerabilities in application trafficking are often critical because they allow an attacker to bypass security controls, gain unauthorized access to sensitive data, and directly endanger other application users.

Independent security researcher David Langenker wrote: From the GlobalProtect bug on Twitter. "And the kind of punch that the worst actors have used in nearly every Far Access product in the past few years." Randuri said the risk was particularly acute for hypothetical versions of the weak product. Since randomization does not address address space - a security mechanism usually shortened to ASLR to reduce chances of successful exploitation - it works. Advertising

On most devices, running is difficult but possible: in default devices (VM-series firewalls), operation is much easier due to the lack of ASLR, and Randori expects generic exploits to appear, Randori wrote. “Censored versions of proprietary devices with MIPS-based Admin Panel CPUs are not used due to their large architecture, although overflow can be accessed on such devices and can be exploited to restrict access to services.”

What Who took so long?

Randore's post states that company researchers discovered a buffer overflow and HTTP smuggling flaw last November from the Kurdish persistent and automated Ag platform. "

" Red Team's tools and techniques, including zero-day exploits, are essential. “The success of our customers and the world of cybersecurity,” David Wahlboff, Senior Director of Submission Technology, wrote in a post. “It is valuable to our customers, while at the same time we identify and manage relevant risks.”

Palo Alto Networks provides a briefing here. Today's security recommendation addresses a vulnerability that could affect customers using earlier versions of PAN-OS (8.1.16 and earlier). We took immediate action. to implement mitigation measures. As stated in the security tips, we are not aware of any malicious attempts to exploit the vulnerability. We highly recommend best practices to keep systems up to date, and we thank the researchers for alerting us and sharing our findings. "

Any organization that supports the Palo platform uses the Alto Networks GlobalProtect to carefully review Randori's recommendation and fix any weak servers as quickly as possible.

VPN vulnerability on 10k server got 9.8 out of 10.
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