The best smart watch for any type of user

We tested smartwatches with every line, shape, and price to find the best options for you.

As the holiday shopping season begins, we've updated our guide to the best smartwatches you can buy. The Apple Watch 7 Series now ranks higher than the Series 6, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is replacing the Galaxy Watch 3 as the best choice for Android users, and we've included some new Garmin watches as run-based recommendations. We have changed the pattern. . More Apple Watch 7 Series review: Time is a minor upgrade. If getting the important (or not so important) notifications on your wrist sounds appealing to you, here's the great news: most smartwatches can now do it for you. And you have options for style, form factor, and more specific wearable goals.

There are smartwatches that emphasize classic watch style and aesthetics, and there are others that help you compete in specific sports and practice everything in between. From casual athletes to those who want every bit of data and guidance, the potential for a smartwatch has grown. And recently, we revisited some of our favorite options and tested the latest versions to help you choose the best smartwatch for your needs.

Table of Contents Best Smartwatch Overall Second, our slightly more affordable smartwatch, like Best Runner Smartwatch, Best Android Smartwatch, Most Stylish Smartwatch

Short version (Wet)

The Apple Watch Series 7 remains the best all-round smartwatch available. It doesn't offer any other wearables like the diversity of apps, the integrity of the ecosystem, and the third-party support that the Apple Watch does. Battery life is good with about a day on each charge, but charging from zero to 100 now takes over an hour. The new, larger screen provides more font size and more space to read fitness data and notifications. Fitness tracking can still use more context, but the Series 7 all-inclusive package is tricky. Meanwhile, the Apple Watch SE can save you several dollars depending on your needs. Our runner-up is Fitbit Sense. This watch doesn't have extensive Apple Watch app support, but almost the same level of fitness hardware (ECG, blood oxygen sensors, heart rate, GPS), 1 week of battery life, deeper mobile app and real GPS support. Android, all in a stylish design. If you can find it for under $200, the Fitbit Versa 3 is another option we love. This watch is a nice combination of the elegant look of a smartwatch (in software and hardware), fitness tracking, and information capabilities that we need at this price point. There is no ECG sensor, but other than that it should cover you with basic to intermediate health insights. Garmin's Forerunner 745 is our best runner's watch for in-depth training statistics, helpful and easy analysis for all athletes and a suite of dedicated runner tools. It lacks a touch screen, but with GPS, 24-hour heart rate, all-day blood-oxygen monitoring, and music storage for up to 500 songs, it's a powerful companion for running, swimming, cycling and many other sports. The Apple Watch Series 7 is a relatively minor upgrade over the slightly smaller Series 6 it replaced, but it's still the best overall smartwatch we've tested. Zoom / The Apple Watch Series 7 is a relatively minor upgrade over the Series 6 it replaced, but this is still the best watch Smart in all respects we tested. The Corey Gaskin Garmin Forerunner 55 and 245 Music are two cheaper options well worth a look for the average runner. Those who like the 745's approach but don't need things like storing music, monitoring blood oxygen, or analyzing their running path can save a great deal with the Forerunner 45. Meanwhile, the Forerunner 245 Music is better for those who don't. For hiking and other outdoor activities, you need an altimeter or tracking, but you want to keep the main part of the 745's activity tracking features. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is the best all-in-one wearable for Android users, especially Samsung phone owners. Its classic watch style looks good, and the rotary bezel position controls are intuitive. Some of the more advanced health tracking features require a Galaxy phone, but overall it's still a very powerful fitness tracker. The software, co-created by Google and Samsung, means it keeps the Polish Galaxy watches popular, while adding a growing list of popular apps to support them. We also have some stylish Garmin smartwatches. Vivomove Luxe, Style, and 3/3S share good looks and premium materials at different prices, making them beautiful jewelry that doesn't compromise on keeping track of the average fit. In the meantime, the Garmin Lily is a great choice for ladies or those with smaller wrists. It needs a GPS phone, but it provides useful statistics for a variety of activities and notifications with a neat beauty. Ads

Best Smartwatch Overall Apple Watch Series 7 The new Apple Watch display emphasizes the wider screen. Zoom in / The new Apple Watch focuses on a wider screen. Corey Gaskin Apple Watch Series 7 From $399 in Apple From $390 in Amazon Watch SE: From $279 in Apple Series 3: From $199 at Apple (Ars Technica may sell links from this post through affiliate apps to receive compensation.)

If you have an iPhone and are looking for a smartwatch, the Apple Watch is your first stop, and for good reason. Simply put, this is the best smartwatch you can buy. Is this the best fitness tracker? No. Is this the most stylish smartwatch? Well, beauty is in the eyes of the viewer and everything, but ... not really. This is not the most versatile wearable, as it only works with the iPhone.

But if you want to have a (public) mirror of your phone on your wrist, you only need the fitness tracking requirements you have - your heart rate. Blood Oxygen, GPS, and some extra features like an ECG scan - then find your Apple Watch 7 Series. This really useful "leave your phone at home" watch offers a comprehensive first-person and third-party app. LTE connection support.

Apple Watch 7 Series app support is almost unparalleled, and now basic tasks like sending text messages using a full QWERTY keyboard are even easier. The seventh series has a slightly larger screen and bezel than the sixth series, and its bezels are 40% thinner. This means that the always-on display is wide enough and, in addition to providing more room for viewing and interacting with apps, it enables new luxuries such as on-screen keyboards.

Improving the appearance of the 7 Series is hardly recognizable. You don't have it with the Series 6, and if you already have the 2nd Edition, the latest model isn't worth the upgrade. But the 7 Series' faster charging speed is impressive. New charging coils, paired with an Apple Watch USB-C charger, halve charging time from zero to 100, from 2.5 hours to 1.25 hours. This makes quick shocks on the charger more effective. With that said, the total battery life remains 18 hours, or roughly a day of use. It's an easy way to see vital health tips from exercise, sleep, and everyday life with the Apple Health app. This app is more focused on directions, so it's not the most accurate, nor does it offer the greatest amount of guidance in between the hours of this guide. But consistency is key to any healthy diet, and tips through Apple Fitness+, Apple's fitness subscription ($10 a month or $80 a year), help provide some of those missing tips. The five-ATM IPX6 water and dust resistance - the second case for the new 7 Series - combined with stronger screen engineering make it Apple's most durable watch.

As mentioned, the seventh string is basically just an hour clock. Series 6 with faster shipping and facelift starting at $400. As long as stock is available, you can often find the 6 Series for about $50 less than comparable 7 Series models. On the other hand, if you don't need an always-on display, blood-oxygen sensor, and ECG sensor, you can save a lot of changes with a similar Apple Watch SE, which retails for $279.

Then there's the Apple Watch Series 3. It lacks the same sensors mentioned in the SE excludes, is much slower than the SE or 7 Series, and the always-on altimeter is missing more than that, although the altimeter reading is choppy . Available. But at $200 for an MSRP, it's still an attractive buy for the basics and often sells for less than that. Just note that users are having trouble updating their 3rd series with limited memory of 8GB per hour. Also, considering all the features that are lacking compared to the 7 Series, the 6 Series and most of their competitors, you'd better be seen as a health or fitness tracker smartwatch. Advertising

Runner-up Fitbit Sense Fitbit's Sense has all the sensors you could ask for in a fitness tracker, and deeper information and health advice more than Apple Watch offers, especially with a premium Fitbit membership. Zoom Fitbit's Sense has all the sensors you could ask for in a fitness tracker and more in-depth health information and advice that Apple Watch offers. Especially with a Fitbit Premium membership. Corey Gaskin/Ars Technica Fitbit Sense $199 on Amazon $300 on Target (Ars Technica can be compensated for selling links in this post through affiliate programs)

With at least three valuable Apple Watch options at a low price, it's hard to distinguish between The second speaker. However, the main attraction of the Fitbit Sense is that it has almost all the fitness and health sensors from the Apple Watch 6 Series, but with universal compatibility for use with Android devices, iPhones, and even computers. It also has two to three times longer battery life than the Apple Watch, which means about a week of full use.

In terms of lightness, it definitely has a shiny square bezel similar to the Apple Watch. Bright, vibrant screen and silicone band. With a closer look, the differences can be easily seen. The strap mounts differently and attaches to the watch with a custom, seamless mechanism, but feels just as comfortable as the Apple Watch. You can also buy a variety of leather straps, silicone, fabric, and some recycled materials or reflective fibers for climbers and runners. Such as ECG monitors and blood oxygen readings, although the latter does not offer point readings unless you pay for a Fitbit Premium. Without it, the sensors are used only during sleep. All necessary devices such as GPS, heart rate monitor and altimeter are located on the sensor, as well as skin temperature monitors and electrical activity sensors to measure stress.

In terms of smartwatches, Fitbit Sense does quite well. Terms. Allows notifications from most apps for iOS or Android. But universal compatibility means shallow integration, especially with first person functions such as replying to texts or emails. You cannot reply to text messages or emails on your iPhone, but you can reply to text messages using instant replies or voice dictation using your Android phone. Phone calls can also be made on Fitbit using iPhone or Android devices.

If that's all you need from your phone, Fitbit Sense is a strong contender. Just don't expect too many intricacies of custom apps or shortcuts to specific functions, because the only major third-party Sense apps are a handful of music services like Spotify (which doesn't run around the clock, but only controls streaming). Another device), Deezer and Pandora.

Inexplicably, Sense loses the ability to download music files to your device (which Versa can 2) unless it's Pandora Premium or Deezer Premium. Accounts (none of them are very popular). So, if walking or running without a phone is important to you, this and the lack of cellular connectivity may be important.

The best smart watch for any type of user
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