Su Click The use of 'No Click' for fully updated iPhones has been hacked by Israeli activists

The NSO Group says its spyware is aimed only at criminals and terrorists. Critics disagree. More than 30 journalists, human rights activists and businessmen were infected with a powerful spy sold by an Israeli company for smartphones belonging to more than 30 journalists and human rights activists, with the aim of arresting terrorists, criminals, the Washington Post and other publications.

The phones are infected with Pegasus, a complete spyware program developed by the NSO Group. An exploitation seller based in Israel has come under serious scrutiny in recent years.

Pegasus is often installed through "zero-click" abuse, such as those sent by text messages, and does not require victim interaction. After misusing spyware or rooting an iPhone or Android device on a target, Pegasus immediately overwhelms the device's many resources. It copies your call history, text messages, calendar entries, and contacts. This device is able to activate the cameras and microphones of damaged phones to eavesdrop on nearby activities. It can also track the movements of the target and steal messages from encrypted chatbots between the parties.

iPhone 12. iOS 14.6 Offline

According to research conducted jointly by 17 news organizations, Pegasus 37 phones belong to people who meet NSO standards and do not provide for the use of powerful spyware Own, you hit him. The victims, including journalists, human rights activists, businessmen and two women close to Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, were killed, according to the Washington Post. A technical analysis by Amnesty International and the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto confirmed these injuries.

Amnesty International researchers wrote: “The Pegasus attacks, described in detail in this report, are from 2014 to July 2021. . These also include so-called “click zero” attacks that do not require interaction with the target. Zero click attacks have been observed since May 2018 and continue to this day. Recently, a successful “click zero” attack took advantage of many days. To attack a fully patched iPhone 12 running iOS 14.6 in July 2021."


All 37 infected devices are on a list of over 50,000 phone numbers. It is not yet clear who put the numbers on it, why they did it, and how many phones have actually been targeted or erased. However, forensic analysis of 37 phones often shows a close correlation between the timestamps associated with a number in the list and the start of time monitoring on the corresponding phone, in some cases as briefly as a few seconds. Amnesty International and the Paris-based non-profit journalism organization Forbidden Stories accessed the list and shared it with news organizations, after further research and analysis, they did further analysis.

Journalists shortlisted more than 1,000 people in more than 50 countries. The victims included members of the Arab royal family, at least 65 business executives, 85 human rights activists, 189 journalists, and more than 600 politicians and government officials - including ministers, diplomats, military and security officers. The list also includes several heads of state and prime ministers. Meanwhile, the Guardian said 15,000 politicians, journalists, judges, activists and teachers in Mexico were on the leaked list. As detailed here, hundreds of journalists, activists, academics, lawyers, and even world leaders appear to have been targeted. The journalists on the list have worked with leading news organizations, including CNN, Associated Press, VOA, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News and Le Monde in France, the Financial Times in London and Al Jazeera in Qatar. The targeting of 37 smartphones appears to contradict NSO's stated goal of spying on Pegasus, which the company says is designed to be used only to conduct surveys of terrorists and major criminals. The newspaper said: "The evidence extracted from these smartphones, which was first leaked here, raises questions about the obligations of the Israeli police to its customers in relation to human rights violations." For a serious investigation, in a statement, they wrote:

The reporting of the prohibited stories is full of misconceptions and indirect theories that raise serious doubts about the credibility and interests of the sources, as it appears that “unknown sources” provided information that had no real basis And far from the truth.

Their allegations We categorically reject the false allegations in their report, and their sources have provided them with information that has no real basis, as is evident from the lack of supporting evidence for many of their allegations. In fact, these allegations are so cruel and far from the truth that NSO is investigating a defamation lawsuit.

The NSO Group has good reason to make allegations that anonymous sources refer to "forbidden stories". It is based on [a] misleading interpretation of data from accessible and obvious background information, such as HLR search services, which has no bearing on the target list of Pegasus customers or other NSO products. These services are available to everyone, anywhere and anytime, and are commonly used by government agencies for various purposes, as well as private companies across the world. A complete and ridiculous lie, because such data was never on our servers.

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Advertising Read More Read More Su iOS is effectively using iOS flaw hijacking Apple's repaired iPhones. This isn't the first time that the NSO has been criticized internationally, when the Pegasus spyware itself has targeted journalists, dissidents and others with no apparent connection to crime or terrorism. The NSO spyware was exposed in 2016 when Citizen Lab and security firm Lookout discovered that it was targeting a political dissident in the United Arab Emirates. Researchers at the time discovered that text messages sent to Emirati Ahmed Mansoor used three iPhone vulnerabilities on Zero Day to install Pegasus on their devices. Mansour sent the messages to Citizen Lab researchers, who found that the linked web pages led to a series of breaches that could destroy his iPhone and install the Pegasus spyware.

READ MORE Click iMessage zero Eight days later, Lookout and Google researchers have retrieved the Pegasus version for Android. In 2019, Google's Project Zero exploration team found that NSO exploits zero-day vulnerabilities that give full control over fully patched Android devices. A few days later, Amnesty International and Citizen Lab revealed that the mobile phones of two prominent human rights activists had been repeatedly targeted by Pegasus. That same month, Facebook sued NSO, apparently over attacks that used fewer clicks to compromise WhatsApp users' phones.

Last December, Citizen Lab said that a no-click attack created by NSO used a zero-day exploit. in Apple iMessage to target 36 journalists. The vulnerabilities sold by NSO and similar companies are very complex and expensive to build and manufacture. Smartphone users are unlikely to experience any of these attacks unless they are the focus of a wealthy government or law enforcement agency. Members of this latter group should seek advice from security experts on how to secure their equipment.

Su Click The use of 'No Click' for fully updated iPhones has been hacked by Israeli activists
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