Google Chat Review: Terrible as a Slack clone, but good as a consumer chat app

Google's number one corporate chat app is sometimes just inconvenient for consumers.

Google Chat is officially launched for customers, which means it's time to go back to our favorite topic: Google Messenger!

Google Chat is the newest (usually) short-distance messaging app from Google, but it's a little more important than the rest. While the "2 years under scrolling" club is full of losers - Google Wave (2009-2010), Buzz (2010-2011), Disco (2011-2012), Google+ Messenger (2011-2013) and Spaces (2016) - 2017 ), Allo (2016-2019), and YouTube Messages (2017-2019) - were a flat-line for major Google Talk users. Google Talk was Google's first chat app, launched in 2005 (it's often informally called 'GChat'). In 2013 Google Talk was updated to Google Hangouts, which was (mostly) compatible with Google og chat service. Now, Google Hangouts users will seamlessly upgrade to Google Chat, resulting in 16 years of Google Messy but functional messaging.

These days I feel like all I'm doing is posting and ruining my last Google holiday. Or launch the dead messenger app on arrival. But know up front that Google Chat is really cool! The need for compatibility with Google Hangouts - by far, Google's best messaging app - means that it's also a convenient alternative to Google Hangouts. It has customer support, an online account instead of a phone number system restricted by Google Pay and Google Allo, and a seamless transfer of your existing chats and contacts. This isn't quite as prominent as the stable chat systems that have been around for years, but if you're looking for the basics of multiple devices, this version 1.0 of Google Chat isn't really bad.

Google has recently spearheaded some garbage service transfers. But when it comes to turning off Google Hangouts inevitably (date still to be determined), our time with Google Chat so far shows it won't be a huge disaster.

First Enterprise: Why Google Chat Has a Chance to Survive

You could fill a graveyard with past Google instant messaging apps, but - and I can't believe I'm writing this - I really think Google Chat has a better chance of surviving Surviving from many ancestors who were made of "money". Despite the serial release of Google messaging apps, Google has never released a powerful revenue-generating messaging app. Google Chat changes it. Google Chat originated from Google Workspace (formerly known as "G Suite") as a competitor to Slack. Google pays for Workspace, making it one of the more stable branches of Google's product line. Usually, making money means staying alive, and Google Chat will make money as part of the workspace.

Technically Hangouts has also spent some time as part of the Google Workspace package, but I'm dying for the ultimate Hangouts under the "not invented here" syndrome. Hangouts and Google Chat are both Google products, but different parts of Google don't work together or eventually sync. This is part of the reason we have so many messaging apps to start with. Hangouts was born out of the Google+ project, at a time when Google was working together as a company (it took a bribe to make this happen). Hangouts became an orphan upon the death of Google+.

Hangouts was eventually accepted by G Suite, but it never met the needs of a business, so it was dropped.

Slack has been a regulatory scandal for years since the launch of Google Hangouts. Corporate chat software is now a common practice for businesses, especially with the growing reality of working from home. If you're willing to spend a fortune on a good corporate chat software, that's $27.7 billion, which Salesforce paid to buy Slack in December. Microsoft, Google's perennial competitor, launched into the enterprise chat market, launching Microsoft Teams in 2017. Believe it or not, the difference is now bigger than Slack.


You could say that Slack doesn't compete with Google Workspace, as they often complement each other. Microsoft Office 365 definitely competes with Google Workspace, however, when Microsoft Teams started, Office 365 had a competitive enterprise chat software, and Google Workspace didn't. Google Workspace is one of Google's core enterprise products. This requires a competition in the enterprise chat, and the chosen fighter is Google Chat.

We are launching a chat program, but when it replaces Google, it will eliminate a large number of consumer users. Hangout So why is Google Chat also an enterprise chat app? Nobody really knows outside of Google. The actions that Google has taken over the past 16 years have shown that they do not believe messaging to the consumer is a valuable service worth making a steady investment. Individual employees start a project, but if they leave or get promoted, no one takes off the coat and the project dies. Often, no one in this company grieves or even notices death. This is in contrast to services like ads, search, Gmail, Chrome or Android, which can make a lot of changes to employees but will continue to do so. considered important.

I want to emphasize that this is completely contrary to the thinking of most of Google's competitors. IMessage, for example, is a pillar of the Apple ecosystem, and Apple calls it "one of the most important applications in the mobile environment." But Google's logic seems to be: "Consumer messages don't show ads and therefore don't deserve long-term support". If we follow this argument, it makes sense that we would support a free consumer chat program in the company's money-making chatbot.

Being "first" also explains some of the strangest UI decisions from Google Chat. Some parts of the user interface are the same because they provide a relative image of Slack. The rest just have to deal with it somehow, but it's actually a weird thing.

Google Chat Review: Terrible as a Slack clone, but good as a consumer chat app
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