Good deal: 15% off some of our favorite standing tables

A 15% sale is a great opportunity to upgrade your home office.

Dealmaster has collected the best early Black Friday deals over the past few weeks, but today we wanted to highlight them. Noteworthy specials for whole-home offices and home accessories, which we've already recommended in our guide to outfitting your home office.

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By November 30, the company will have 15% off nearly all standing desks, desk frames, transformers, chairs, monitor arms, shelves, and other home offices. Accessories in her online store If you prefer to buy from there, many of these discounts are also repeated through the on-screen coupons in the Amazon Fully Offer. For a background, whole-office street prices (among other things) have gone up steadily over the past few months, so the discounts here aren't the lowest we've ever sought. However, for those who want to use a standing table today, this sale represents a good opportunity to save on some of their favorite options.

Among the discounts we've tried and recommended is the Jarvis and Fully standing table. Cooper Standing Desk Adapter. While the Jarvis isn't the overall best choice for our standing desk - the V2 Uplift desk offers quite a few customization options, although not compatible with shorter tires, it's still an attractive option both from an aesthetic and functional point of view. The stable bamboo surface in our test model helps the desk fit into semi-expensive furniture and classify the room, while making the desk less cluttered. You can also choose from tables made of plywood, natural wood and board materials. The price of each is different, laminate has the lowest cost, and natural wood with a fixed source has a higher price. And yes, you can use dry erase markers on top of the whiteboard.

Completely offering a variety of desktop shapes and sizes, including L-shaped tables and options with built-in drawers. The versatility of available accessories is also one of the main points of complete sales: apart from the fact that you can design your table to specifications (colour, frame, material, shape, size, etc.), you can also add a mountable shelf. Power cords, power clips, tripods and chairs, double or single display arms, cable management solutions, mountable or freestanding drawers, a range of movable panels, mattresses and other accessories. You can also add a bottle opener or a treadmill depending on your preference. Prices for this wide range vary, but they offer many ways to make the table more flexible or comfortable. Advertising

Most permanent tables are fully equipped with standard up / down buttons, but you can choose. For control panels with up to four memory settings for an additional $35. You can also choose a desk with a wide frame that extends from 24.5 inches to 50 inches instead of the standard 29 inches to 48.25 inches. The latter may not be strictly necessary, however: As a 6-footer person, I had no complaints about the 48.25-inch maximum height.

In any case, the build quality of the sweeper is high. . If for any reason you have mechanical issues, there is a seven-year warranty for the mechanical frame and one year for the desktop.

If you already have a desk that you like, but still want to pay for. Try a standing table, we also recommend the Cooper stand table adapter. This is an ideal option for larger office spaces, where the 21.5.5-inch 35.5-inch can easily accommodate a 34-inch monitor next to a laptop, a mouse, and even one or two speakers. The keyboard tray measures 12 x 30 inches, providing enough space for any size keyboard and mouse modification. The desktop can carry up to 30 pounds of payload, while the drawer can hold up to 5 pounds. It can hold up to 22 inches. Even with a large monitor and laptop installed, it's easy to lift to make it easier to stand when your legs or back start to get congested. There are both bamboo and plain black versions, so you can choose according to your style. Typically, a 15% discount reduces a table converter from $300 to $254.

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Good deal: 15% off some of our favorite standing tables
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