EFF praises Android's new 2G kill switch and urges Apple to follow suit
In some countries, 2G only acts as an attack vector, so why not turn it off? The digital rights group fought against it. The outdated and insecure 2G mobile standard since 2020, Android is the first mobile operating system to accept the group's recommendations and allow users to completely disable 2G.

In the US, 2G operators were shut down last year, and 3G blackouts are currently in progress. However, the phones didn't really receive the message, and the modems still tried to automatically connect to nearby 2G signals. The problem is that 2G is very old, much like connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot that is protected by WEP - the security is outdated, so it can easily be broken. If you are in a country where the legal use of 2G has been dead for a long time, and the standard only acts as an attack through fake mobile phone towers, why not turn it off?

EFF clarifies the problems. :

There are two main problems with 2G. First, it uses weak encryption between the tower and the device, which can be hacked in real time by an attacker to intercept calls or text messages. In fact, an attacker could do this passively without sending a single packet. The second problem with 2G is that there is no tower-to-phone credit check, which means anyone can easily build a real 2G tower, and a phone using the 2G protocol wouldn't be wiser. p>

This does not mean that signals other than 2G are "secure". It is less secure, but you should still not trust the mobile network. The best way is to encrypt everything. This is usually the default for web connections, but depending on how your carrier and your phone are set up, your carrier's services like SMS and phone calls can be more vulnerable.

So why is 2G still turned on by default, even if it is clearly obsolete? The story of the second generation varies greatly around the world. Mobile IoT EMnify has an amazing global 2G phase-out list that's worth a read. Some countries, such as the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan have cut off the 2G network for some time. Europe will not eliminate 2G networks by 2025. Some South American countries will meet the standard by 2024, and some African countries will not have a scheduled end date for 2G at all.

2G isn't capable of sending data at all, so it'll probably only facilitate great analog voice calls and maybe texting - if your carrier has the worst and weakest transmission system on earth. There's a good chance that getting rid of 2G won't change your smartphone experience, so tap it.

With Android, EFF is now focused on Apple. The Twitter campaign launched with a one-click tweet: "HeyApple, 2G is outdated and insecure technology! Google recently let us turn it off on our phones, now it's your turn.!"

< h2> How does the kill 2G switch work on Android

This kill 2G switch is a new feature in Android 12, but what phones are really getting? As usual with Android, the answer is complicated and the switch does not come for all Android 12 phones. As the Android 12 release notes indicate, the real requirements for the features are Android 12 and "Radio 1.6 HAL". In the case of Very Treble, it is a project that modifies the operating system from hardware support and allows for easier updates. HAL This is the interface between the operating system and the hardware driver. The actual cases aren't very recent, so your best bet to get a kill 2G switch is to buy a new Android phone with Android 12, not one that will be upgrading to Android 12.

Kill <b>switch</b> 2G in Android 12. Zoom in/Kill 2G switch on Android 12. Ron Amadeo

But wait, this is Android, so players can be on the way. "Carriers can disable this feature at runtime," the release notes said. With all the possible variants here, the only way to know if 2G killing is supported is to open Settings and search. I can confirm the switch is on the Pixel 6, and EFF says check out some newer Samsung phones.

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