What happened to MSN Messenger?

It was the late 90s, and social media platforms like MySpace and Facebook didn't even exist yet. Text messaging was still in its infancy because few people at the time actually owned a cell phone. Email was a popular way to communicate with people who had access to a computer, but lacked the sense of real time that makes face-to-face conversations so appealing.

To do this, I needed an instant messaging app, and when the internet traffic took hold, there were four major competitors scrambling for the position: AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, and Yahoo! Microsoft MSN Messenger. What happened to MSN Messenger? AOL

Version 1.0 MSN messenger with Spartan feature set includes regular text messages and a basic contact list. . Right out of the gate, it caught the attention of an AOL competitor because Microsoft coded MSN Messenger to chat with AIM account holders. Needless to say, AOL wasn't excited.

As former AOL engineer Eric Bosco said, every messaging service that connects to the AIM network must provide a copy. Microsoft's app was recognized as "MSN Messenger version 1.0", so Bosco and AIM changed it to disconnect whenever it tried to connect to their network. What happened to MSN Messenger?

With the launch of Windows XP In 2001, Microsoft shortened the name of the program to MSN Messenger.A few years later, the Redmond-based tech giant reached a partnership agreement with Yahoo! Doll their instant messaging services to chat with each other. In total, it has created the world's largest instant messaging consumer community with about 275 million users. Short sound, real-time game play with your audience, and the infamous "shake", which sends an annoying beep and shakes the chat window to get the last user's attention. What happened to MSN Messenger?

With the launch of the eighth major version of the software, Microsoft has renamed the software, this time to "Windows Live Messenger," with the broader set of Windows Live software and web services. synchronization. p> What happened to MSN Messenger?

For a while, it seemed like Microsoft could do nothing wrong with its instant messenger. But as we all know, men and mice programs have been mistaken for being the best they can be. Bugs on the platform were obvious, and even security was repeatedly called into question.

For example, with version 9.0, the company removed several default status options and the ability to simultaneously adjust webcam settings. The video has been deleted. a call. Windows Live Messenger 2009 RC saw Microsoft remove a custom sign-in feature.

In 2012, when Microsoft forced Windows Vista and Windows 7 users to upgrade from an older version of the app to upgrade to older versions of the software made things worse. A later version, and shortly thereafter, support for Windows XP stopped completely. This coincided with Microsoft's acquisition of Skype. MSN Messenger?

Cannot Ignore the rise of social media and mobile devices. These technologies provided new ways for people to keep in touch with friends and family that did not include traditional computers.

However, Microsoft offered mobile versions of Windows Live for many major platforms, including iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone (and even integration with Facebook chat) It was a combination of factors that simply pushed Microsoft out of Messaging instant. In the end, they found a way out of Skype, but it also didn't work out... Together with Skype

In May 2011, Microsoft confirmed that it would launch Skype for an $8.5 billion buyout. In November of the following year, we announced that Messenger would be on Skype.

With this integration, Messenger users can still communicate with their friends via Skype, but it effectively drives the wheels to stop working. Standalone version of Windows Live Messenger. In addition, Skype was well received and universally used, but in the hands of Microsoft, the development of this program did not flourish. What happened to MSN Messenger?

If Microsoft could do it again, you probably wouldn't want to lose Windows to become a major player in the mobile operating system. Likewise, MSN Messenger may be today's WhatsApp or Snapshot, but a lack of focus, loss of trust from its huge user base, and mismanagement of Skype transfers have put Messenger in the tech graveyard. .everhappenedindex {background: #6b9e8e24; pad: 12px by 15px; Bottom border: 25 pixels. Everhappenedindex .everhappenedindex img.triangleLogo, .everhappenedindex picture .background: transparent! Important; Height: 60 pixels! Width: 60 pixels! Floating: Left! Important ; Padding: 0 pixels 14 pixels 60 pixels 0! Important ; } body.interior .articleBody ul.everhappenedli {margin-left: 95px; } body.interior .articleBody h4 {margin-top: 60px; font size: 1.35em; ever .everhappenedsub {font-size: 0.9em; } ul.everhappenedli li a {font-weight: 500; Font family: Roboto; font size: 1.05em; line-height: 1.6} screen media only and (max width: 760px) { body.interior .articleBody ul.everhappenedli {margin-left: 20px; ever .everhappenedindex img.triangleLogo, .everhappenedindex picture {padding: 0 14px 14px 0! important; ever .everhappenedsub {font-size: 0.85em; } ul.everhappenedli li a {font-size: 0.95em; im im "Whatever Happened..." TechSpot

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What happened to MSN Messenger?
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