GPU availability and pricing updated: July 2021

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It's the time of the month when we update you on the current state of the GPU market. The good news is that in the past few weeks, graphics card availability has improved, with GPU prices dropping significantly across the country, for both Nvidia and current AMD generations, and most GPUs in use from previous generations.

As a side note, last month we decided to stop tracking the CPU market because we noticed this segment is basically back to normal, and that's still true in July, which is really good. In fact, we've covered in our regular coverage how popular chips like the Ryzen 5600X are currently priced at $300 or less MSRP. Drivers

The drop in GPU prices is due to a significant bearish shift. The price of cryptocurrencies and the huge drop in the profitability of GPU mining. For more than two months, coins like Ethereum broke their highest record in value, with prices hovering less than half their peak. This had a positive effect on the GPU's price in late May and June, and it continues to do so today.

But progress is still slow. Although cryptocurrency and coin mining is currently in decline, GPU prices through regular retail channels have suddenly returned to normal. Like last month, availability is good for many cards in different regions around the world, but the prices compared to the MSRP are still very inflated.

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In Australia, a market that tends to be a generally good indicator of the PC hardware channel, last month we looked at nearly half of the RTX 3070 Graphics processors listed in the gear PC case available, starting prices From about A$1,800, which is more than double the MSRP has more cards available today, and that GPU price is a low $100 to $150, but clearly nowhere else is $810. However, there are improvements, This is a positive sign that stocks are available at lower prices than previous shipments, possibly due to distributors and AIBs with lower demand at current prices.AMD GPUs like the RX 6700 XT also saw slightly lower prices and somewhat better availability, but to a lesser degree than the RTX 3070 Speaking to retailers, it appears that GeForce availability has been relatively better than Radeon lately, especially at the top end. GPU Availability and Price: Jul 2021

We're still hearing about several series issues The supply that accelerates the influx of new GPUs to market. Items such as memory modules and other integrated circuits that are critical to building a graphics card are still limited in supply, and the cost of shipping graphics cards from factories to stores is higher than in previous years. GPUs are still in high demand given the natural forces of the market, but even if demand is low, these factors seem to prevent cards from bumping into optimistic MSRPs before they heat up. The downward trend of the lobby

Another important factor is, of course, cryptocurrency, so let's take a look at what's going on there. At the time of writing, atrium prices are down compared to last month. In the last GPU review, Ethereum was 2300. It is currently around $1800, which is a 22% drop. Not as surprising as the 34% drop from the previous month, but the significant drop in the price of the crypto is what potential GPU buyers want to see.

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As you know, not only the price of a coin affects the profitability of mining. The overall difficulty as well as the price of gasoline are also important. The difficulty of extracting the atrial fluctuated last month, but the difficulty decreased by 8% per month. This means that fewer GPUs are currently mining on the Ethereum network - which is good because it indicates less demand or interest in mining - but the rewards for those mining the coin will also increase. Ethereum price chart

Meanwhile, the price of gasoline has stabilized this month, which is not a bad thing for someone who wants the price of the GPU back to normal, but by the magnitude of the sharp drop in gasoline prices. Last month is not. When you combine this with the difficulty and the lower price of Atrium, the profitability of extraction continues to fall slightly, but not as much as it did in the last month. However, the decline is a decline, and it will affect the GPU market. Current GPU Retail Market Tracking current generation GPU prices on eBay in the third week of every month for new products and full sales offers for good news across the board. The price of the GPU has been dropping steadily from month to month, as the shells are no longer able to sell their cards as much each month, lasting until about January. These eBay prices effectively show us what people are willing to pay for GPUs, and there is a downward trend that I hope will keep the rest of the market going. MSRP eBay average price May EBay June average eBay price July average price Current price inflation June price increase GeForce RTX 3,090 $1,500 $3,628 $2,962 $2,599 73%-12% GeForce RTX 3080 Ti $1,200 $2,187 $1,905 59%-13% GeForce RTX 3080 $700 $2,601 1948 $1,623 132 RTX 3070 Ti 600 $1,323 $1,085 81%-18% GeForce RTX 3070 $500 $1,660 $1,261 $1,075 115% -15% GeForce RTX 3060 Ti 400 $1,617 $1,255 $1,012 $1153% -19% GeForce RTX $3060330 $977 $830 $723,113 Radeon 6900 XT $1000 $1,932 $1,460 $46% -24% Radeon 6800 XT 650 $1,690 $1,450 $1,282 97%-12,6800 $1,580 $1 $1,010 $1,087 87%-10% Radeon 6700 XT 480 $1,088 $907 $733 $733 -16%

Nvidia GPUs are still bloated more than their AMD counterparts in the scalpel market, Although many GPUs - including LHR with RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3070 Ti - Now selling for less than double the MSRP. The price of these cards decreased by 12 to 19 percent, and due to the fact that the price is partly related to mining profitability, the RTX 3070 Ti over the RTX 3060 Ti are all available for about the same, which of course would not be the case in the regular market.

On average, GPUs are still twice their MSRP... GPU update and availability: July 2021 </p> <p> Meanwhile, on the part of AMD, the price of the RX 6900 XT has been significantly reduced and decreased 24 times. Last month, it was the highest among the current generation of GPUs. This makes the GPU fully compatible with the performance and profitability of extraction compared to other GPUs, while it was already over-amplified. While GPUs still cost twice the MSRP on average, these AMD cards are only 70% inflatable. </p> <p> As in previous months, the RX 6700 XT remains the best card player currently for gamers. want to buy a GPU. Its value is much better cost-per-frame using the latest 1440p standards, which contributes to poor extraction performance and consumer preference for RTX GPUs - a good bonus for whoever does. </p> <p> <img border = < /p >

We're in a really weird situation where, upon launch, GPUs thought it wasn't surprising that the MSRP (6700 XT and RTX 3070 Ti) is actually one of the best GPUs on the market right now.

On the other hand, it's definitely not worth buying a GeForce GPU at current prices, which are more than double the inflated MSRP and cost less per AMD than AMD processors per frame. As prices continue to stabilize and the popularity of mining declines, I expect these value equations to be more established in terms of gaming performance, not mining performance, which Nvidia has on unlimited amplifiers with LHR and RDNA2. Using Whattomine data, the average daily GPU profit is down 13% compared to the same period last month, while the GPU price is down 16%. If I had just bought a GPU and no further drop in profitability had taken place, this would have kept my period of profitability roughly flat at one year. Interestingly, miners are not making the most progress - they are following their buying habits, or they are optimistic that mining will stabilize in profitability or increase in profit. While people who buy cards today experience an average of 355 days of profitability, those who bought GPUs at last month's prices due to a gradual decline in profitability as well as a drop in the resale value of their cards.

If this statistic is a bit confusing, the bottom line is that buying a GPU for extraction now seems like a poor investment. But hey, this is good for those who prefer cheap GPUs to sell their card miners in the second hand market. Of course, the cryptocurrency market is volatile, so we can go back in August with a completely different story. What about used GPUs?

The price of used GPUs last month has also fallen at the same rate as current generation cards. Nvidia's GeForce RTX 20 series, for example, is down 15%, a big drop for cards like the RTX 2080 Ti, which is now under $1,000 MSRP. MSRP eBay Average Price May EBay Average June Price eBay Average July July Inflation High July Current Price Rise GeForce RTX 2080 Ti $1000 $1,458 $1,219 $1,219 952 -5% -22 % GeForce RTX 2080 Super 700 $1,047 $887,788 13% -11% GeForce RTX 2080700 $953 $834 $686 - 2% - 18% GeForce RTX 2070 Super 500 $881 $784 $638 28% - 19% GeForce RTX 2070 $500 $838 $678 $603 21%-11% GeForce RTX 2060 Super 400 $800 $707 $613 53% -13% GeForce RTX 2060350 $641 $549 $476 36% - 13th Street 20% -15%

Rage but those interested in the previous generation GPU not so lucky, the RTX 2060 is still priced at a median selling price of $476 compared to $350 for an MSRP at the time. Half a year ago. GPU Availability and Price: July 2021

The market for GTX 16 series cards is looking much better this month. When we looked back in June, the drop in current-generation GPU prices due to the devaluation of cryptocurrencies didn't cause much crowding in the underlying market prices. But this month, we're seeing a drop in the price of the GTX 1650, which is now in line with the drop in other GPUs. None of these cards are currently worth the impressive price tag, which is much higher than the MSRP, but the lower prices are what we'd love to see. MSRP eBay Average price May May eBay Average price June eBay Average price July Current price Inflation Price increase month through July GeForce GTX 1660 Ti $280 $585 $481 $428 $53% -11% GeForce GTX 1660 Super $230 $582 $495 $425 85% -14% GeForce GTX 1660220 $497 $430 $359 63% - 17% GeForce GTX 1650 Super $160 $296 $346 $326 82% -11% GeForce GTX 1650 $150 $150 $299 $295 $248 65%-16% average 70%-14%

Then we come to the GeForce 10 series, which did more than the average price drop on the market. At this point, every card except the GTX 1060 6 GB is now under MSRP, which is a watershed for these older Pascal cards. It's worth noting that this isn't a good situation either, as most of these GPUs were launched in 2016, but the lower prices are welcome. MSRP eBay Average Price May May Average eBay Price June Average July Price Current Inflation Price July Inflation Price Increase Month to July GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 700 $855 $689 $550 -21% -20% GeForce GTX 1080600 $606 $526 $395 - 34% -25% GeForce GTX 1070 Ti 450 $575 $467 $398 -12% -15% GeForce GTX 1070 $380 $498403 $337 -11% -16% GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Byte $250 $366 $327 $273 9% -17% GeForce GTX 1060 3 GB $255 $234 $234 $189 -6% -19% Average -12% -19%

For AMD GPUs Yes I strongly advise gamers to avoid the Radeon RX 5000 series as these are quite usable for gaming performance, which has inflated prices over equivalent Nvidia cards. While prices here have also come down, products like the RX 5700 XT still sell for nearly twice as much as $400 at the flea market, which is worth it compared to the RTX 2070 Super, a GPU that's not only The faster it is, the less valuable it is. On average, it's more than $100 cheaper. GPU availability and price updated: July 2021 < /p >

On the other hand, RX 5700 XT owners who aren't interested in mining will have a good upgrade path, as we mentioned in last month's update. With the 5700 XT being used for about $760, and the RX 6700 XT priced at about $730 with the current eBay brand, the 5700 XT can be upgraded to the 6700 XT for free and get good gaming performance in the process. MSRP eBay Average Price May eBay Average Price June eBay Average Price July Current Price Inflation Rise May-July Radeon 5700 XT $400 $1,184 $895 $762 91%-15% Radeon 5700350 $1,035 $806 $719105% -11% Radeon 5600 XT 280 $754 $604 $541 93% -10% Radeon 5500 XT 8 GB 200 $507 $440 $363 82%-18% Average 93%-13%< p> Old Radeon GPUs are also very bloated in models with good metallic performance. Like Nvidia's Pascal family, these older products have fallen on average the most, but there's not much to see for gamers. For example, the price of the RX 580 8GB is 25% higher than the price of the GTX 1060 6GB in the market, which is a lower price. Still, it's good to see the price of 4GB GPUs like the RX 570 4GB, which sounds like a good $200 off option. The takeaway

We have a lot of news to share this month, which is great for the PC ecosystem. GPU prices continue to rise on a monthly basis, at the same rate as in June, despite the significant decline in cryptocurrency prices and mining profitability. Both current generation and older generation GPUs in use have fallen in price, and now we're even seeing a movement in the mainstream market. GPU availability and price updated: July 2021 < /p >

This is a positive sign for gamers who have waited a long time to get a new GPU, but the price inflation is not over yet. This is just a step in the right direction, which still requires more steps, because there is no way I would recommend that people actually pay current or even retail prices well above the official MSRP. Let's hope to see a continuation of the process, of course, there are no guarantees.

Many will undoubtedly be wondering when we will see prices return to normal, which has been the subject of ongoing debate for 2021. I don't think a two-month drop in prices is significant enough to determine and predict the future direction. We will continue to assess the market and hope to see further progress. With that said, the trends we've seen this year are giving me déjà vu since I made such updates in my previous crypto boom.

You can expect us to keep track of what's happening in the market by researching what it is, and come back next month with another update and hopefully share good news. AMD Ryzen 7 5800X on Amazon AMD Ryzen 5 5600X on Amazon Intel Core i5-11400F on Amazon Intel Core i5 -11600K on Amazon Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 on Amazon AMD Radeon RX 6800 on Amazon

GPU availability and pricing updated: July 2021
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